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  1. OMFG thank you! This really made my morning. Looking forward to trying this smoke out when something resembling spring comes around. Cheers! Steve
  2. Lovely sticks - There's something quite elegant about white bands...
  3. If they somehow translate the flavour profile of the Petit Edmundo and the Media Corona into this line it might be worth considering
  4. Probably the biggest change rotation wise 2007 vs today is that I virtually don't smoke any Party D No. 4 any more. Back in 2007 I enjoyed them immensely, not so much today. Will choose a Bolivar Royal Corona any day of the week nowdays over a D4. Much closer decision back then. Plus was loving Cab's of Boli Petit Coronas. Still smoke the dress box version but nevermind
  5. VegaFina Robusto - light bodied cigar with notes of cream, lemon zest and cedar.
  6. Smoked this Por Larranaga yesterday morning, trying to wake up before heading back West for a brewery trip in my hometown. The Petit Corona defintely needs two years to smooth out and develop those sweet caramel flavours.
  7. Hi all, Below are all my reviews of my 'A Quick Smoke' series. Feel free to binge on them, watch one or two, or not watch them at all! Enjoy
  8. A cigar not much talked about, from a brand that goes under the radar. Love the flavour profile and just good honest flavours.
  9. Who needs supplies of Cohiba when you got these?

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