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  1. Cameron's adviser, Lynton Crosby, is in the pay of big tobacco, hence the delay in the plain packaging stuff. Don't know how to feel about it, slight benefit to me via the age old Etonian mate's system... They really are all scum, worldwide.
  2. Anything skinny..maybe a few more folk would try them. Been enjoying some very good Du Gourmet recently, that would make a nice tubo.
  3. Ahhh, whipes nostalgic tear from eye...those were the days..
  4. RIP. One cool cat, and an influence to many guitatrists over the years with his fingerpicking style. Special Edition is a great collection, just for a taster of the man
  5. Yeah, don't know if it's the same with Australia, but over here people are sending their kids to Mandarin lessons, ready for the next leaders of the world!
  6. Yep, looks like you're correct, acording to Wiki...I stand corrected! Language Percent of World Population Mandarin 12.44% Spanish 4.85% English 4.83% Arabic 3.25% Hindi 2.68% Bengali 2.66% Portuguese 2.62% Russian 2.12% Japanese 1.80% German 1.33% Javanese 1.25% Others 61.17%
  7. In an earlier response to this thread, I mentioned that there are negatives to the pervasive spread of the English Language, I recall talking to a Norwegian who explained that many young Norwegians are leaving out much of the punctuation in the Norwegian language, as it is not used on the net. It would be sad to see these languages that English is constructed from be assimilated. I used the word "advantage" to suggest that much of Europe can speak at least two languages, their own and English, and often one or two more depending on their proximity to others. This is an obvious useable skill as compared to we native English speakers who have been known to only speak English...and when faced with a non English speaker, we just reapeat our English, but louder! I've seen it happen a lot.
  8. Agree with some people above, in that I have always been amazed, and thankful, at the high levels of English spoken throughout the world, even in the middle of nowhere, someone speeks English. Often demonstrated on boards like this. I think these people have an advantage over we native English speakers, in that they also have at least one other language.
  9. Wrong. I am a bit of a pedant when it comes to the English language, though my speling ain't always gud! Many people have substituted "of" instead of "have". ie; "I should of seen that" instead of "I should have seen that" it is often needlessley added, ie; "I jumped off of the step" instead of "I jumped off the step". But one great aspect of the English Language is it's natural evolution, incorporating words from other languages, ie; barbeque forn Native American, bungalow from India, and leviathon from Hebrew. It is a changing language, built from various European and Scandanavian languages. So maybe some changes are not such a bad thing. It also adopts words and forms from other English speaking countries, ie the USA and Australia. It can be negative in some ways, as many languages are being eroded by the English language use in technology and industry, so it's probably not good to be too prescious about it, as other languages suffer due to it's world wide use.
  10. 12/13...was 50/50 on the wrong one, but jumped the wrong way. Also got my age wrong.
  11. The chit chat is that it will be Bird, who looks pretty good. No surprise there are injuries, the Aussies were bowling for all but 4 hours in the fist three days...bound to wear you out! Pattinson also had the highest batting average. He has guts, good payer. Hope Harris can keep going too.
  12. Well, looks like the end for the rapidly disappearing LGC range. I've heard they are going to roll the unused tobacco in to a 80 gauge special, with three bands that costs £80 each.
  13. Interesting Graham, cheers. My local side, Kendal, has Alex Doolan playing at the mo. A Tasmanian Australia A player who looks a bit tasty. Looks to me like there is still some good young talent coming through for both teams.
  14. Invitation accepted, one day I'll join you there. Looks like we play each other for the next six months anyway, so I'll have plenty of chances!
  15. Well, England plyed well enough but not brilliantly, which makes it even worse for Australia, as even with 4 of our bats playing rubbish, we still ended up 3 hundred and odd ahead. For me, Australia needs to put Clarke to no 2, in the hope that he and Rodgers can stay in, as Watson is a walking lbw at the mo, so Rodgers looks like he can never bed down with a partner, he's trying his best to hang around as players come and go. Maybe even Khawaja could join him at two, as he has the talent. When does Warner get back? At least Clarke got a few, unlike our own captain so far. One of those guys will score big. The usual irony is that the Australian tail enders were showing them how to bat at the end. It does look like there is a serious lack of morale in the team. As for England, there are a few guys being carried at the mo, admittedly facing good Australian bowling, that need to get some runs. Dunno who will come in for KP. Credit to Root and Bell, who won us the match, and as usual to Anderson and Swan. Root's innings was a class act, but more bats should have got more on a batters wicket.
  16. Well, I was interested, great reading thanks.
  17. I agree heartily Ken, an no offence was ever taken by me anyway. Likewise, if my posts caused offence, I apologise.
  18. You're right Graham, Ken and I agree on lots of things, and not on others, but I still love him.
  19. I don't really recall being "holier than thou". "Words in peoples mouth"? "gamesmanship", "bending the rules", whichever euphamism, is really cheating. I have no illusion about the sportsmanship, or levels of honesty in any team from any nation, including my own. The crux of my point was that players will no doubt turn to the tech, even if they know the truth, to see if they can get away with it. As you well know, modern sport is all about winning, not playing fair. I know, even from my own teams, the levels that people are happy to cheat (bend the rules...however you would prefer to put it) to win. If you like, I could post you links to acounts from epople like Alec Stuart, who was acustomed to walking, then going to play in Australia and being thoroughly bollocked for walking having nicked one...And I can recall watching England play many internationals over many years, and seeing all players walk. I don't agree with you acusation (via your examples given) that we are the world leaders in gamesmanship...having just done a simple search, I have dredged up examples of dodgy practices from lots of nations, including your own. As for Bob Willis, dunno what he was on about, was there ever any proof or indication of what form this ball tampering took? Is throwing the ball in on the bounce, or jelly babies in your spit ball tampering? Dunno. It affects the ball, so.. Is sledging cheating? As your players are renowned for spewing out out the vilest crap possible to get on top of a batsman. Including Mr Warne. It's interesting and sad that we are talking about this subjective, pointless crap, and not congratulating Root on his beautifuly played innings, or the great form that Bell is in, or the fact that Anderson is surely the best bowler in the world, and Swan possibly the best spinner in the world. Reminds me of Bradley Wiggins, who was clearly head and shoulders above all on a bike, being dogged by rumour of drugs, rather than celebrating his achievement. Froome is now getting the same treatment ( but he is not really English, another form of cheating)? English sport is doing pretty well, in the right way. I hope Westwood finally wins one, which would add to a great period including a succesful Olympics. I too have tried to be rational, rather than telling you what I really think of your rubbish.

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