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  1. That is just horrible news! Mike was such a stand up guy. Smoked with him a few times over the years and we always had many laughs. So tragic, my thoughts and prayers go out to Kelly and his family. Another great one taken way to soon.
  2. Great review! I prefer the SS2 over the other 3 also. But the RS 11 from the early 2000's is smoking extremely well right now.
  3. The two best shows I have seen last year was Peaky Blinders and Ozark on netflix. Sneaky Pete and Goliath on amazon where very good. Billions on showtime rocks also!
  4. Top Five 1)RA 225th 2)Dip Bushido 3)Eslavo 4)Bolivar Tesoro 5)SLR INCA- small but pure cotton candy!
  5. 1) Partagas 150 2) Davidoff Dom Perignon 3) Cohiba Gran Reserve. 4) 1993 Partagas D4 5) 1991 ERDM Grandes de Espanas
  6. I freeze everything. Pick up a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, the titanium is one beautiful machine. 14 days is not going to hurt them, cigars are a lot more resilient then you think.
  7. Miami has to be the fake capital of the States. Just go on craiglist if you want a laugh and you will see 100's of boxes of cuban cigars, all fake of course. From NY and been in South Florida for 12 years. The first few years down here I did not know much about Cuban cigars. Had smoked them for years but was clueless. So over those first few years down here I ran into more people than I could count, that claimed they where from Cuba and their family would bring cigars back for them. Needless to say I picked up quite a few fake boxes. A few years back the Behike 56 was being sold everywhere for 150 dollars a box of 10. The scary thing was the packaging was spot on. The bands were off and the wrappers looked pretty ugly. Worst place I have seen fakes has been the Bahamas!! 98% of what you see is fake. A lot of glass top boxes. Every flea market as a booth or two selling Cuban cigars and they are all fakes. The boxes in shops are 50/50 but are stored so badly it is a shame.
  8. I am a huge fan of the D4. Have boxes from 1990 till present. Always has been a very consistent cigar but more on the medium side. For me it has been a great aging cigar and with 10 plus years on them they can be something special. To many factors to go into on why you may not be getting any taste, such as storage, vendor, code, bad year, bad box, etc. This is just my opinion, but I have not been happy with production as a whole from 2015 till present. When buying regular production boxes from 2015 on I try and find boxes rolled at a mother factory. The AMO 2015 D4's have been decent. But I have been more inclined to just pick up boxes with a few years of age from 2013/2014. The buying by code system is not flawless and does not guarantee you a perfect box, but I have had success with it. The PSP and HQ boxes the Prez puts out are always good buys also. Look around and see what people are buying and see what codes seem to be smoking well and buy off of that. Also if the boxes where in the air long during shipping sometimes I have found it can take up to 3 months to acclimate to your humidor. Have smoked boxes off the truck and not been impressed then a few months later when I put one out it is a totally different smoke.
  9. Yes its a 2014 I got in the end of 2015. I looked at the GT3, only problem I had was that it is very very stiff. I liked the Turbo better as an everyday driver personally. But you cannot go worth with either! Amazing cars. Trying to get on the list for the new GT2 RS, that looks insane!
  10. The problem always comes down to storage! You first start with a desk top, then next thing you know you have a ton of desk tops!! Then you go for a wineador, and next thing you know you have a ton of those! Then maybe you go the cooler route, and bingo!! You have coolers stacked up everywhere!! Then you have Bob build you a beautiful cabinet, but within 6 months you out grow that!! Personally I would suggest you do yourself a favor and build a walkin. That is if you are planning to keep buying cigars. Bob's largest cabinet holds 300 to 350 cigars but at 9k the cost adds up. They are beautiful but before you know you have a room filled with them! A walkin can be built for much cheaper and gives you all the space you will ever need if you build a decent size one.
  11. Prime Lounge in Miami, is a nice place for a smoke!
  12. Wow thanks for sharing! Had not heard of him. Bob makes some pretty sick humidors. Have a huge Aristocrat now for 5 years and love it. But as you stated you out grow them fast!
  13. Beautiful box! SLR DC cabs have come extinct! Had been looking for 8 years for an 01 SLR DC cab and finally found one last month! Amazing cigars, enjoy!
  14. Looks fine to me, best way is to smoke one! Plus as stated, if you always trust your source you never have to worry.
  15. For a fresh cigar and more so am LE I really enjoyed it. But as stated some showed there young age and had a bite.
  16. Coro with 10 years plus of age is hard to beat. They have been great aging cigars for me. That being said, recent production prices are up over 30% from last year. I have tried a bunch of different codes from 2015 and personally have not been impressed. The last good boxes I had was the 2014 MUO. Every year I buy a bunch and put them down but this far have stayed away from 2015 and 2016. They have always been a cigar that needed 3 to 5 years to open up. But the 2013 and 2014 smoked excellent right out the box. Is it worth the high premium these days? To each his own. Personally at the moment I would rather have PSD4's or HDM Epi 2's for more then half the price. But if you can get a hold of a box with a few years of age on them, grabbed them. The 2010's on back are really smoking well.
  17. Pearl Jam! Summer tour was amazing. They still tear down the house.
  18. I forget about the Edmundo all the time. But on the rare occasion I grab one to smoke I cannot figure out why I do not smoke more of these. The 08 and 09's are really smoking great.

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