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  1. Obviously I'm not the only one wondering if there are enough to make a cameo on the 24/24. The suspense is awful.
  2. Ive had a few course corrections in my career. But most recently I left a job as a marketing director for a coffee importer in the States to move to Japan and teach English. I think that counts. 😉. Took a big pay cut (though it’s much cheaper to live here) but I’d been to Japan many times including as a student, and I just love the place and wanted to experience living here. My guiding philosophy is that you always regret the things you didn’t do and wish you had much more than the things you did and wish you hadn’t.
  3. Yeah, that was about as much as I get get out of this one before it gave in. Kiss my ash. These are just on 4 years now, and I've managed to save a handful of them to try to reach that mythical promised land of caramel. They've been good even young, so it ain't easy, but I am definitely starting to get that richness that wasn't there so much earlier. I find the flavor of caramel is strong with these more than the sweetness of caramel, if that makes any sense. A depth and earthy cane note, with a smoothness and elegance that's hard to match in a cigar this size. As to the importan
  4. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny whenever the Prez says "not too many".
  5. Wow, there’s a stunner. I’d pretty well given up hope on the MdO 4s.
  6. Those cigars are to Cubans what Jim Belushi is to John Belushi.
  7. I'm not sure why this is so #$%* complicated. Some NC companies use bad juju on their wrappers, most don't. Generalizing and making unsubstantiated accusations is bad. Smoke whatever you like.
  8. Indeed, there is a tendency to lump all NC manufacturers in together when it fact, some of them are exemplary when it comes to this sort of thing (like Padron). Taste is subjective, but not all NC cigars are heavily treated tent-pegs. I see a tendency between Cuban and NC cigar aficionados that sometimes reminds me of the way most serious Scotch whisky drinkers talk about bourbon and rye (i.e. dismissive and condescending). This place is largely free of it, thank goodness, but it annoys me when it see it either with cigars or whisk(e)y. I smoke mostly Cubans but there are some wonderfu
  9. That last one was just after they did their last redesign on the Civic, clearly modeled on the BMW 3 series, and it was getting great reviews. That car was a banger - little 4-cylinder turbo that got 50+ MPG on the highway and had almost no turbo lag. Nicely appointed, handled great and could really get off the line. Probably the nicest car I ever owned apart from my 325 (which was a joy to drive and a constant drain on the wallet).

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