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    Fishing, beer, drums and cymbals, Mexico, hiking, living a full life!!

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  1. Well that's funny - I'm actually the one of the archaeologists on this project and the one quoted in the original New Yorker article. lots of crazy claims in the media - things that we never actually said. A couple direct quotes from me that were complete fabrications.
  2. Hola Xavier, I will be in DF in Febuary then off to Pátzcuaro!!
  3. I smoke mostly CC's at home, nothing compares. Some of the Padrons, etc, are nice but for the $ would prefer a CC. I have a hard time taking cigars into the field though, they just don't travel well and tend to get shocked. So for work I take NC's - mostly El Originals - I think these are great with a year or more on them and they are cheap. But, in the end, I won't say no to a cigar.
  4. Ok, I've had a really rough week, I just negotiated a major donation, I deserve these - at least until my wife finds out!! Sign me up HDM Du Roi - GSO FEB 07 - HQ Box B
  5. My wife had her iPhone stolen just outside the Louvre in January - she was alone with my nine year old daughter - similar situation to that described at the start of this thread. She was so thrilled to be there that she wasn't paying attention. Scared the crap out of them. My daughter says "don't worry Mom, they didn't steal me, and that's what's important." They went on to enjoy the museum. French civil authorities should indeed resolve this issue.
  6. Would love to have a short-list of fav's that are smoking well right now, straight out of the box.
  7. Hah, nice. This was in Spokane WA, near a racetrack where range hands/farm types would come in on the weekends. The speculation was that a couple of folks were killed in the house - so the local lore went.
  8. I grew up in a haunted house - used to be a brothel at the turn of the last Century. Amazing, scary stuff.
  9. Google your battery model # and serial number. There is a long history with batt. problems - I went through two at least.
  10. That's it - except my filler does not look that nice??
  11. In my quest to clean out the humidor smoked another 'Cuban' of questionable origin - horrible. Dissected at the halfway point - long filler but with a double binder?? To clear the air I pulled out an 03 HDM Des Dieux - I really love these cigars!!

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