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  1. A classic heart vs. head debate for me, but I have to go with the future as much as it pains me to do so.
  2. Sure is a gorgeous wrapper though. Is it as rosado as it looks?
  3. I really like that place. Last time I was down there I had one of their house rolled and played the best game of chess in my life - a very pleasant hour. It's a very chill vibe and their smokes aren't half bad.
  4. This is my fifth out of this box. Results have been frustrating - burn (not draw) issues, inconsistent performance. One was spectacular, a couple have been decent, all but the spectacular one have required constant touchups and relights. Stored at 65%, dryboxed for two days at 62%. Smoked outdoors on a gorgeous and mostly windless autumn day in Japan. As you can see the wrappers are gorgeous and oily. Prelight draw was a touch on the loose side of perfect, but fine, and was consistent throughout the 45-minute smoking time. While this sample did require the usual (for this box) lighter massaging, it was certainly smokable. Unfortunately the flavor was relatively flat. Started out with light toasted tobacco notes and a bit of roasted corn, with the odd hit of cedar in the middle third and occasional pips of caramel and leather. On the whole though I didn't get much out of it, start to finish. It was never harsh or unpleasant - just boring. 82/100.
  5. I admit, I'm not that much of a car guy. But when it comes to a classic cigar in my rotation, the SCDLH Principe, this is the one that comes to mind. This is about the 5th cigar I've smoked out of this box, which is on the darker side for the vitola. It was actually a bit plugged (a first for me with the Principe) but a quick hit with the draw tool took care of that. Burn was about perfect, as usual, and the flavor perfectly consistent with darker Principes - molasses, maple syrup, butter biscuits, some warm spice like cinnamon and ginger. A classic 89/100. Why the Miata? Because this is a pocket rocket, first of all - it's a small cigar and car, both of which deliver every time. They look great and act a lot more expensive than they actually are, and you don't have to worry about temperamental nonsense like you do with the fancier models. They start every time and always deliver - not the fanciest or the biggest, but a great experience every time you turn the key.
  6. There was a time I'd have said camping, but I was a younger man then. Not I prefer to use it as an occasional change of pace.
  7. So - while I would never advocate it 😗, would any of these solutions be effective enough to use in a (non-carpeted) apartment where smoking was theoretically not allowed? Smallish, about 37 square meters. For occasional smoking, maybe once a week. Asking for a friend...

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