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  1. Hell, I'm beginning to think the #4 is discontinued...
  2. That’s the hard part I guess. Sales figures would be one way, or you could more or less do it arbitrarily like the NCAA basketball tournament committee. Obviously top seeds in each bracket would be brands like Cohiba, Bolivar et al.
  3. Prez, will there be any quarter-box samplers on any of these or full box only?
  4. As opposed to randomizing, how about seeding them? That was you don’t have, say, Upmann going against Partagas in the first round.
  5. PLMC LGR AGO 18. Beautiful light Colorado wrappers. Box has had a month to settle, and based on this stick they’re already at full go. In terms of pure flavor experience, hard to beat the humble Montecarlo when they’re like this. Taste was pure caramel macchiato - creamy caramel, coffee and milk chocolate. I’ve had a hint of citrus in a couple of MCs but apart from that, just about a perfect smoke. 93/100.
  6. Gotta go for the Force. Even Disney can’t erase the cultural significance of the franchise and the magnificence of the first two films.
  7. Cuaba Divinos, courtesy of our host via a contest win. My first ever Cuaba (I think). I'm not sure I would describe the profile as peanut butter as Rob does, but it was unique among all CC I've smoked to be sure. More of a generally nuttiness, on the sweeter side, with some dank earth and distinct woody notes. Once the draw opened up (with the shape it obviously took a few puffs) burn and construction flawless. Interesting and unusual cigar.
  8. ROFL. I have a box of PCs and that wrapper is almost unmistakable.
  9. That looks like a ULA. All the Bolis from that summer seem to have that amazing-looking wrapper.
  10. I have a Tacos that was part of a prize win here, but I’m thinking that’s a cigar that would really benefit from a long rest. Sadly it’s the only Romeo in the humidor atm.
  11. That looks like one of the darker-wrapped Principes...
  12. Voted for Tolkien but no way there’s enough Kiwis on here to swing the election that way.
  13. While that isn’t a common occurrence for me, I’ve never smoked a cigar at a backyard BBQ or party where there would kids around. I think it would be pretty rude.
  14. Those early Carrillo LGCs were phenomenal cigars. I remember the Wavell very well. Also loved the En Cedro.
  15. Second from a PSP 10 cabinet. My take: a great cigar when it actually draws, which the first one refused to. Just below medium-bodied, transitioning to medium. Gingerbread, vanilla, a bit of cedar, baking spices, honey, cream. My only complaint is that those purty double bands absolutely were not going to be budged without tearing the wrapper.

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