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  1. A simulacrum of an American speakeasy as best bar. Ken. To quote a simulacrum of an American politician: You're Fired.
  2. Broken Empire Trilogy by Mark Lawrence. Highly amusing dark fantasy. jorg for prez 2016
  3. Still ducking and dodging man. My jab is still potent. Abandoned the overhand right. Loving Texas until I don't. Cheers my friend.
  4. source? Sincerely doubt this. Many support his right to do this. NFL is hypocritical nonsense on so many levels. Probably topic for another thread.
  5. Most notably, this player's jersey is the highest-selling unit in the NFL right now. All proceeds to be donated? Impossible. That people would be moved by his actions and he would return the love? Does not fit my callous view of human ethical potential. Honestly, the antidote to the hate is just honest dialog and compromise at the local and individual level. Protests, while awkward to observe, often help this dynamic, as evidenced here in several instances. Peace.
  6. This. Axl is a completely legit front man. He is not Bruce or Dio. He is his own man. Old yes. Who cares. Nightrain. Listen to it again. I'm not hating on Axl. F that.
  7. ERDM. The discontinued skinnies particularly.
  8. khomeinist

    Too funny

    What do you like about this? Seems a bit generic to me.
  9. Nice story. Classy move by Hamlet but no surprise there. Dallas sounds like a good guy. Yeah. Unfortunately the Hamlet appearance was pretty far from central Houston. I couldn't make it myself.
  10. Very interesting. Familiar with Pripyat from the Stalker series. Lots of information in this film that was new to me. Thanks.
  11. Cain scoring from first was classic too. Don't hate on KC. They play really good baseball. Your Jays relied on Joey Bats and Price a bit too much for my taste. Chin up buddy! The comeback against the lame-ass Rangers was epic!

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