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  1. 2010 RA Gordito de Allones. Smoking nice. RA flavors, with aged qualities...
  2. Yes, not a volume seller outside of connoisseur circles..
  3. A couple of months during the cold winters. I have considerably cut back on smoking cigars over the past several years, to 1 or 2 cigars a week, maybe 3 if it's nice weather and I have the time. Vacation times, usually more. In the previous decade I had smoked 5 to 7 cigars a week, at least. I know what I like now and not experimenting so much. Also, since I'm older I try to take health concerns into account.
  4. Same here. A lot of boxes, I've only ever had a couple. At least from the vendor's I have used. Usually, many boxes get looked at by the wholesalers or at some point in their journey.
  5. Yes, that code is on the new list. Same cigar, Montecristo 2 /25's EBS SEP 20
  6. Maybe this was already talked about. I believe GME is Upman. Sent from my SM-A102U using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, better probability of good boxes of cigars. Also, the cigars seem richer with flavors some years to me from what I've smoked. To me the very highly produced cigars such as D 4's, Monte 2's, 4's were not as consistent some years. I quit buying those cigars for a number of years myself. But smoking cigars is subjective and it's just my thoughts and it's good to hear other's perspective.
  8. O.k. from an old post on the best vintage years. Wondering what your thoughts are on 18, 19 and 20. The cigars I have smoked from last half of 19 through first half of 2020 have been incredible. Monte 2's, 4's, Edmundo, D 4's, BPC, BRC, BBF incredible! They have been very very rich and flavorful. I think they will age well, but were still not quite like the fresh cigars from 08 and 09 which had more tannins and those have aged incredibly. The newer offerings tasted further along comparatively. Honestly some of the best Monte's I've ever smoked. I would put 19 and 20 somewhere in the top 3 for
  9. They missed these boxes. Truly the best cigars and a steal @ $ 10,200.
  10. Yes, premium cigars would be such a low percentage of overall tobacco use. All of us know, that we didn't get into smoking cigars because the boxes and bands look pretty. Wha kid can afford cigars costing between 30 and 60 dollars ? I believe an argument here in the U.S. went for a lesser regulation for premium cigars because they were not all lumped in with all other tobacco products. At least for now..
  11. Is there a link I could read up on what Canadian officials are trying to do here. It seems so ridiculous and sad to me. I'm guessing to not promote smoking to young generations. Not to mention ripe for fakes..

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