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  1. edameff

    Next Level Man Caves

    OK Rob, I am doing everything I can to get you here to Florida for a visit. I can't take appropriate pictures due to the (intentionally) dim lighting, but I was able to do a short video of my room at home. I have been fortunate to have several FOH members down to visit, hopefully more will come down. Take a look and enjoy... https://youtu.be/DaUY8S3rPMQ
  2. By far the best I have had is a farm rolled Robaina. Exquisite, smooth as silk with velvet like texture. The epitome of smokes.
  3. edameff

    Hirochi Robaina

    Very intuitive questions and right on the nose. The last 2 years of harvests have been sub optimal, especially for wrapper. There has been too much rain which really affects the wrapper leaf. More sunspots, more chance for fungus and mold; and the plants get "water drunk", the leaves droop and become less elastic. The wrapper has to be perfect, especially on the high end cigars, so with less supply of clean wrapper, then Behike and other cigars known for perfect wrappers disappear from the market. These have been very scarce over the last 2 years so we see the results now. The good news is that the current harvest looks very good, climates have been more amenable and the potential for a excellent harvest exists. Only time will tell, but he is very optimistic.
  4. edameff

    Hirochi Robaina

    Hi, good questions. First of all the HR cigar brand from Nicaragua are in no way related to the blends used on his farm. Remember that as a Cuban citizen he is not allowed to profit from any of the cigar operations, Cuba or Nicaragua. The blends on his plantation have been handed down for 5 generations, those cigars are indescribable!! Think about it, not only do the vast majority of cigar aficionados agree that Cuba grows the best tobacco on the planet, but they also agree that within Cuba the Robaina finca is the finest. When smoking one of his plantation/farm rolled cigars the profile is unlike anything else I have ever had. Smooth like silk with a velvety texture. Not a blemish or vein in the flawless wrapper. There is no hint of harshness in the retro-hale, but the flavors are full with depth and complexity. Every puff is just heaven!! The Nicaraguan cigars are also excellent but to compare the 2 is not fair. If you take a French wine and compare it to a NAPA valley wine they are completely different. Remember that taste is completely subjective, so saying that one cigar is "better" than another is purely opinion (I hate onions, that doesn't make them "Bad", other people love onions). His Nicaraguan cigars are "stronger" ( I hate that word) and have more of a pepper/spice which is typical of that region. His HR line does run the full spectrum of flavor and strength, there is the the Blue, White and original brown lable (my personal favorite). He did something unique with the while label, one of the vitolas is a conde 109 which you will remember from the Edmudo Dantes and Partagas 150. This is a great vitola as the head tapers and perfectly fits in your mouth. As far as the family blend goes, you asked how much ligero he uses...I could tell you but then I would have to kill you... I am enclosing 2 photos of his family blend cigar, Hirochi created this specific size, he calls it THE BEAST
  5. edameff

    Hello from Sarasota Florida

    Come visit me in Punta Gorda! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. edameff

    Hirochi Robaina

    I will ask him Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hello All, I am so excited I just had to share this with everyone. Today I am going to pick Hirochi Robaina up from the airport and bring him home for a few days of R&R. It has been over a year since I have seen my friend. If any of you are going to be in the area, let me know and I will tell you when he will be coming by Havana Tranquility. For anyone not able to make it, if you have any questions for the Godfather of tobacco growers, let me know and I will have a Q & A with him. Emil
  8. Hi all, I have a line on some boxes of this cigar but don't have any info on the stick. The only Cuban Maduro I am familiar with is the Cohiba, any thoughts on this stick and if it is worth picking up a few boxes.
  9. edameff

    New Cigar Divan

    Awesome, my phone number is 941-380-6022, call or text me and we will share a nice smoke!
  10. edameff

    New Cigar Divan

    I would be honored, please text me, 941-380-6022
  11. edameff

    New Cigar Divan

    I am posting a link to the video I just made that gives a video tour of the club. Again, ALL FOH members are invited to the club anytime you are around!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwTHBc9_e-E Hope to see you soon!!! Emil
  12. Hello All, I have awakened from my hibernation with the announcement made yesterday. These are exciting times for those of us here in the US. We all knew this was inevitable, and is just the beginning of the embargo being lifted. At least something good has come out of all the crap this election has stirred. For my 2 cents worth I believe that those of us who have some aged stuff stored away will be very appreciative of our patience. I do fear that the quality drop from 1999-2002, which we saw from the cigar boom, is likely to repeat itself, the question is how long until the full embargo is lifted. If it takes less than a year, I don't think Cuba can bring quality production up fast enough, if 2-4 years, that will help ease the increased demand. I am excited that when I travel in the future I don't have to stuff cigars in my dirty socks to prevent the customs agent from looking too hard, but my recommendation is BUY NOW! Rob has supply and it is of excellent quality, in the future this may be more difficult. Clearly prices will go up, but keep in mind that this has already started here in the US with the new FDA rules imposed. Davidoff, and General Cigars have already increased wholesale prices citing the FDA causing their costs to go up (of course they have raised them without having any expenses imposed yet). Anyway, it is nice to be back and conferring with all of you again!!!! Thanks
  13. edameff

    New Cigar Divan

    I am not set up for online purchases, but for my FOH members I am happy to ship anywhere. Just shoot me an email, edameff@earthlink.net and let me know what you would like. Emil
  14. edameff

    New Cigar Divan

    I look forward to your visit.
  15. edameff

    New Cigar Divan

    Let me know if you can and I will slip away from the hospital so we can have a smoke together!!

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