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  1. Hey guys Making a trip to the Dominican this month. Just curious to know if there's any issues with bringing cuban cigars into the country?
  2. I've got 2 boxes of these stored in my humi. Bought them 2 years agoI'll admit haven't smoked any yet. Waiting on the right occasion. Hopefully soon!
  3. i took the bait and bought one. Was using a samsung galaxy s3. iphone 5 fits much easier in your hand. Easier to text and use with one hand
  4. congrats brother! watch out they grow quick. Just had my first a year ago and man has time passed quick!
  5. Any of the botl's by any chance an electrician? Gotta a question.
  6. Hey guys Some friends of mine are heading to varadero next week. Anyone know the price of 1966's?
  7. Haha. She knows ive been dying to do this for years. Finally got a chance to build it.
  8. Thank you! Lol that's coming next a big ol maple leaf! Regarding construction... Yes I used green board for the walls. Insulation is your regular r-10 pink insulation. I didn't want to overkill it because the room was averaging 63-66 degrees year round without insulation. I also used a vapor barrier between the green board and studs. Paint was a no voc humidity resistant paint imported from the states. If you have any questions don't hesitant to ask!
  9. I've carefully planned and designed this with the builder who built the humidor at the lcdh in Toronto. All the walls are moisture and mold resistant. All lights electrical outlets are outdoor rated. The cedar is not commercial panelling they are Spanish cedar planks purchased from a local wood supply store. As for the ventilation system it's not tied into the homes system but it's own system for air circulation. Thanks for the feedback"
  10. Hi hovy Thanks for the comments. I finished only partially for aesthetic reasons. So far I've had no issues regulating humidity and it's been consistent for two weeks. Knock On wood. I put ceramic tiles not wood. I'd never put hardwood in a humidor. The lights are not led's only the lights under the display shelves are. The system automatically turns on the lights when I unlock the door with my pin code and turn off the lights when I lock the door. The max time im in my humidor is less than 10 'minutes I can't see that as suffiicient time for it to drastically change the temperature in the
  11. Thanks guys for your comments. Definitely will be adding more to my collection soon. I was waiting to build my humidor first. Just gotta hide them from the wifey. That's why I put locks on it. Lol. Cohiba stevie - the ceramic heater was the only option to tie in with the home automaton system and it rarely turns on, maybe once every 2 or 3 hours for a minute only. The room is pretty well insulated. I'll be keeping a close eye on my babies. Also, the lighting is automated so the lights turn on and off when I open/close the door.
  12. Hey Guys I've been away from the forums for some time now. Been busy with having my first child and getting married and starting up my own Home Automation Company. I had my basement finished in June and set aside my cold room for my walk in humidor but never got time to actually design and finish it. But i took some time to do so last week and after 2 weeks of work, I have finally finished the project. When i designed my basement i decided to build it with a very modern look so i also incorporated it into my humidor. As you may notice from the pics I've only lined one wall with Spanish Ce

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