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    5Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, Firearms #2A; also Habanos, Whiskey, Rum, College Football, Independent-craft Beer, and Pugs.

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  1. As another who has spent time in higher education, I know the feeling. Well done! I just had to keep telling myself it will all payoff in the end, and it has and continues to. What lies ahead for you is just the beginning. Congratulations!
  2. FatherOfPugs

    What's in your glass today?

    Some Turning Point Beer Snooze Control Stout to start the evening:
  3. FatherOfPugs

    Mold... Help!

    Never that long in between relighting a cigar. I've come back to one a few hours later and relit, longest I've left an unfinished cigar was coming back to it the next day, tasted ok, but not the same. Interesting the environment was able to maintain your cigar for that long.
  4. FatherOfPugs

    Cohiba! I don't get it...

    I enjoy Cohibas. The CoRo, Siglo III, and the Medio Siglo are three I'm keeping plenty of on hand, been very consistent for me. They are pricier than other marcas, but when I want that Cohiba flavor, I will go to one of those. I've found they need at least 5 years before they hit their stride. At 5 years and beyond, I have yet to have one let me down. You're definitely not alone, I've seen and heard plenty of folks say what you are saying OP. It's not uncommon especially given the price of Cohibas. I think it boils down to what works for your palate, maybe the Cohiba blend is not it. Some folks say HdMs are too bland for them, I really like the blend. Many people love Monte 2s, I have only had 1 or 2 that were worth smoking. I think it all comes down to what works with your palate.
  5. They can have my bottle when they pry it from my cold dead fingers. Just because some can't handle, doesn't mean others can't enjoy it responsibly. I enjoy responsibly, and I DO have alcoholics on both side of my family, but guess what, they're NOT my responsibility. As a former researcher (, I also take these studies with a grain of salt, because statistics in these studies can be manipulated and transformed to fit statistical tests and models that a researcher has chosen to specifically support their hypothesis. Everything they talk about in those articles is witch-hunt style to support an agenda, they have an agenda and want to push it. Complete bullshit. In the end, if you choose to drink, it's your choice. If you choose not to, that's also your choice. I have a BIG problem with teetotalers looking down on the rest of us and telling us we're going to die because we enjoy something responsibly. And I live in Texas, part of the Bible belt where there are a LOT of teetotalers and holier-than-thous.
  6. FatherOfPugs

    Dog Walkers

    I can now also add the Cohiba Medio Siglo and HdM Coronations A/T to the list of good dog walking cigars.
  7. I prefer the good ole regular RyJ Churchill the most, next the Wide Churchill, then the Short Churchill.
  8. FatherOfPugs

    All This Ring Gauge Talk.......

    Anyone else want to add what percentages they have in their collections?
  9. FatherOfPugs

    What's in your glass today?

    Starting with a little HC7 neat this evening.
  10. FatherOfPugs

    Question to the board

    I voted no, as @HarveyBoulevard said, if you trust your vendor to sell authentic products, I don't necessarily think there has to be a box code. It helps knowing the age of the product, and ultimately one would hope whoever the vendor is has a great logistics department to keep track of what came in and when, and could even put their own stamp/sticker on it for dating purposes. On the quality control side of things, it would be an absolute fail to send a product out without something that is supposed to be there.
  11. I'd get back to playing my piano more. Just don't have as much time to practice as I used to. If I could smoke a cigar and play the piano at the same time, that would be fantastic, but no cigar smoking inside the house.
  12. Usually 1 per weekday, weekend days maybe 2.
  13. FatherOfPugs

    Box of the Day

    Oily MFers!
  14. FatherOfPugs

    What's in your glass today?

    Tonight, Turning Point Beer El Cazador, finishing the growler of it. Very good Brut IPA New Enlgand style.
  15. FatherOfPugs

    high roller bourbons

    I would!

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