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  1. I have 1 good one out of the three who border my back yard. And she is moving away this fall. One of them has 18" tall weeds in her back yard which are threatening to invade my yard now. The wife is not happy about that, as the yard is her domain, and weeds are the bane of her existence.
  2. Smithy, how about... La Gloria D’or No 1? If there's a box there, I'll take it.
  3. Welcome, Ben. Know you from another board as well. Glad to see that you found this place too.
  4. Agreed. I've had one No. 9 robusto, and it was phenomenal! Haven't had the pigs yet though.
  5. PhiDelt


    Random pics.
  6. That's a thing of beauty, my friend. Enjoy the process of filling it up.
  7. Happy belated, brother. Sounds like you celebrated the right way.
  8. I emailed Lisa about the PSD4 and PSP2 prices. Unfortunately, there was some mistake somewhere along the line, and the prices are not correct. Still some good pricing for what she quoted me though.
  9. Heck, that's about average for a Monte #4 in Canada. The Opus is closer to $35 or $40 here I bet.
  10. Howdy and welcome from about 30 hours north east of LA.
  11. I've been cheering them on. I'd love to see the wings get upset like this.

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