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  1. Most I've seen have been 500 $ plus or so a box. San Juans way less. They are starting to show up on sales though at more reasonable price. San Juan Tubos, 12$ and change a stick. Sale. So at 20+ a stick, I felt De seco, overpriced. Ive never actually smoked one, just the price turned me off honestly. Maybe I've not looked in the right places tho...
  2. I have half a box of 2008 D4's with dark wrappers that tasted like kerosene. I'll have to pull one out and see what happened in last 8 years. Lol
  3. I've had worse luck with 2016 and 17 honestly. 2018 and on a better positive rate. Anyone else ??
  4. What year ? I have LGR JUL 17. They are great, burned all but 3 sticks.
  5. Shame, but here's why imho. This cigar, along with th SS 2, Black Prince, RS 11 and 12's, Petit coronas del Punch. Punch was decimated. So sad, but I feel these deletions were in their plan to make new releases, RE's and LE's and create a rarity of them, charging 2 to 3 times the price. People will pay so much more for new things. One great rating in Cigar Aficionado, and charge big $$. I.e., look at the Rio De Seco. I want to try but cummo'n , but thats just me. So, I like new things too, but a shame the way its gone since the mid 2000's. Chopping almost everything that a lot of regular smokers liked. Classics along with anything under a 50 Rg., save the minutos. PC's, coronas, long and skinnys, unless its Cohiba, poof and gone. I'm sure its all in the #'s, what earns the most $ for the company holders. To hell with any loyalty to the old smokers.... 😡
  6. Bolivar Inmensas. TEB FEB 08. Beautifully, aged Bolivar...
  7. I would say cost is a factor. Portable safety. Also, in my experience, tubed cigars age much slower, but the end result can be incredible if they age for a very long time given they are kept in proper conditions. The presentation is cool. I like to gift tubed cigars. Maybe its why some 50 year old RYJ Churchills can score 99/100 points. If I understood Min Ron Nee correctly, the process of limiting are exchage, i.e. tubos and even varnished cabs, retards the aging process but can result in a better outcome a couple of decades or more down the road. I have seen this with tubed cigars tasting and smelling just as fresh after 5 years as they did new. I once smoked a RYJ Tubos 1 that someone gave me, in an old style tube, telling me their Grandfather had these cigars a couple decades ago, and the very rough looking stick, it did look like an old stick was one of the most delicious Cubans I had ever smoked.
  8. Honestly, I don't really like CC's with much less than 4 or 5 years of age, even with the fact that they are supposedly using 1 to 3 year old tabacco for rolling the cigars. I believe they do not always stick to that guideline, especially following poor growing/crop years. It seems to go in cycles of this and some years tasting far better young than others. I hear 19 and 20, seems like tabacco with some more age and/or quality. I have only smoked a few things from 2019 and none from 2020, so have little for comparison on vintages. RYJ serms to need age, to my liking at least. I have a box of Short Churchills that it took a decade for me to really enjoy. It would be great to hear what other BOTL's know or experienced on these questions.
  9. MAS JUN 08 Lusitanias. I bought 2 x 10's boxes from our host a decade ago/HQ and wrote "Age" on the orange sticker, put the box in ziplock and buried it at the bottom of one of my cooleridors. I debated putting the box on auction with Bond Robert's when that got going to bag at least $30 something a stick. Work has been slow with the outbreak. But, when I opened the ziplock and smelled the lovely, creamy Cuban tabacco with barnyard still present, opening the box to perfectly constructed and very oily double coronas, I could only keep them for myself. I could not afford the current asking prices to replace a box of decade + aged cigars in this size for certain. The same happened with an intact box of BHK 54'S, BTO AUG 12 that was sleeping nearby the Lusi's. The first cigar I took out of the BHK's was difficult to do, especially with what I could have earned from selling them. With all the difficulties recently with Covid 19, seeing a friend that was younger than me pass away from complications from Covid, and opened my mind up to, "life is short, enjoy what you can". I turned 54 in July, "I'm gonna start burning through my stash" as I wish to do. I'm a cigar smoker, and collect really to age at times, then enjoy what I have patiently waited for". I am not into this hobby to make money... Btw, I paid around $300 for the BHK's and $115 for the box of HQ Lusi's, if I remember correctly. Those days seem long gone forever at the current asking prices, that are getting more and more rediculous by the week. I'm not sure who is paying the 35% to 75% increases in some cases. I hear the Asian market has grown significantly, but know the increases are not only from Habanos price increases alone. Sorry for this rambling on, just my thoughts on enjoying life while I can and what the hell happened with the price increases. Now, back to this smoke. I am very glad I did not sell them. Beautiful construction, appearance, aroma at cold and burning, taste and complexity. There is still decent strength here. This is in my top 3 cigars, I smoked this year. 95 +. 😊
  10. Morning El Principe, LGR JUL 17. Great flavor ! I love the San Cristobal flavor profile. They are also very consistent due to smaller production #'s and all being rolled in one location. MUO MAY 14 Coro. 😍
  11. I'd be interested in a Christmas sampler too..

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