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  1. "The GOD Delusion" by Richard Dawkins ... I'm sure Ken has a copy that he would gladly lend you
  2. Quintero Panatelas, Pasrtagas Mille Fleurs and Rafael Gonzales Panatelas Extra (too cold for anything longer)
  3. 99 Quintero Panatela when the clock hit 12 (on the street, watching/ setting off fireworks in the snow) 09 Partagas Mille Fleurs a bit later with some champagne
  4. Exactly. I always have something to give out to my buddies but if some of the girls at a party want a puff or any of the other guys I don't mind as long as they don't smoke it too hot or chew on it.
  5. Oh, I've clipped off a centimeter on both ends and they still had a very tight draw. Maybe I just had bad luck with the Belveders, maybe producing a machine-made perfecto with a good draw is just difficult - I don't really care at this price. The Selectos and Panatelas, however, have proven to be very decent smokes for the money. They're nothing to meditate about but a good option for a cigar with a coffee, while going for a walk or to give out to (drunk) mooches.
  6. I guess I could take my stash with me (less than 10 boxes atm). That's another advantage of coolers - they have carry handles!
  7. Wouldn't that occur at the head of the cigar? The drizzle and resulting humid air yesterday forced me to relight my RyJ MF 4 times
  8. It's not like all they do is annoy governments by releasing confidential but unimportant information...
  9. I tried sitting on the veranda with a warm jacket and leather gloves but the cold totally killed the experience and the flavours. I look forward to warmer months and expand my stash during the winter.
  10. Build a throne? I think guy posted a pic of a pile of empty boxes in a corner that almost touched the ceiling. Oh yes, that smell
  11. 98 La Flor de Cano Selecto with coffee and a bit of Kahlua
  12. I can't pick out a lot of flavors while retrohaling because I'm limited to very small amounts of smoke or else my nose will sting. It's useful for judging the strength for me though.

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