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  1. I was 17 or 18 and I smoked with my father who also shares the hobby. He got me into it.
  2. demer

    Pet peeves

    Southern accents....Im sorry.
  3. 38-50 with my preference being on the lower side of that scale.
  4. I get super excited for EL and Regionals but I have to go with regular production.
  5. I typically drink pu erh tea with my cigars in the morning. In the evening I go with my go to some unsweetened ice tea with lemon from dunkin donuts.
  6. demer

    Pappy Van Winkle prices

    Years ago I was buying bottles of pappy 15 for 45 dollars a bottle wholesale from the owner of the store I worked at the time. Times sure have changed.
  7. My dad used to smoke a ton of different cigars for like 30 years. He then had sinus surgery and lost all taste and smell (it comes and goes)but the plus side is now he can breath lol. Ever since then he just smokes the same 2 cigars everyday. I would go crazy if I had to do that.
  8. It was/is my fathers hobby that became mine as well.
  9. demer

    Favorite NYC Restaurant?

    I really like the Keens experience.
  10. demer


    I sold fine wine all through college but was never above slapping the bag!
  11. demer

    some cigars

    You might be smoking too fast.
  12. demer

    best restaurants

    I just looked at that list I have been to 7 of them, 5 in NYC 1 in Maine and 1 in Vermont.....humble brag!
  13. I usually go to the pet store and buy active carbon which is used in fish filters. It should take the smell away in a day or two. It's the same thing as using newspaper.
  14. demer

    rare beers

    Lambic brewers also keep cats in the brewery and the windows open to help get some nice bacteria in the brewery. As stated none of those beers are rare but they are all world class.
  15. demer

    sharpening knives

    Always wanted to sharpen my own knives but never had the courage to do it myself for fear of ruining expensive knives. I take my knives to Korin in NYC and they do an amazing job even though its more expensive than I would like.

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