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  1. What's the price in Portugal of a box of Bolivar Lusiadas?
  2. If they had the same price, which would you choose and why?
  3. El Pres, we are waiting for
  4. I'm searching a budget-daily smoke...having two options: Diplo 5 (recent...09) or Cosacos (07) what would you choose? why?
  5. They have same price...to my taste I cannot prefer one to another, I like both . Having to make an investment for future smoking, what would you choose (according to your experiences and how they age)? H. Upmann Connaisseur 1 (ABR 07 ROA) colorado wrapper & slightly oily Juan Lopez Selecciòn 2 (DIC 09 BTR) dark colorado wrapper & much oily
  6. Dear Sirs, I have a dilemma: I will be traveling to Germany soon and I have the opportunity to bring me a box. I'm torn between Punch Royal Selection 11 (that I appreciate so much but now it's hard to find...there's a nice box 08) and Bolivar Especiales 2 RE (needs not descriptions). If I could take both ... but, given the choice on what to invest?
  7. The RA Belicoso is extremely hard to find (a couple months ago there were only few singles, maybe today...). I'm reading with pleasure your advice and your opinions
  8. urufu

    Upmann Connie 1 or Juan Lopez 2

    Thanks for your help! I messed up ... writing while I was reading another topic JL 2 09 I've seen are very attractive

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