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  1. Thanks - I thought that was probably is but didn't want to say unless I was 100% sure.
  2. Tonight's cigar is a PLPC from a partial box for which I can no longer remember the code, alas - just the date. The drink pairing was a Maker's Mark Private Selection from here in Japan, at the superb Bar Cordon Noir in Kyoto. Both cigar and bourbon were excellent, and paired very nicely. This PLPC had clearly reached that magic point where the light switched on - we're approaching 5 years on these, and this had all the richness and depth you hope for in an aged PLPC. This was not a thrilling drive through Big Sur full of twists and turns - it was consistent start to finish. Caramel of course, but also a lovely earthiness and slight citric tang that put me in mind of Habanos I was smoking 15 or 20 years ago. Notes of espresso, a very mild nuttiness (hazelnut, perhaps), and slight dark chocolate to go along with the caramel. A solid 92/100, and the best cigar out of this box so far.
  3. Let's give this a shot and see if 25 years of fantasy football did me any good.
  4. Fresh, they can be excellent. But never under any circumstances on pizza.
  5. Good times, good times. Poker games were a big part of my cigar coming of age too. Sadly yes, I hear Yitz’ humidor is a shadow of its former glory. But back in the day it was like a golden wonderland to me. Good pastrami too...
  6. My trick (I would always order a drink or food) at these sorts of places is to buy the cheapest stick they have and surreptitiously swap it out with my RASS or such and smoke that (and you have a yard gar for whenever you need an afterthought smoke). 😅 I don't begrudge them a cutting fee but I'm no going to drop $10 on that when I'm drinking or eating off their menu.
  7. I had an older friend (I was probably in my mid 20's) in Chicago who originally was my manager at a bookstore and ended up being a buddy. I admired this guy a lot (funniest cat I ever knew - actually performed at Second City for a while), he was a cigar smoker, and while I loathed cigarettes (still do) one day I asked him to pick one out for me. He chose a Macanudo - which shows you how good his judgment was, because that's the perfect first cigar (especially as this was when they still used Jamaican tobacco). Wound up being an occasional smoker when we hung out - segued into Fuente and Padron, and eventually started bringing back Cuban singles from Yitz' after frequent road trips to Toronto.
  8. Trinidad Fundadores - C Partagas E2 - PF Por Larrañaga Montecarlos - SF PLPC - PG San Cristobal el Principe - SG
  9. Ken, just as a general rule I would be extremely cautious about anything you read on Newsweek. Those of us who were around when it was one of the premier print news sources around know it once had major influence, but that Newsweek is long dead. It's basically a conspiracy rag and totally unreliable now.
  10. Topping a very old thread in the unlikely event anyone has any new recommendations. I found a few spots in Kobe but I'm based out of Kyoto now, and wondering if anyone has any recommendations either for shops with smoking areas or cigar bars where the drink prices won't kill you (even in Osaka). I love Bar Cordon Noir but their whisky list is so good I can't get out of their without dropping way more than I wanted, even bringing my own cigars.
  11. George was a late bloomer, but he was the best of them in the end, IMHO. In any art form the ability to combine simplicity and profundity is a rare trait, and George had it. Also one of the most underrated (though not by his peers) guitarists in rock history. "Serve the song" was his mantra. And while he was no angel (his womanizing is the stuff of legend) I sincerely doubt you could have gotten a turnout of friends for a tribute concert like that for John or (ROFL) Paul. He was a very special individual.
  12. Oh, it was them repressing him - there's lots out there on this, including quotes from George himself. He didn't start out writing much (he was the baby in the band, don't forget) but once he got the knack he was churning out gems that the "bosses" refused to allow on albums. At one point when things got bad enough that the splinter was writing on the wall, John suggested that he, Paul and George each get four tracks per album as a way to keep things going, but Paul rejected giving George four tracks out of hand.
  13. Individual songs are hard, but to me George had the best solo career in a walk. Testament to how brutally John and especially Paul repressed his talent within the group. He didn't release the sheer volume Paul did (who has) but the level was tremendous. For George it's a case of spoiled by choice. All Things Must Pass? Beware of Darkness? My Sweet Lord? Ringo - Photograph (effectively a George composition). Paul - Maybe I'm Amazed is the clear choice for me, too. John - Instant Karma for me - Imagine was a favorite in my youth, but I find it a bit maudlin now.
  14. And if it got the Prez to say that about a cigar with that ring gauge, you know it must be good.
  15. So the current betting here is that two boxes in total were produced.
  16. More likely to be the year 2424 at this rate.😄
  17. I guess I've been lucky - never had a plugged one (pretty miraculous in a skinny) or indeed, one with a draw far off perfect.
  18. Serious question - have you ever had a bad one? It's a tough call, but if I had to pick one cigar as the only one I could smoke for the rest of time, it might be the Fundadores (assuming money was no object of course). It's a great cigar generally, obviously. A fantastic size. But what's amazing to me is that it's the only CC that I've smoked quite a lot of and never had a dud. Bad draws: 0. Uneven burn: 0. Wonky construction: 0. Some are sublime, most are great, a few are very good - but they're never flat or uninteresting. They're 100-120 minutes of a consistently tasty profile that evolves over the course of the cigar.
  19. Nothing will ever top BVSC for me as a cigar accompaniment.
  20. Obviously I'm not the only one wondering if there are enough to make a cameo on the 24/24. The suspense is awful.

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