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  1. Cheapest beer (0,5 liters)you get in a bar in Norway is at least 80kr. Belive me, I live there.
  2. Kratos

    UK Referendum

    As I see it the problem is not EU itself but the economic system we/politicians has allowed to be created. We have to ask our self why people in the western world want change, they know its something wrong (less jobs, less salary, less security) but cant understand what is the specific problem. Therefore they vote on everything that is not the regular like Trump, Leave EU and right wing politicians. The experiment of globalization and to give all power to the market is the root of the problem and the experiment is simply not working. Examples of this can be found in every major economic news. The rescue of the big banks, printing money on a massive scale (quantitative easing), Panama papers, moving jobs abroad. A good read: A good watch from the brilliant Adam Curtis: Watch in particular the interview with James Goldsmith at 31 min and 44 min
  3. I heard that they are discontinued or will be. So I have been stocking up the last couple of months.
  4. Kratos

    FOH Cuba NOV 2016

    I am in Was planning to go this year Will also be my first time in Cuba Cant wait
  5. Hi. Do anyone know it the Imperiales is or will be discontinued?

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