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  1. this reminded me of laficion's post of "cigars and the man" by charles graves from the 1930s. in it there was an ad for "tweenies" and the description sure sounded like medio tiempo.
  2. 1. I offer you four cigars from which you can choose: Long Skinny/Robusto/Piramide/Churchill. Which would you choose? skinny 2. You are on my deck, Beer/Wine/straight Rum/Water....which would you choose? water 3. Cat person/Dog person/ Hate both. Which are you? hate both 4. Car Guy or Bike guy? What Marque? bike, royal enfield 5. Occupation shipping clerk/ waiter 6. Single/Married or escaped (divorced)? How long? married 3 1/2 years 7. Other favourite hobby outside of cigars? musician 8. Do you read a newspaper daily (online or physical)? yup... both 9. Favourite movie
  3. great point... i work as a waiter on weekends, and if not for tips the wages would hardly even pay for the gas i burn getting to work. i'm not sure how wages are everywhere else in the world, but that is how individuals in the service industry make a living around here.
  4. the guns are fake... the sword is for the impending war jeff likes to keep it old school like that
  5. come on... give the town some credit. the sign clearly states "population 1102" no need to be humble with that 1100 stuff
  6. i gotta say... i've blasted through two bundles of johns recent pigtail shorts in the past few months... and they have treated me very well. i just put them in a mason jar as soon as i get them, since these are great for smoking FRESH imho.
  7. when my wife's dad died her uncle took one of his classic cars and restored it... when he was cleaning it out he found the ashtray overflowing with cigarettes that my father in-law had smoked. as an homage to him, he preserved all the butts in the ashtray as they were. i believe he used some sort of spray on epoxy, whatever it was it worked great.

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