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  1. Almost 12 years now of just CCs....15 years total. First 3 years it was mainly NCs, until late 2007/early 2008 can't remember the exact date....had my first Cohiba Siglo III and everything changed........
  2. For this review weekend, I chose a newer ER, the Punch Preferidos ER 5ta Avenida 2018 REG ENE 19. Not a whole lot out there on this cigar. Paired with Black Rifle Coffee. Gorgeous thicker wrapper on this one, chocolate brown color, good construction (no noticeable soft spots). A montesco size which I love! Cut with my Colibri V-cutter; cold draw: spice (cinnamon, nutmeg) and some cedar. An easier draw than I like, but fortunately not a wind tunnel. Upon first light: tons of spice, cinnamon and nutmeg are most prevalent, some nuttiness, along with sweet cedar, and an earthiness. Plenty of cool creamy smoke. Medium bodied. First 3rd: plenty of spices on the palate, cinnamon and nutmeg mostly, some sweet cedar, and a leathery earthiness to it and in Punch style leaves a lingering nut note, toasted almonds. Smoke is cool and creamy, plenty of it. Medium to full bodied, the cigar is definitely showing signs of becoming fuller bodied the more I puff. A little mongrel on this right now, but not over poweringly harsh. I did have to do a slight touch up on the wrapper, the wrapper is thick and a gorgeous leaf. For the most part burning well, maybe needed more down time prior to smoking. Second 3rd: still a lot of spice here, the cigar has turned to be more of a full bodied smoke, seems to bring more with it now. The leathery earthy note is more prevalent with the nut note lingering. Also, plenty of woody notes at this poing. Back to burning well after the touch up in the first 3rd. Final 3rd: the cigar is definitely full bodied at this point and more of what I hear of the typical Punch profile. Much more toasted nuttiness and earthy woody flavors. Still burning pretty well. Overall: so I nubbed this one, lol! This is a cigar that I was really getting into and it seemed to get better as it went along. I can only imagine what some age will do for this cigar to mellow out a little mongrel it displayed. Toasted nuts, woodiness, and sweet spices. Glad I picked these up on a gut feeling blind. The cigar is young and it has its youthful moments. Give these some age and I think they will be rewarding. Won't pull another sample out for at least a year. Score: 90/100.
  3. Celebratory Hdm San Juan SGA NOV 15 after a nice Badger win. Damn fine cigar.
  4. For the review weekend, a Punch Preferidos REG ENE 19 paired with some Black Rifle Coffee. Really digging the flavors on this one so far.
  5. My 2014 EML SEP HdM Epicure de Luxes have been spectacular. Also, MUO coded Cohiba Esplendidos and Robustos have been fantastic.
  6. Actually the #1 killer is Cardiovascular disease (CVD), so why aren't we banning forks and spoons? And why don't we fine people for not exercising? https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db328.htm It does amaze me that tobacco is even in their cross hairs, when it seems as though every day there is a new story about a teenager dying or being hospitalized because of vaping. Yesterday there was a news story about a 16 teen yr old that had to have a double lung transplant because of vaping. Yet nothing is being done to the vaping companies. Shows you where the money is and comes from. Always follow the money!
  7. Looks like a place I am going to be visiting the next time I'm in Tampa.

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