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  1. Remarkable indeed ! After 83 votes, 0.06% off of 65/35%.
  2. Nice haul ! It starts like that. 100, 200, 500, 1000, ect.. 😊 I actually just got a box of de Seco too, looking forward to trying one.
  3. LGR OCT 18/Tubos. This is my favorite of the epicures. So flavorful, less pepper and more sugar and more floral than the #2. Definitely a morning or daytime cigar.
  4. How was the QDO Panetela ? What year of production if you don't mind ?
  5. From our host. ART ENE 21. I just received these a week ago and couldn't wait any longer because I've never smoked a wide churchill. Very good ingredients here, just a little muddled and nervous due to my impatience, but will no doubt be a very good cigar with some more down time.
  6. Don't blame you a bit. Looks as ugly as it tasted..
  7. The best Monte 2's, 4's and the twin Edmundos I've ever smoked were wrapped in lighter wrappers. About Colorado Claro. At least to me. Yes, if I'm going to put a cigar down to age, somewhat darker, oily wrappers have done very well. They actually lighten up, slightly in color after some significant time. It's just a matter of preference imo.
  8. Try to get an idea on where and how they were stored. We're they in perfectly maintained conditions in a tabacco shop, a walk in humidor or in boxes on the attic of the guy's barn ? I would consider storage conditions as very important. If it can be proved they were good conditions, I have thought a 100% markup per decade as an appropriate starting point.
  9. I still have only 2 sticks of these in a TEB FEB 08 box. Whoever gets them will really enjoy !
  10. 2010 RA Gordito de Allones. Smoking nice. RA flavors, with aged qualities...
  11. Yes, not a volume seller outside of connoisseur circles..
  12. A couple of months during the cold winters. I have considerably cut back on smoking cigars over the past several years, to 1 or 2 cigars a week, maybe 3 if it's nice weather and I have the time. Vacation times, usually more. In the previous decade I had smoked 5 to 7 cigars a week, at least. I know what I like now and not experimenting so much. Also, since I'm older I try to take health concerns into account.
  13. Same here. A lot of boxes, I've only ever had a couple. At least from the vendor's I have used. Usually, many boxes get looked at by the wholesalers or at some point in their journey.

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