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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully the US market never opens. I see Cuba pushing out a lot of crap if that happens. I would also expect to see a temporary increase in sales and then like everything else in the world the craze would be over.
  2. I have no problem with middle men. What I have a problem with is cigar prices going through the roof and great regular production cigars being eliminated for special edition cigars for 3-10 times the regular production prices.
  3. My problem is I am only able to get cigars online. There are no Hdm cabs of 50 online that I can see. The middle men were able to do well and prices were substantially lower than they are now.
  4. I have been smoking cigars since I was eighteen. In the beginning I was strictly a non Cuban smoker. Then on my honeymoon in Canada I experienced my first Cuban cigar. It was a Cohiba Robusto and it was mind blowing. I had ordered the box prior to me getting there. It was so good that I got another box to take home, from that moment I was hooked on Cuban cigars. Those boxs cost like $250-$300. I have had what I would consider some of the modern greats, but now they are gone. I loved the La Gloria Cubana Tanios with a great cup of Cuban coffee, the creamy flavor of the cigar just enhan
  5. This really doesn't change a thing. Knowing the politicians in the USA, the taxes on all cigars will be at 38-40% as a sin tax. I will still be getting my smokes from abroad. There will soon be a tax on cigars going into Obama care. Be careful what you wish for.
  6. I have smoked a ton of boxes of Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas. Still the best DC ever!!!!
  7. I love to see the pack fall apart. McCarthy is a joke, they need a new coach and better receivers. Can they get anymore calls going their way??? Nice hold on 4th and 2.
  8. If you could only smoke one cigar for the rest of your life, what would it be? Try not to use the CGR or other exotic smokes. Try to pick a regular production cigar. MINE: Saint Luis Rey Double Corona. I have smoked through more than 20 cabs and truly enjoyed every smoke. I am dying inside that these are coming to the end. Now what will I smoke?
  9. I was at the game last night. It was awesome experience and a great tribute to a great Chicagoan. Holy Hell it was one of the most frigid games I ever went to.
  10. I find that funny. I hate ERDMs! but love all the SLR's! Different smokes for different folks!!!
  11. What is the one brand of Cuban cigars that you just can't buy because of the flavor profile or the strength of the brand or for what ever reason. Please if possible major brands, not Guantanamera or Quintero. Mine is El Rey del Mundo. I just don't like the flavor profile and find it a very weak cigar. If I smoke something I really want to know that it something with heft.
  12. 13/13. Helps taking all those damn science classes when becoming a doctor.

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