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  1. Mate, you could have just given me a call. There are a bunch of software (free and can upgrade) that you can use but if they don't suit your purpose then it is useless. I recommend the following for small team project management: Trello - Basically a Kanban board (using Agile methodology) to track task assignments and deliverable dates Slack - for team communications / chats Excel / Spreadsheets - cause everyone uses it and has it, if you don't use anything else for tracking the schedule / milestone dates Outlook / Email software - day to day communications Cloud storage - for documentations that needs to be accessed by the team Alternatively, if you really want to pay nothing, you could just use Google application tools to do Project management. Not going to be the best but it is possible. See here There is no magic pill to solve the problem of getting the software mix right. All the companies I have worked for have use even more complex softwares (Skype of Business, MS Projects, Sharepoint, Jira, etc). Ultimately, it is what the team is comfortable using and can achieve results with.
  2. I just want to ask if you still have your clothes on back in your room the next day after that long lunch and whether the front desk staff have to give back any articles of clothing back to you
  3. I have to say that I am GREATLY looking forward to these. As mentioned by some, I will be stocking as many as I can of the Nudies #1 and #3. However, as discussed with fellow Syd FOHers, I was hoping if a future nudies will be: - a DC - along the favours of a bastard child from HdC DC, RAG and Lusi - copy of HdM DDs - cause I miss those cream puffs of a smoke
  4. All I can say is the fact that everything in Australia needs a large dose of common sense. If you don't and go into our bushlands, you will probably get yourself in trouble. This is highlighted by the usual high amount of people that go driving into our outbank deserts with no or not enough supplies, or ability to contact someone. For goodness sakes, at least bring enough fuel or water. If not, bring a sat phone. That is just the heat killing you, not the native wildlife, which usually leaves you alone (unless it is mating season). Aussies usually have such sense of humour and like to spread this ability to laugh at ourselves because if you can't laugh, you just might end up dead.
  5. My personal opinion (right or wrong) is that vaping should be view as a tool to get off cigarettes (for the hard addicts who smoke packets of them a day) and then get off vaping altogether. Any drug is addictive and should be used and treat as such. People who ignore this are fools. Nicotine in its pure form has warnings for a reason. I am not saying that you can't use it, just know the risks and accept it if you choose to. Like all things in life. The problem is that some people are not using it for this purpose, companies are definitive not (cause profits). Vaping should be regulated like a medical drug, Vape liquids should be monitored, tested and check for quality, like pharmaceuticals. At the moment, no one is doing this. It is a tool for cigarette addicts if used properly but it is not being treated as one.
  6. Damn, I am sitting on a gold mine. When I first dive into this black hole of a hobby, I did it with gusto. I wanted to learn more and I believe MRN first edition was being spoken about in the cigar circles when it first came out. I remember that the book was not cheap compared to others of its kind. But I bought it anyway, after some research and the respect that was given to MRN. I like to keep my books as mint as possible and will never sell this book in my lifetime. It is still used today, when I can't be bother to get onto the internet to confirm details. I would love to see the 2nd edition and how it compares, given the price difference of the two books when they were first published.
  7. I like that El Prez just ignored the question, due (mostly) to being asked by Fuzz and the fact that there's not any in the near future.
  8. They looked real without delving into more details. Usually, about this point, I will have asked how are they smoking but you mentioned that you have quit. So, the next thing will be to have a look at the cigar and just confirm the quality of the wrapper, bunching of the tobacco at the foot and no hard spots.
  9. There is nothing wrong with using a BIC lighter for cigars, they use butane. Our El Prez has lit many a cigar with a BIC. The problem with BIC is that, as mentioned above, it is not mean for prolonged lighting. If you have to use a BIC, use it with a rubber band to hold the tab down. On another note, the FOH lighters (or similar) are good, due to the fact that you remove the cartridge before your flight. The casing should not be confiscated, since there is no fire hazard. If the cartridge is confiscated (due to having butane) it can be replaced easily.
  10. Welcome to Australia, Home of everything out to get you (Animals, plants, insects, our government) Based on your post, I am not sure where you are currently staying, so I am going to assume that you will be in the CBD for work. Sydney / Australia is currently having issues with all nicotine products that needs to be inhaled. So smoking areas are a slowly dying breed. No food in the smoking area and 4m away from entryways. However, there are still some cigar friendly places to light up. From that, if you have some cigars with you already, I recommend the following for an after work smoke: Sheraton on the Park - they have a balcony for smoking but it is not undercover (no issues with cigars). Drinks are also decent but priced to match City Tatersalls Club (near Lime Bar) - a more relaxed atmosphere, undercover from elements, decent priced drinks, not bad food either Peppercorn (above the Civic Hotel) - Great restaurant, friendly service with an undercover bar / smoking area If you don't have any cigars, then that could be slightly problematic (to your wallet). You are limited by what is available (and trusting that they have been stored properly): Cohibar (at Darling Harbour) - Cigar Bar - so they have selection of cigars and you can get a drink while watching people Havana Express (located inside Westin Hotel) - This place is owned (I believe) by PCC, so cigars will be on point but the price is high. No place there to smoke it either. I am sure that there are more places then the ones i have mentioned above.
  11. That was a very expensive but valuable learning experience for me. Never ever share the good stuff with people who not close enough to you.
  12. Happy Birthday Di!!!! Hope you are going out for a big celebration tonight!!!
  13. Yes, they are still produced. However, due to the size and the required time (at least 2-3hrs in one sitting) to smoke these, not many are sold. Therefore, production has been reduced.
  14. Background context: I am Asian and have heard many, many tales from my Father about the time (World War 2) my grandmother with my dad and aunts and uncles (7 kids) had to flee to Hong Kong. So I will say the same thing I told my daughter when my father gave her a rabbit - "Mmm, that will look good on a BBQ"
  15. If you are really enjoying the cigar and just don't have the time to finish it, I get why you would do this. Please follow the proper instructions as per Duxnutz post. However, I dont like this practise after gifting some cigars to a (ex) work colleague and lending my cigar caddy. He is a cig smoker and what happened was that he would constantly put out the cigar and put it back in my caddy. When the caddy came back, it stank. I have to almost chemically clean the thing.

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