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  1. I am sorry but I still believe this is one of the best conceived lines in the history of film. It can be applied to many things in life, take 24:24 for instance
  2. I have taken the Cowboys all year against the spread and done okay 👍 I don’t feel good about it this week though. I pick one game a week and am going with college. If I was going to stay in the NFL I would have to go with the Bills vs Titans.
  3. They are the same guys that used to steal purses from innocent women in the street, just to leave their own wallets behind. They have just moved indoors and behind computer screens and encrypted wifi networks.
  4. There was a line of Montecristo, DR not CC, that came out in the late 90s. I believe they were called Le Cigre de Arts. Contained beautiful artwork inside the lids of the boxes, and sold art pieces seperately that were gorgeous as well. Hey Thad, you do know you can't smoke the box right? Well the cigars inside were distinguished and they smoked beautifully with a complexity and flavor that continued to improve well past 2010 when I unfortunately smoked my last. Something at the time that was pretty hard to convince anyone could happen with anything other than a cuban cigar. Any
  5. Isn't it always a dead giveaway when they use the last name of the consigliere in The Godfather series? Might as well use John Smith, just as inconspicuous.
  6. He is kind of goofy but I like his no BS analysis of the cigars he smokes. I don't have a problem with his work at all.
  7. I will referee soccer for 9-12 weeks in the spring and the same in the fall. It clears my head, or makes my body hurt so much I can't think of anything else but that and I am all good for the weekend I used to wet wade the rivers for smallies before my kids got to the point they needed me around more than the fish wanted to see me. In between time, I golf, spend time with my wife, and try and get to church once a week to realize I am not the highest power governing my life. And of course cigars...and visiting with cigar people while smoking cigars. The news is a terrible
  8. My biggest regret is that last glass of whiskey I bought after golf a couple of weeks ago. I didn't need it, and I should have known better
  9. It looks like that new end table would actually, and quite safely I might add, hold several bottles of wine.
  10. By the looks of that bear, he just ate Mean Joe Greene. The Fridge, and Andre the Giant, and was more interested in finding a place to shit in the woods than to mess with those two lost tourists. Had that been a momma and her cubs what you see on that video would have likely looked a whole lot different.
  11. Again, and I know it shows my complete lack of maturity at the age of 50, but "that's what she said"
  12. I buy my cigars from here and don't look at anything else on the box or in the box but the cigars themselves!

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