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  1. Anyone smoked one from the LGR JUL 18 code? Have a box of those acclimatizing that I plan to dip into next month.
  2. Interesting! I hadn't thought about that cigar much but is the general consensus that the current runs are on the same level as the early production that was generating all the raves?
  3. Rainy Friday morning C&C with a ULA JUL 14 BPC. Wrapper feels like my prewar Albert Micheal leather jacket. Loving the subtleties of a well-aged BPC - some tropical notes (banana?) in the first third. Yeasty bread, leather, cinnamon, clove. a bit of cedar. My only hitch with this box is the burn has been wonky on all 3 I've smoked - wrapper is stunning but maybe on the thicker side.
  4. That's a tough one. Honestly if I were to take one Floyd album to the deserted island it would be "Wish You Were Here", but I still voted for Dark Side just by a nose.
  5. El Principe, LGR May 18 (I think). My observation, apart from how delicious these are, is that I've never had a CC where the burn was so consistently perfect. I haven't smoked a ton of them (a box purchase is in my future) but every damn one of them has burned laser straight, not a single touchup needed. Am I just lucky, or are they usually like that? One thing I notice is that they've all had quite thin, even fragile wrappers - and I suspect that's a big part of the reason for the unerringly even burn.
  6. How was it? I have a tenner from the 24 last month I'm waiting to sample on my birthday in August.
  7. IMHO any whiskey at $700 is nutso! But while I've never tried the old 15-year it's a completely different whiskey (even different source) and I hear it's pretty amazing. You see the same thing with Noah's Mill and some other KBD sourced whiskey - the long-gone age-stated bottles go for crazy prices on the secondary while the newer NAS bottles are shelf turds.
  8. Bear in mind no supplier will officially sell you Cuban green coffee in the U.S. for obvious reasons.
  9. You'd want to contact an importer (probably in Europe) - somebody like Hamburg Coffee (HACOFCO) or Daarnhauer. They're used to selling full 60 KG bags and containers, but might be able to direct you to a customer of theirs who sells green coffee by the pound.
  10. I used to be snobbish that way, then I came to understand just how incredible bourbon (which is only partly distilled from corn, for the record) and rye could be - and how much more value for the dollar you get than with single malt scotch. Now I can't imagine being without either American whiskey or single malts - I love them equally.
  11. It’s the old age-stated version that people are paying nutso prices for tho...
  12. Not many wrappers as beautiful as a VR when it's really "on".
  13. Having never had the spicier variety, would you say those retain the overall molasses/cake character with the spice as a layer, or does the spiciness more or less replace it?

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