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  1. Sorry, I didn't know. Thought you were just dealing with the plain old version of bat herpes. Anyway, we are seeing, when you get to the hear of that matter, massive infection rates again; even among those who have been fully vaccinated. Some populations have even gone so far as to be vaccinated with two different versions, from their own respective companies of origin, and they are still becoming infected and testing positive. Of course the news will tell you it only happens to those who haven't been vaccinated. Myself, I have already lived through the bat herps, and natural antibodies t
  2. Just wait until the D variant hits your land Ken! Might as well start stocking up on Rob's seconds, and copious amounts of wine and booze now. It will be like the Hotel California!
  3. It's time for the obligatory and very immature comment, "that's what she said."
  4. Sounds like a Burning Man that doesn't require copious amounts of acid or shots given by a doctor afterward
  5. I have no idea what is going on here. But I am pretty sure she can fix his problem, embargo or no embargo, rules between woman and man don't often change
  6. One of those elongated VR thinga majigs, not sure what they are called but I know I have some that aren't plugged and I am going to smoke one.
  7. You have been an influencer for years Ken! Nobody told you? Yes, you can apparently get paid for that.
  8. It also appears from your pics that all brands have the same exact date/factory code on the box which would be very unlikely I would think. Plus its just a common stamp, likely purchased from there is such a place. I would walk, especially with no triple caps.
  9. 2015 was not special and an aged turd will still just be a turd. I’d go 2020 all day long, every single day. My friend had a box in 2009 that offered up the finest Monte 2s I’ve ever had and we were smoking them with 6-12 months of age. I have had many since then, from different years and at varied amounts of more advanced age, and they just haven’t been close to the box from 2009. May the cigar odds be forever in your favor!
  10. My mom was a school teacher and old cigar boxes used to make for very inexpensive if not free storage containers. This was likely before Tupperware become much of a household name. The gents on the boxes always looked very distinguished and I fancied the faint cigar smell left in the boxes. The above and also the fact we used to smoke hollow sticks in a small area of overgrowth next to one of the junior high schools in my neighborhood, and I used to pick up cigs on the way to and from school that still had some meat on the bone to smoke, so to speak I figure neither of those two th
  11. I know right? WTF? I sense a disturbance in the force way more immense than a few wanky palates among the esteemed members of our group
  12. It is all boutique at a budget price. This isn't one of your, pallets of tobacco found in a warehouse stories, blah blah blah. This is a cigar, purposefully blended, carefully rolled, and offered to the masses at an overly fair price I believe the price is what it is for a couple of reasons a) no sales reps b) sold without distributors, and zero to no advertising. It is word of mouth driving this message only.
  13. I have enjoyed some very nice boxes from 2016. RGPC RyJ Ex 4 Punch Punch Diplo 2s Monte 4s VR Famosos Have all been tasty treats.

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