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  1. Thanks for sharing Colt. This is very encouraging news. Thoughts and prayers still being sent their way...
  2. Thanks for the update Rob. Happy to hear it. Prayers still being sent Guys way.
  3. Terrible, terrible news! My thoughts and prayers are with Guy and his family.
  4. Yes sir. Picked up an X6M in Sept 2010 (picture attached). It's one of those cars you either love or hate. We absolutely love it. We've also been awaiting for the arrival of the 2013 M5; the M car I've been dreaming about.
  5. Love the M Coupe!!! Been a Bimmer guy for a long time.
  6. Hello gang. Looking for some good hotel recommendations in the city. The wife and I are coming down for Christmas and New Years. Hit me up here or PM me! Thanks!!! Chris
  7. Can't wait to see the pics Lisa!!! What a tremendous Christmas present!!!
  8. Best of luck Lisa! You'll be sorely missed by everyone! We're very happy for you and Frank. Hope to see you guys soon! Chris

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