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  1. Finally got back from my trip, have a couple of cigar stories to share: 1. Arrived at the LCDH in Marrakech. After exploring the ancient medinas and riding camels in the Sahara, it is refreshing to see such a classy establishment. After admiring the place, I also realize there isn't a single person inside, including staff. Seconds later, hostess walks in, I tell her that I would like to smoke a cigar and would like to choose one from their walk-in humidor. "Uhhh" She replied like she's about to start a difficult conversation "We have no more cigars in our humidor" And I believe
  2. Sorry I don't have any updated stock info. My guess is most likely a no since it came out last year with only 6000 boxes released. I strongly recommend you give them a call before visiting, they are pretty friendly on stock inquiries. Casa Havaneza do Chiado |Largo do Chiado, 25 | Lisboa | Telf. +351 213 420 340
  3. For Lisbon, there is Casa Havaneza in Chiado area and LCDH near the aquarium. You should be able to find most current production cigar and maybe Portugal regionals. In my last trip I failed to find any aged/discontinue/rare stock. I had all my cigars in hotels, restaurants patios, beaches, nothing spectacular. My advice is focus on the sightseeing and the food instead of cigars.
  4. Thank you for everyone's informative feedback. Stay tune for October I'll post a report
  5. Hello guys, Will be going to Gilbraltar soon. My main objective there is to check out different shops for aged/discontinued cigars and perhaps buy a few boxes for myself. For those who have been there, I have a couple questions. 1.From what I read on older posts, people seem to have most of their shopping done at the LCDH, are there any other shops worthy of checking out? 2.What is the strategy to buy more than 50 cigars there? Is it similar to Andorra where I book a hotel outside of the border and make multiple trips in and out of the city? 3.Any other activities (sights
  6. Left. Would love to see if they react to aging differently. Please make a long term review - smoke one from each box every 3 months to see how they differ in taste
  7. Ended up @ Carnegie's because it is opened earlier, will visit Hudson later this weekend if I have a chance. Thanks everyone for your suggestions
  8. Thanks @wade1979, do you know if you can smoke your own cigars there?
  9. Visiting NYC this Friday. I am sad to learn that my favorite cigar lounge Wall Street Humidor has recently closed down. I am wondering if anyone has other cigar lounge recommendations? If close to Line 1 that would be a plus
  10. If you plan on switching the cartridges often, use a tweezer instead of your fingers. If the phono wires are damaged on the Rega you probably need to replace the whole set of wires which is a pain to do so. I currently have the Denon 103 (for vocal) and 301 MK2 (for jazz) on the rotation. The DL110/160 is nice too. Benz Glider is magical if your budget (and your phono stage) allows
  11. I was on a similar cruise a couple years ago, agreed with above poster, save your purchases at Gibraltar. For other destinations just enjoy the scenery and the food/wine
  12. I used a combination of AirBnb and for my accomodations in my last trip to Cuba. I had more luck with as it returns more search results and the hosts repond me much quicker. I think you pay a little less if you book a casa particular in the traditional way (contacting the owner directly), but AirBNB definitely saves you alot of time.
  13. I got stopped at HAV security checkpoint as well for my 100 customs as well. Lucky Alex provided me a factura, but still they took their time asking me questions and verifying if the factura is legit, almost missed my flight.
  14. I'd suggest Andorra, a little hard to access but it is worth the drive.

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