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  1. The Habanos life is bittersweet, is it not? Demi Tasse (aka the infamous "Demi Tassy") El Rey Del Mundo is more like "The King of the Under-World" now.
  2. Oy, would love to obtain a specimen for the historical tubes collection. This one is interesting.
  3. Yep. I'm not a shorts-wearing guy. Only for working out. And I feel this would be something a little different and I darn well feel I can pull it off. Pictures to come.
  4. I had some time to myself this evening and the weather was fair so I dug around for an interesting pair to entertain me. I came up with two cigars that are as different as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. And hence, the title of this post. The Thick Por Larrañaga - Robustos de Larrañaga, ER Asia Pacifico 2007, EMA OCT 07 I was never really a fan of the lauded PLPC. Everyone seems to love these but there was never any magic for me. Much like most of the Punch marca. I gave it a game try having consumed some 3 or 4 cabs in the search for what was eluding me. In the end, I decided tha
  5. Thanks, gents. I'm going to do a little research. After this crazy year, it seems fitting to stretch out a bit stylistically.
  6. Guys, I'm thinking about picking up a kilt for the warm season. Really and truly. So, I'd like to know if anyone has occasion to wear one of the modern utility kilts. Not necessarily the traditional ones for pomp. but as regular wardrobe? Recommendations?
  7. I'm hoping that the CommonPass initiative gets traction. Clear and several of the air carriers I (used to) fly on are signed on to the development. I don't care if you call it a vaccination passport, health passport, or whatever. As long as there's a reasonable process to support international's travel again, I'm all aboard.
  8. Hello and welcome. It's customary to introduce oneself before launching into questions. See the Newbie Forum
  9. A bit late posting but here's what I smoked that weekend. Ramon Allones Estupendos - POS AGO 06 Haven't got time to write up a full review so here's the capsule. I went deep on the Estupendos because the name is legendary and because I enjoy RA broadly as a marca with the RASCC and RASS consistent standouts. It's taken me just about 15 years to finish this particular cab (the others are untouched but same code) and I can honestly say this is a cigar that should not have been smoked in the first 5-8 years. During that time, the cigar was consistently tight, tannic, and harsh. Bu
  10. Hm, sort of like aerating wine then? Here's my take as a chemical engineer. Luckily, the broad classes of chemical reactions suspected to take place during aging can be expected to operate in the other direction as well. That is to say: Temperature - a general factor that increases the reaction rate as T rises: decrease T to slow down nearly any reaction Oxygen - the gas (O2) in air that supports oxidation reactions: increase O2 to speed up oxidation (if that particular reaction exhibits first or second order kinetics) Water - the presence generally supports biologic o
  11. Interesting read. Watches are not sentimental objects for me. I don't buy them to associate with notable events, people, achievements, etc. For me, they are tools and the newer, the more advanced, the higher performing the greater the value.
  12. Wife and I are fully vaxed. Moderna gave her flu-like. Pfizer for me, nothing. Older kid 1st Pfizer, nothing. Second kid just became eligible for Pfizer and we'll schedule the shot as soon as we can book through the local pharmacy or state vaccine site. So, by early summer, our entire family should be protected.

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