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  1. My box is dated ABR 18. I tried a couple over the weekend. They were surprisingly good. A little rough at the start - bitter herbal/floral notes; but smoothed out to nice salty/sweet/woody (sorry, that's the best my palate can do). Pretty good for the price; 30 - 40 minutes.
  2. That looks very much like something my dad would have carried. Although he didn't smoke cigars. Just Benson & Hedges until he was 50, then he quit altogether. Kind of matches the smoking stand I posted earlier.
  3. I am not really concerned anymore thanks to all of you who replied. I was never concerned they were fake. They took a long time getting here and the heat has been insane. I was afraid they may have molded, but like I said earlier, I noticed it was only the band. I did do a search, but found nothing except the quote in my original post. Maybe I didn't search the right phrase? I've never seen it before and figured if anyone would know, it would be you guys. So thank you. They smell great. And the other cigars that came with look beautiful.
  4. Don’t know yet, just got em. Will report back in a few weeks once they’ve rested.
  5. I recently received a box of Por Larranaga Panatelas. I opened the box and some of the cigars were stuck together at the band. There was also a green discoloration at the band. At first I thought it was mold, but it's only on the band, nowhere on the wrapper or at the foot. I did a search and found one "review" on another retailers site that described this on a box of PLPC. Anyone else experience this? Really just looking for assurance, "it's nothing to worry about." Pics attached. Thanks for looking.
  6. I don't actually use it to store cigars in. I'm pretty sure it's not airtight. I used to keep a small 25-count humidor inside of it, and I may do so again in the future. For now, it just keeps Pac Man company.
  7. I have an antique Cushman Smoker (smoking stand/humidor) that I got from my dad maybe 20 years ago. He had it since before I can remember and I'm 51 years old. It's copper lined, and has an Asian motif. It's not worth much (range is $150 - $350), but has extreme sentimental value. I would love to find some parts (as you can see, a couple of the fixtures are missing - and the ashtray is definitely not original). It looks like I'm missing one cigar prop, a pipe stand, a matchbox holder and what I assume was a metal ashtray (there's a screw and hole in the center). If anyone has any ide
  8. I have my lighters and cutters and a Leatherman Squirt (for bleeding and adjusting flame on the lighters) in one box. Foreign coins in another. I may have a few other boxes packed away in my garage since my last move, but they were empty. I gave the rest away.
  9. I smoked it on Sunday. It was very nice. I was sitting outside a casino at the time, so not really taking notes on flavor and don't really recall, but I enjoyed it. The burn and draw were perfect. I only got the one picture and that's only because my wife (who was gambling inside) texted me, asking where I was. I responded that I was outside, and I would be done in two puffs. She said not to rush, so I sent her the picture to show her I wasn't. ?
  10. Monte 4. Not sure what year. I bought the box 8 or 9 years ago and have 7 left. Pleasant, but not mind-blowing. I used to love these.
  11. I have an older one of these I picked up five to seven years ago on vacation (either Vallarta or Cancun, not quite sure). I quit smoking awhile back, but starting up again. I'm looking forward to giving this one a try.
  12. I had a Punch Royal Coronation on Sunday. I only took the one picture. I've kind of stayed away from Punch, but I picked this up between five and seven years ago (maybe longer, I don't remember where I picked it up - Vallarta or Cancun maybe), so not sure on the date. It was light to medium bodied. Very pleasant coffee, cream and a little sweet spice, some nuttiness. I really enjoyed it.
  13. My heart goes out to you. We lost Val in April to lymphoma. All we can do is give them the best life we can for the short time they're here. You loved him. I promise you, that meant everything to him.

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