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  1. 50er box COHIBA Lanceros Presidencia Vintage 1970`s
  2. the production from the R y J GR has started some weeks ago should come the next month
  3. Thank you very much for sharing this pictures. This is humidor No. 23 right? Is this your own humidor? The price is still in 250.000 USD and more I guess I`m sure that the 1.966 peaces of Majestuosos humidors will be sold out very fast in 4.000,- USD
  4. pictures from the cuban cigar production for exportation in 1958 with Chè and Fidel Castro
  5. The first Talisman`s from the July production en la fabrica la Corona didn`t have so dark or better black maduro wrappers as my knowledge. The color was dark brown, no black produced only in a little quantity to complete the production plan. PC
  6. humidor Cubatabaco "25 aniversario" with 50 cigars Coronas. 100 humidors made Best Regards PC

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