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  1. Do the oils really disappear as the humidity gets lower? Are oils and aroma connected to humidity?
  2. No, I didn't. I had problems with mold. So this could be the reason. Do mold infected cigars really smell sour? That's good advice. Thank you. Some of my 8-10 years old cigars tasted sour, flat, boring or way too mild. I thought they were over the peak... I have not seen any mold on my 2013 SLR DCs but thats one of the boxes that smells a bit sour.
  3. I keep some of my cigar boxes in airtight sealed containers. I put the full boxes in fresh and wait a couple of years without humidification. There have been variations in temperature. Unfortunately it gets hot during summer. Does anyone else notice a sour smell when opening such a box? It reminds me of diluted fruity vinegar. The smell is in the cardboard as well as in the cabinet boxes. I once read that MRN recommends oxygen-deficient aging. Do you recommend that you ventilate the cigars before smoking?
  4. Did anyone ever believe this story? 500 million dollars benefit but not able to provide fertilizers to boost business?
  5. Very easy fit me: SLR DC RA Gigantes Punch DC Hoyo DC Monte Double Edmundo Monte 2 Upmann 2 Cohiba Piramide Extra Trinidad Fundadores Juan Lopez 2 If just 5, the first 5
  6. On a side note: I have the impression recent D4s lost their peppery edge and became more "perfumed" and more medium bodied...
  7. Had many bad ones. The recent ones (2019 box codes) are fantastic.
  8. The Hoyo Double Corona is the only Hoyo I like: cream, walnut ice cram, no woodiness
  9. Sometimes in a Magnum 50. Sometimes also in a D4. I call it old women's perfume or the lavender plague.
  10. If there is a Double Corona take the Double Corona
  11. Did the two excellent harvests boost the current production? Are we going to see the return of missed cigars? (SLR DC, Bolivar Corona Gigantes, Punch DC,...)
  12. Both growers agree that the quality of the 2017–2018 crop is outstanding, but Robaina says it isn’t clear how much of the overall tobacco production will survive the extended humidity...
  13. How long is the processing? Will we see a boost of quality as soon as this year?
  14. A vendor once showed me: You can also grab the cigar in the fist (near the head of the cigar) and blow through the foot. If the draw is good you can feel it pulsating
  15. I really hope you are wrong. Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas are essential...
  16. UPDATE: After I cleaned the cigar I put them back in the airtight container. I was unable to decide what to do. Now, 5 months later, I opened the container again and had a look at the cigars. The mold did NOT return! The cigars look clean and pefect. No mold visible. Amazing and also a bit weird.

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