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  1. Small world! (Well the Internet makes it smaller) Carmarthen born, but living up Cardiff way now but usually back and fore - I should let you know when I'm back down West. I hope you are going to the Carms Beer Fest this year? ;-)
  2. Have better restraint when it came to smoking the RE's and LE's I had in my possession. Would love to have seen how a lot of them would have developed (if any)
  3. Always prefer non box pressed cigars so when a cab is available of that stick i always try to get that version
  4. Hoyo de Monterrey Le hoyo du Prince .... Doesn't get much of a mention but find them delicious. Cream and woody notes. Seems like other 'Petit Corona/Corona' sized sticks (although the Prince is a Almuerzos) get more of a mention but I find them a great mid morning stick.
  5. Thanks for the info! Going to be one on most people's lists I think... hopefully there will be plenty of single sticks for sale from the UK retailers...
  6. Nice enough looking, I'm sure they will appreciate in value for the people who want to sell them on in ten years time or beyond.
  7. They should axe Cohiba to help improve the quality of all the other brands. What do you say comrades?
  8. Nothing that is a direct comparison. Smoke H. Upmann Magnum 46 or Punch Punch, but they only fill the space in size, not flavour profile. Would be interested if anyone do have a good suggestion.
  9. Shame that the Picadores didn't show that much promise, it's going to be difficult to justify a box for a good year or two IMO. Looks better to keep with some tried and trusted like the Connie No. 1
  10. Vegas Robaina Unicos (2012) Bolivar Royal Coronas (2014) Bolivar Petit Coronas (2014) H. Upmann Magnum 46 (2013) Partagas 898 (2014) Punch Punch (2013)
  11. What about the H. Upmann Magnum 48? A EL from 2009(?) Or are they a little too 'petit'?
  12. Sense of direction is probably the #1... and not asking someone for directions is #2
  13. Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo San Juan out in Switzerland and maybe Germany. Quintero Petit Quintero out in Switzerland AND germany No other releases know of yet
  14. Ceylon tea, black coffee or still water. Ceylon tea I find is good as it keeps the palate fresh.
  15. What are the odds eh? haha nice! Sure you're not some kind of stalker? ;-)
  16. From June to about now, one a day Mon to Fri, 4 or 5 on the weekend. So lets say ten a week. Once it starts getting colder, the week habit will slow down, and the weekend will become 2 or 3.
  17. I have a '13 box bought blind from a different vendor. Magical, full and tasty. The seven or eight boxes I've purchased have over the last few years have all been great. My favourite short smoke.
  18. As long as people find the service worthwhile, and you and your staff are not running at a loss then continue it. But it must take a good amount of time to the select the boxes, write notes on each cigar, price the PSP & HQ, post on the website, keep a running total, reply to emails and the whole process of running LFTW. Personally, I find the stock graded PE of sufficient quality enough and don't see the need to pay that little extra more for HQ or PSP. Like PapaDisco says above, the PE inspections gives Czar such an advantage over many other online retailers in that the customer is ge
  19. Oh yeah, the Trinidad Reyes is probably a Cigar I enjoy immensely, but everytime I smoke one I feel as if I'm paying over the odds. I could be enjoying a RASCC or a Party Short and have the same party time.
  20. No idea. Very difficult to quantify... From my gut instinct, Robustos? (including Hermosos No. 4 and Concho No. 2) Because there are quite a lot of them and all of them are of a good level? Do you give a vitola plus points if they are smokable fresh?

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