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  1. I do like the Petit Piramide size, from the Regional Edition releases. Hopefully the Petit No. 2 will be winner. Looking forward to these.
  2. Nice reports and pics. I'm sure I'll end up buying a handful of these boyos.
  3. I've smoked a few, they pack quite a punch, strong Cigar. Give them a try, reasonably priced. Because of their strength, I don't know if I could bring myself to buying a box... not sure where they would fit into my rotation. Make that Espresso strong.
  4. A couple of the swiss retailers have them in stock Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  5. Funny, never thought of a Monty Churchill... Surprising that there is no Churchill in the Monty lineup Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  6. Hi all, The Siglo Accessory Facebook page has pictures from a recent event that unveiled the La Flor de Cano Grandiosos, 2013 Regional Edition for Asia Pacific: Looks interesting, same size as the Edmundo. Wonder when they will be available through *****int etc. Steve
  7. One thing, doesn't information like this come out around the same time as the February Habanos Festival? Very early...
  8. Wow - interesting selection of releases. I'm particularly interesting in the Boli Super Coronas, and I wonder what the Trinidad will be like
  9. CGars LTD have put on their site the Punch 2013 LE but I dont think that means they have them in stock... I think it means that they wont be long receiving them. Ajay hasn't mentioned anything (to my knowledge) regarding when they will receive any 2013 LE's, and I'd assume he'd get them at his LCDH at least a week before any other UK retailer. (that what's happened in the past with RE and LE releases when they arrive in the UK)
  10. I always have to have at least a box of Bolivar Petit Coronas and Montecristo Petit Edmundo's in the humidor. I usually buy three or four boxes of those a year. After, it's a box of RASS, RASSC, San Cristobal El Principe, Juan Lopez No. 2 and a selection of cheaper sticks like Partagas Mille Fleurs & Aristocrats for those days you don't care what you smoke, just to smoke.
  11. Nice review. The few Exhibition No. 4's I have smoked over the last few years have been really good, liked them a lot. But for some reason I've never pulled the trigger and bought a box. Maybe there are Robusto sized Cigars that I prefer, or I've always been worried about consistency. Either way, thanks for reminding me about the Exhi No. 4 - may revisit these again soon.
  12. Just noticed that the English Habanos page says "forthcoming days", while the Spanish version says "Forthcoming weeks" Habanos' way of covering their own asses?
  13. Actually, I asked a H&F representative yesterday after hearing the news regarding the Grand Epicure and he mentioned that the Punch will probably be the first EL he'd think he'd see. Maybe it's a case of "Cuba being Cuba" - they've been saying one thing for the last couple of weeks (that the Punch will be first) but in the last couple of days it seems that the HdM will be the first release?
  14. Oops justnotoced this Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  15. I remember when I spoke to Hamlet about what cigars he likes smoking. He said that the party lusi were the ones he liked. Obviously they won't be the cigar he'd be smoking while rolling but nice to know an insider would smoke Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  16. Nice pic thanks for sharing Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  17. Spoke to a H&F rep on twitter, they're planning on releasing a Cigar to celebrate the 225th anniversary of Hunters & Frankau. Seeing that the Ramon Allones is called Aniversario 225 then would this be the "special cigar for 2015"? Ramon Allones — Aniversario 225 141x50 gordito____UK QUESTION: The French magazine in question. How did they find out this information? Did they call up a bunch of different importers, or was one of their reporters taking a stroll round the Cuban Cigar factories, making note of what was being produced? If he did to the latter, then the Aniversario 225's ar
  18. Shame you've had such bad luck with these mate.. I have had two that were pretty good. But I agree with the people on here in regard of the Bolivar standard line being so good, why buy a more expensive stick...? Looking forward to trying the Punch Medalla d'Oro when they come out... but with the price tag being chucked about I doubt I'll be buying more than a single or two, let alone a box.
  19. Thanks for your comments guys. I'm smoking through the box I received a little too quickly! A great little smoke if you have approximately half an hour to enjoy. Steve
  20. Nice review, as it's making me thinking about buying a couple of singles. Possibly a good change of pace torpedo for me.
  21. I would go along with the others on this thread. The P2 are milder than the D4's... I'm not sure if that's always been the case as I do remember back in the late 2000's the P2's being on par on strength as the D4's. However my mind is crap. Steve.
  22. Hi all, I've managed to post a quick video review of the Rafael González Perlas, a Cigar I believe is only available in Spain at the moment. Fingers crossed that it's released in other countries over the next few weeks, as I really enjoyed the Cigar. A welcome addition to my short smoke rotation. Steve
  23. Yeah I've been thinking that too. The places where I've seen them out of stock have been slow to replenish.
  24. Interesting looking interior, a nice addition to the collection I'm sure!

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