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Ginseng's Feedback

  1. DropTopDee left Positive feedback   

    Coordinated a great split, great communication. no worries here!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  2. GasGuy82 left Positive feedback   

    Can't thank Wilkey enough for coordinating an awesome split and including a noob

    Ginseng was The Seller

  3. jdackerman left Positive feedback   

    another great split from a great guy

    Ginseng was The Seller

  4. terrantheman left Positive feedback   

    Wilkey put together a nice GB so guys could try some nice customs I got in, thx!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  5. Ubergosupro69 left Positive feedback   

    Ran a great customs split!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  6. habanolover left Positive feedback   

    Increadable organization and communication. Unselfish excelence!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  7. Boosted left Positive feedback   

    Extremely fast and smooth Customs split!!! Wilkey is top notch!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  8. topdiesel left Positive feedback   

    Another great customs split.

    Ginseng was Trading

  9. Habana Mike left Positive feedback   

    Wilkey played in the Spring 2015 pass and went way beyond. Top notch man!

    Ginseng was Trading

  10. jdackerman left Positive feedback   

    top notch

    Ginseng was The Seller

  11. Habana Mike left Positive feedback   

    Participated in a customs split and Wilkey rocked!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  12. topdiesel left Positive feedback   

    It was fun, thanks Wilkey for including me in the last "legal" custom split

    Ginseng was The Seller

  13. Hiram2011 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to do a split with. Would do it again!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  14. Habana Mike left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for a smooth and awesome trade - anytime!

    Ginseng was Trading

  15. Perla left Positive feedback   

    Very generous BOTL, thank you very much!

    Ginseng was The Seller

  16. Maplepie left Positive feedback   

    Amazing BotL. Good selections and very generous. Always make a deal with him! A+

    Ginseng was Trading

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