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  1. In all honesty, the Siglo VI was first introduced in 2003 so they aren't even 10 years old yet. I recently smoked an OR VI and wasn't blown away by it. I do enjoy some of the more recent production VI, I've sampled lots from 07-10 and all have been outstanding. Might I suggest a box of Esplendidos? They are a really great Cohiba to age. just my .02
  2. They were great when they came out, highly touted as the best of the 3 EL's for the year. I smoked 6 of my 10 and all were good to very good. I guess that window has closed, you should probably hide that box for another year or 2. Just my 2cents
  3. Great review guys, Michael is a great guy and super generous. Wish I could've scored some when they were available.
  4. 1) Ice cold Pepsi or Root Beer with crushed ice (I know that sounds pretty particular but you just gotta try it) 2) Iced or Hot Coffee 3) Single Malt Scotch (prefer something like a Mac 12 with some sweeter notes) 4) Beer
  5. Thanks everyone, I had a great time doing the review. Too bad the cigar wasnt up to par. It was a great change to sit back and truly analyze a cigar vs just smoking it while having a conversation or playing poker. I hope to do another one this weekend, just not sure what to smoke for it.
  6. Great review. Ive had the Regatta and Juniors and found them to be pretty good. Not great, but not dog rockets. Still got 1 Regatta left and 1 Masters to try, hopefully my experience wont nearly as bad as yours
  7. First review ever, hope I did an OK job. Ramon Allones Gordito De Allones Canada RE 2010. Released about 2 weeks ago for the Canadian market, it has been resting in my humi/wine fridge for about a week. A little bit of info on the Gordito 50 RG 5.5 in length Boxes of 10 (2500 produced) Paired this with a couple of oz's of Mac 12 The cigar is pretty firm, couple of soft spots but nothing i'm worried about, cigars smells of tobacco and the typical barnyard smell. Wrapper is a little messy, some minor veins and a weird little bunch bubble that you may be able to see in one of the pics.
  8. I guess it may just personal but Sig VI's with some age are incredible. Easily my favourite cigar to smoke if they weren't just so damn expensive. Maybe you just had a dud, give it another try if you have a chance.
  9. I would have to say mine would be RASCC and RASS Only ever had 1 RASS which I found was amazing, every other since has fallen flat. RASCC on the other hand have done nothing for me, Ive had fresh ones, well aged ones and still. Ive kinda given up on both. I do like RA's though RAG's and a bunch of RE's have been great. Kinda weird

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