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    5Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, Firearms #2A; also Habanos, Whiskey, Rum, College Football, Independent-craft Beer, and Pugs.

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  1. Here's their official description of it from their website: "Our special Cuban Coffee blend is a trip down memory lane for anyone who has been to Miami and a treat for anyone unfamiliar with Cuban Coffee. Weather your fixing your own Café cubano or a cafecito, the rich flavor and bold aroma will leave you begging for more. Coffee Origin: Brazil, India, Nicaragua Roast Level: Dark"
  2. Cohiba Esplendido and sparkling water to start the evening. 0
  3. Trinidad Coloniales and sparkling water this evening.
  4. Gorgeous day out. HdM San Juan and iced Janus Shorty Rossi blend coffee.
  5. Monte PE ARG MAY 14 this evening with some sparkling water. This box has aged nicely.
  6. Nah, I live in the DFW metroplex. I just can't leave work to stand in line at 7am to wait until a store opens at 10am to get the really allocated stuff that sells out in minutes, e.g., Blanton's, Weller FP, EH Taylor, etc. So, I take what I can get if it's still there on my way home.
  7. Got a tip about a drop on the way home. Nice little score.

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