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  1. Uh no. That would be unequivocally bad. If you want to force aging reactions (not including fermentation as finished cigars do not ferment), then heat and humidity are the factors you'll want to ramp up. But as far as I know, there is no analog to the wine aerators concept. It just works differently with a liquid.
  2. A cigar will give you what it's capable of delivering at that moment in time whenever you choose to smoke it. I have smoked right upon receipt if the cigar feels like it's in a smokeable condition. Meaning not spongy wet, primarily. Guess what, most times it's just fine. What you won't necessarily get is a sense for how a cigar from a box well-equilibrated to your storage conditions will behave. That's a different consideration entirely. I wonder if a mere shift of a few percentage of RH or a few degrees could actually account for converting a dog rocket into a charmer. I tend to th
  3. Would someone more knowledgeable explain to me how this view is or has been constructive in any way for any group? I mean aside from the angle on US domestic politics.
  4. I'm no mental health professional, but that guy has been clinically nuts for a long time. Paranoia, psychopathy, who knows what else. Money won't save you after all.
  5. I'm the only cigar smoker in the entire US operations as far as I can tell. It's a lonely feeling but at the same time prevents the opportunity for awkward work socialization.
  6. Good gravy. I hope the situation gets rational soon. As badly as we handled it early on here in the US, the situation has improved greatly with the onset of widespread vaccination. You can walk into a Walmart for groceries and a Covid shot now.
  7. That's certainly not right. Innocuous bits of white mold have no scent as far as I have been able to tell. Evil mold/milldew smells characteristically musty like wet, old, moldy books. Most cigars should be very enjoyable with 8-10 years on. Some are just getting started at that point. Closing the system is a fine thing to do as long as the cigars were at or around the deserted long term storage conditions upon sealing. Cigars don't need to breath, containers don't need to be burped...if they are stable, in temperature and humidity. I cannot bear to make my cigars untouchable so so
  8. Grand prize goes to Mickey Rooney.
  9. Do you mean whether I think one Joyita is worth five Puritos? They are different things entirely. It's not as if you're comparing the Cohiba Robustos against the Bolivar Royal Coronas. There one might reasonably wonder whether one robusto is worth 2-3x another robusto. If I want to smoke a Joyitas, I do. If I want to puff a club or mini, I do. It's fair to say that I consider both to be reasonable values for what they are in each of their respective categories. I understand that the question you're actually wrestling with is whether the experience of Joyitas is going to be worth $5
  10. I'm a big fan of the Monte Joyitas. They're a special little cigar. Recommended! Once you fire it up, you won't want to put it out.
  11. La Fuerza is my favorite of the line. Accessible, rich, and classic easy format.
  12. I wouldn't consider that unethical. Cigars are items that are simply a kind of goods. And like the general category of unrestricted goods, their buying and selling should conform to the dictates of the market. Which means appropriate pricing, accurate description of the items, etc. If someone chooses to sell cigars at $1 each to someone who can then sell them in the market for the going rate of $2, more power to them. This just means the item was underpriced in the first transaction. And in this case, for example, the seller's wish was driving the discounting against market rate. But ciga
  13. I have smoked in quite humid weather, generally no more than upper 70's because it's not enjoyable, physically above this. That said, cigars of nearly any ring gauge perform acceptably. I have also tried to smoke (under cover, outdoors) while it's raining when the humidity is basically 100% and it has never been a satisfactory experience. I'm talking softening of the stick, increased bite, draw problems, the whole shebang. If I were to smoke at 85-90%, it would probably be a smaller stick (ring and length) that I can get through in 35-45 minutes, max.

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