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  1. Says the man who keeps adding to his hobbies
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Di!!! Hope you had a great yesterday and a wonderful weekend this week.
  3. Just be careful if you have little people, drunk persons or El Prez around. El Prez is banned from going near or operating any propane tanks.
  4. That is because JohnS needs the warmth of Hellfire to be warm. When I have the firepit going, John is so close that everyone is feeling like the heat of the Sun and John is going "This is just nice."
  5. That is what I currently have and using at the moment. Yes, I will eventually upgrade and add to my ever BBQ grill and smoker. I would love to add an offset smoker to my collection. As mentioned by Fuzz, there are some pros and cons. I haven't had any rust issues with mine and it has been a few years. There are certain things to look out for, dont leave it out in the weather when not using, use the included cover. The Ash pan is a known rust spot, so check on it regularly. The steel screws on the legs are another but you can easily replaced those with stainless steel ones. Also, si
  6. I like to point out how long it took to get you to stop using propane and move to charcoal, esp when you actually sell charcoal as a business
  7. I will add my review and impressions under John's comprehensive in-depth review of the 2020 Nudies Lanceros. First of all thanks Rob for giving me this opportunity to try and taste the 2020 Nudies. Please note that the below are from my limited perspective and may not be the same as other people. TLDR - The Rosado is much more balanced, have more complexity and approachable young from the sample I have been given. The Maduro is ok, not as nice but I think that it needs at least 6-12 months to really show its potential. I did not realise that the blend was the same
  8. Thank you to @MoeFOH, @Fuzz and the Czar crew for running this.
  9. i think our foremost bank in Australia had one of these when they cleared out their old data centre (one of my first IT projects). It was so old, no one knew what it was doing still there or what it was used for. The thing weight a ton and was built to withstand a bomb.
  10. I think i still have the intellivision somewhere. I had also the first IBM XT computers when they first came out. First mobile phone was a Nokia 5110
  11. 26th Birthday. Company was good but I think you love that night since you drank most of the Single Barrel Wild Turkey and had 2 Coro as well. Hey, I am not that bad for company when I am providing the food, booze and smoke!!!
  12. Is this anything like the cuban cut? using the finger nail to trace around the cap?
  13. Happy Birthday Rob! I would love to catch-up with you over a drink and smoke.
  14. My 13 year old came up with the idea, she wanted to scare people on the bus, while on her way to school. Why waste a perfectly good idea / prank? The paranoia is not limited to Westerners, the Chinese themselves are driving most of this. I have see pictures of people covering themselves in garbage bags head to toe in airports, people wearing 6lt water bottles on their heads (with the wrong level of face masks) to supposedly prevent being sneezed at (water droplets and all).

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