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    My Wife, My Daughters, Our Friends..The Chicago Blackhawks, great wine, great cigars, scuba diving, travel..FOH...

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  1. So very sorry to hear this sad news. Please accept my deepest condolences. God Bless.
  2. I have 2 jars that I have purchased over the last 3 years and just put them down as I was told to let them sit to improve with age..
  3. Bambino68


  4. Just got a bottle of this...going to let it sleep a bit...
  5. Cool!! Frame it up and put it on the wall.. Or Sell it to me!
  6. Hello all I'm off to Cancun for a wedding this weekend and was wondering if anyone has any information on LCDH Cancun. Id like to get over there & make a purchase, Im trying to find some Cohiba Behinke 52's and received an email they have several boxes. Any help is appreciated!

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