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  1. Sorry to hear. Glad that they did not take much or cause more damage. Still a hassle to get all the paperwork together
  2. Well, for those of us in NSW, can't do nothing or go anywhere. We are in lockdown but our case numbers are raising constantly. That is because our state politicians don't want to define what is essential or not. Outside of the more restricted LGAs, we are allowed to travel up to 10kms for exercise or essential services. This should be only if necessary but loopholes like this are causing major problems. At this rate, we will be lucky if we get this Delta variant sorted before Christmas.
  3. These are hand made products, so sometimes the quality is poor. For Lusi, they are mostly consistent. However, if you are buying blind, you need to have a level of trust with the seller.
  4. @JohnS That is ok Between @Fuzz and myself, we have got you covered for longer than that. If Nudies are back, we will get a massive order. We will buy those in large enough quantities that we can request for a sub-regional marca - a Monte A tribute
  5. I blame it all on @Fuzz, it was and still is his fault for leading me on this path and all the other wallet emptying hobbies.
  6. Fuzz's Charcoal business is a front. His real businesses are all shady and cannot be discussed here
  7. Cause you got caught up in the hype like I did, just be grateful that you didn't go any deeper
  8. For us Aussies without a large bank roll, that is every one of them. Everyone you smoke means one less in storage. Yes, you enjoy the moment but when you think about the cost of replacing it, ouch.... So for me: - Anything Cohiba, since it is almost impossible for me to get a hold of any, even if they are available, due to lack of stock - I still have a few leftover CoRos from the box I won from World Cup Score game from El Prez. - Anything over 10+ years, which is almost everything I have. - Anything that has been discountinued - HdM DDs - cause you canno
  9. Says the man who keeps adding to his hobbies
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Di!!! Hope you had a great yesterday and a wonderful weekend this week.

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