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  1. Had many bad ones. The recent ones (2019 box codes) are fantastic.
  2. The Hoyo Double Corona is the only Hoyo I like: cream, walnut ice cram, no woodiness
  3. Sometimes in a Magnum 50. Sometimes also in a D4. I call it old women's perfume or the lavender plague.
  4. Any updates? Do we have a bad year after two good ones?
  5. If there is a Double Corona take the Double Corona
  6. Did the two excellent harvests boost the current production? Are we going to see the return of missed cigars? (SLR DC, Bolivar Corona Gigantes, Punch DC,...)
  7. Both growers agree that the quality of the 2017–2018 crop is outstanding, but Robaina says it isn’t clear how much of the overall tobacco production will survive the extended humidity...

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