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  1. Found this in the shop today and was reminded it's FOH anny month. I first signed on 10 FEB 2005; fifteen years, wow. Huge congrats to you mi hermano and all the best to all the crew!
  2. Last smoke of the week in Nicaragua, Monte 2 Especial... cracker!
  3. Monte 2 (OPM ENE 08) and another HC7 Cuba Libre. Monte an unctuous volume of coffee and light cream; the HC7 my go to for a Cuba Libre. Je serais sec si ce n'était pas pour un bon ami canadien.
  4. Thanks amigos; it's been too long. It wouldn't be Havana without Tuerto!
  5. They are superb; why not try one now and see if you have the same experience? You can always lay them down a bit longer. Let me know what you think, please.
  6. El Gato Tuerto You can’t visit Havana and not experience El Gato Tuerto; you can’t go in and NOT come out with a story... First time traveling with the doyen of Aussie wines and second with a purported Conveyance Lawyer, who once did time in Washington, DC, the three of us hit EGT our first night in Cuba. Fantastic musica Cubana in a small club setting. Evening wore on and as jet lag had us knackered, Sir Doyen and I seated at the bar turned to ConLaw, who had been hovering behind us throughout the evening, to suggest we head back to our casa particular. ConLaw not to be found
  7. SLRDC with an HC 7 Cuba Libre on the patio under the stars; uber rich DC.
  8. Didn't want to jack the robusto time thread so started over here... Aussie mates, Punch Joe and I met up with Elena on the patio of the Nacional. Beautiful sweetheart of a Russian woman... But, she directed this invective at me as I meandered through a BBF: "Shut up and smoke!" Gotta love a woman like that.
  9. Hi Mus, Mate, your funds were delivered and Roberto was gobsmacked at your generosity! Thank you immensely on my part as well!! cheers mate
  10. Ken, seriously, Martha Stewart?? As my youngest son would say, "Check your man card, at the door."
  11. Mate, you are amongst the most generous of men. You're help has made a tremendous difference in the lives of many many kids. We definitely need to catch up for smokes in Havana. Muchas gracias hermano!! Ironically, many of the cigars above are older than the kids we'll help.
  12. I know I've been away for a bit, but is this for real... has Smithy taken a job in Colonial Williamsburg???
  13. Greetings all!! Still trying to catch up from my travels abroad, but I'd be amiss if I didn't pop on here sooner than later with an update from last month's trip south… Roberto and his network are still running full tilt. I personally carried the proceeds of Toronto's MegaHerf III to Nicaragua back in January. The money has been put to good use… we now have feeding locations in 15 of the 16 departments(states) in Nicaragua. We're working on the last one. Here are shots from two locales, naturally all the kids got food, and a bit more: I carried a grab bag of Beanie Babies on this jaunt…
  14. I was at that concert when that photo was taken! May 14th, Hershey Park, PA; girl friend arranged it for my birthday. 2hrs:56mins 21 songs 8 encore songs Highlight of the evening… Bruce singing "Surprise Surprise" and my sweetie planting a birthday kiss on me. Gorgeous!

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