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  1. I was hoping something had developed... but maybe once a dud, always a dud.
  2. Good to hear... I'm smoking one now and loving it, plenty of coffee like flavours, medium bodied. I'm hoping these will get released in other countries soon too, as they're well worth the try.
  3. Ramon Allones Short Club Corona, Trinidad Reyes, San Cristobal El Principe & Montecristo No. 5 - love them all to bits. And all different blend profiles to fit any mood :-)
  4. Great to hear some clarification from Habanos themselves... and great news that the Trinidad line will continue! Steve
  5. Hi all, I have posted a new video review on my Cigar website. Reviewing the Montecristo Open Master. This particular stick has two years of age on it. Lets see if that extra age helps matters: Thanks all, Steve
  6. Hi all, Maybe the wrong area to post this, but hey, lets throw it in here anyway. I managed to pick up a box of Rafael Gonzalez Perlas. No idea when they will be available in other countries other than Spain. But fingers crossed they do get released in the UK, Germany etc. Rafel Gonzalez Perlas Video Kind Regards, Steve
  7. Most appreciated Nino! Glad you liked it. Steve P.s - I love your flying cigar blog... who doesn't!?!
  8. I wrote an article yesterday regarding the Trinidad discontinuation, if anyone is interested: Kind Regards, Steve
  9. Hi all, I have just posted on my website a review for the Bolívar Británicas, the 2011 Regional Edition for the United Kingdom. What a lovely smoke. I wasn't sure what I'd expect when I smoked this Cigar. But I was pleasantly surprised. Kind Regards, Steve
  10. Hi all, Just put a quick ten minute video with me reviewing the Juan Lopez Panatelas Superba, a dinky little Cigar that was discontinued in 2006. Hope you all like it: Enjoy! Steve
  11. Here we go guys, my second video review, one of my favourite Cigar reviews when I started smoking five odd years ago. Here we go, my Partagas Serie D, No. 4 review: Cheers guys Steve
  12. Thanks for the kind words Mike. Next time I'll pick somewhere quieter. But I thought it was a decent first effort :-) Steve
  13. Here you go folks, my first Cuban Cigar Video Review, taken on Sunday afternoon in Cardiff. The Cigar I'm reviewing is one of my all time favourites, the Bolivar Coronas Extra, so a safe bet for my first shot at a video review. Apologies for the Welshy accent Regards, Steve Griff
  14. Today’s smoke is a new one for me, the Cuaba Divinos. I’ve never been interested to be honest with the figurado shape; where the foot of the Cigar is made narrow, almost closed. I wonder who decided to make such shaped Cigars? Obviously they must have been smoking something a little more wackier than your typical Cuban. A few weeks ago, I made a trade of a few Cigars from a friend on the popular UK Cigar forums. The Rodster graciously sent me a Cuaba Generosos along with the Divinos that I am reviewing for you today as freebies to compliment the Cigars traded. Thanks to The Rodster once
  15. Tonight's Cigar is the Montecristo #5, a Tres Petit Cigar measuring in at 40 ring gage by four inches long. Of the five traditional Montecristo releases, this is the smallest. I'm expecting around fifty minutes smoking time. With the Montecristo #5, I'm pairing the Cigar with the Talisker ten year Scotch Whiskey. One of my favourite Single Malts, not overpowering like the more peaty Whiskey's, yet it has a distinctive 'bite'. Appearance The colorado wrapper, light brown in colour. Classic Montecristo. There's nothing too special here. Montecristo No. 2, Montecristo No. 4, they all have th
  16. Today's review is one of those Cigars no one really talks about. Well, let me re-phrase that; in general, no one talks about Petit Coronas - full stop. You get the odd person talking about how great a Bolivar Petit Corona or the Por Larranaga's is. Actually, that person might be me... So, as you can kind of gather, Petit Coronas don't get much attention, and these are the kind of Cigars newbies would be buying as they can be brought for less than ten pounds, and won't break the bank. So it feels like my duty to review Petit Coronas and the like. Lets get back to specifics. I'm going to be re
  17. Hi all, Here's a review of the Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales that I smoked a few months ago. Thought I'd share it online here, as it was a lovely little smoke and a nice surprise as they don't seem to get that much attention compared to the Party Short. The bigger brother of the Partagas Short, the Partagas Petit Coronas Especiales also packs a might punch. A lovely evening Cigar with a nice strong coffee. For my review I will be smoking the Partagas Petit Corona Especiales. One of the less common vitolas of the Partagas range, the Petit Corona Especiales measures in at 5.2†by 42 ring
  18. I've had a few of these over the years and have to agree, they're one hell of a smoke. Shame that they are being discontinued.
  19. Great review - always much better when the smoker is enjoying the stick good or bad. Nice!
  20. The morning coffee does wonders for the digestive system, I can tell ya.
  21. Smoked one a few weeks ago and didn't impress me one bit. Way too large a ring gauge. And the draw was a little too free for me. The Short Churchill's are much better. Wide churchills are bigger for what exact reason? Steve
  22. A great little Cigar for a variety of reasons: 1) It's not 'too' small. These will last you a good half an hour if smoked properly. Great for a morning Cigar. A bit like shreddies. Will keep that Cigar craving until lunch. 2) Price point. Cheap and cheerful. Smoking one of these first thing doesn't make you feel as if you're wasting money. 3) They are not nasty. Similar size and price cigars just suck.
  23. Glad to see this Cigar being reviewed and the positive feedback it has received. I smoked one of these in late August last year when they were first released, and it was interesting how the profile was mostly chocolate. The Cigar I had tasted a little green but it sounds like that they are about ready to smoke now so I may give them another go. Steve
  24. Good review - really makes we wanna go out and source one of these as the RASS and RASCC are two of my favourite smokes.

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