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  1. » Something Cute and Bubbly. » » OK, wheres the REAL car? This one is just the spare.:-|
  2. » » Brisbane babes rock! » » » » And finally our fearless leader, cigar in mouth, drink in one hand, and » just do the math where that second hand is heading!!!!: » » » Looks like you were enjoying some STEAMED CLAMS on this trip
  3. » » » » » » Soloman Island iPod - Good one Lisa. He actually looks like "why is he taking my picture? - crazy turistas!"
  4. » in response to duckguy´s question about our pm, i am wondering what our » american members think would happen if the presendential race was down to » condi and hillary. » will hillary run and what chance, whether or not condi is in the race? » who are the most likely republican candidates? In my opinion, it would of course have to be Condi... BUT, Hillary will probably get in front because us Americans have such a short attention span that we have already forgotton that we were supposed to lose all respect for Hillary due to her husbands wonderful performance (she would have had a better chance if she divorced him) in the White House (do you think they were CUBAN cigars, used to stimulate Ms. Lewinsky:-P ) Personally, I think Sean Hannity should run, but it will be Senator George Allen (R-VA) that takes it... or maybe Rudy Juli. Average of All Major Polls Republican % Condoleezza Rice 26.10% Rudolph Giuliani 21.90% John McCain 19.25% George Allen 8.42% Jeb Bush 8.07% Newt Gingrich 7.81% Fred Thompson 4.33% Bill Frist 4.09% Mitt Romney 2.98% Tom Tancredo 2.00% The Latest Poll OCRP Poll - conducted Mar 12-13, 2006 Republican % Condoleezza Rice 36% George Allen 16% John McCain 10% Rudolph Giuliani 7% Newt Gingrich 6% Bill Frist 6% Mitt Romney 2% Sam Brownback 2% Mike Huckabee 1% Chuck Hagel 1% George Pataki 1%
  5. Holly ****.» » » » .....And Sleazier... » » » » ....And Sleazier Still....he even accused the girl on the left of » pinching his backside » » » Well, my wife tells me that if I go to this shindig next year, shes gonna leave me... God, I'm gonna miss her.
  6. » » Looks like SOMEBODY in the Cuba took the HOOKT on E-Bonix class offered in the north.
  7. » Hi Guys » » I will be going off line until Sunday afternoon your time when I touch » down in Vegas :-D » » I will talk to you all than and looking forward to meeting everyone that » can make it to Vegas and New York. » Getting excited » OK, ya know I would love to go straight over to HELL to meet you in person, but you arent IN HELL, your in VEGAS!! Its TOO FRIGGIN DAMN HOT IN VEGAS! Let me know if you ever get to hell, I'll come for a visit.
  8. Not having read the review in CA, I cannot be swayed one way or another. Damn Good Cigar! Cant beat it... got a load from the prez and was going to do a review in a few months after I enjoyed at least 10 of them, but here is a preview. Damn Good Cigar! Hmmm, did I say that already? Nice peppery smooth spicy... with a hint of DAMN GOOD CIGAR!! I like to kiss um & lick um for a 1/2 hour first though, it gets the toung all puckereed up. OH, I do that to the cigars too sorry, I'm just a little biased towards BBF's. Hey, I know, get a box, no 2 boxes and smoke the hell out of um.
  9. » Could someone....besides Ken...please post OK, I am off to a small, pitiful island just a couple dozen miles from our lovely left coast here shortly. I will post whatever lacky pescadora that I can ketch. Oh yeah, I am taking an arm load of your fine stock with me, my trusty prez. You may be getting an email from some of my shipmates! This is a corporate trip with the largest Title co. in the US! We Work. We Smoke. We Drink. ...then we do it again.
  10. » Any one know where I can buy (at fair market price) a box of larger sized » Opus X? Email me at » » Yeah, I know. They aren't Habanos but I love 'em. ;-) Hey, fellow local, just make the drive to Vegas:-| to the mirage and buy a box! But, the Anejo's are far better. & Palm Desert tabco has them @ $15 the stik!
  11. » We have our FOH Guyabera's almost ready. Great high quality Black Linen » Guyabera's. » OK, it looks like theres a bunch of tiny ******* in here Mr. Prez.:cool: I am a XXX-L & what the fux a Guyabera ?? & I want 2.
  12. » In the words of Krusty the Clown....OOOOHOOHOOOOHOOOOH :crying: Man, all my asses are kicked! :crying: I was too sportin a nice 22% up, but friggin MSFT fux up by a lousey penny & its down like $5 **** dollars! the bastards. SIRI is looking good at the $3.50 range, (got another 2K) but its up today in the $4s again. XMSR took a ****, it looks real good at the $15 range, unless the satalites fall out of the sky! Howz about Halliburton, trikyDickChaney always makes $$$$$$
  13. » There can be cachet in owning a home where famous people lived -- or even » died. » » "Has anyone died here lately?" is not the sort of thing buyers blurt out » at open houses. » » As North America's housing stock gets older, chances increase that » somebody died within the walls of many homes. » » But not everyone is able to sleep soundly once they learn that a death -- » particularly a murder or suicide -- happened in their home. » » The house in Beverly Hills in which Lyle and Erik Menendez killed their » parents with shotguns in 1989 lost more than $1 million in value when it » was sold. But the 15th-floor apartment at 1040 Fifth Ave. in Manhattan » that was home to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis -- and the place where she » died in 1994 -- is by no means stigmatized. Rather, it connotes glamour » and style (and is currently on the market for $32 million). In 1995 the » apartment was sold to its current owner for $9.5 million. » » - Cigars with legendary Cuban names have always had great cachet in south » Florida. But what's being smoked? There is a booming market in counterfeit » high-end cigars such as Montecristos and H. Upmanns. » » These traditional brands are still produced in Cuba but in the late 1990s, » Fort Lauderdale-based Altadis USA bought the trademark rights for the primo » cigars from the families that used to produce them in Cuba. Altadis now » makes the brands in the Dominican Republic. Prior to that, the company » produced the cigars under licence from the families. » » Because a box of 25 Montecristo cigars can command as much as $250 US, » Altadis has found there are plenty of imitators who produce their cigars » with poorer quality tobacco, slap fake cigar bands on them and package » them in boxes that are similar to the real thing. » » - Plenty of jobs, but flat pay. That's the word from a survey of 50 U.S. » companies that hire an abundant load of summer workers. » » Of 50 employers, including such outfits as pizza chains and movie » theatres, 84 per cent indicated that they'll have either the same number » or more jobs available this summer than last. » » But only about a quarter, 28 per cent, said they expect they'll need to » pay more than a year ago. » » According to the survey, 16 per cent said they see a decline in teenage » applicants, and 36 per cent said they plan to target older applicants this » summer. » » "Older workers, from recent college graduates to senior citizens, have a » record of experience that is attractive to employers," said Shawn Boyer, » founder and CEO of Inc., a Richmond, Va.-based job site that » queried the companies. » » "And very often, employers are willing to pay extra for that experience." » » - There's no such thing as a free lunch -- or birthday cake -- says a » recent survey by staffing service OfficeTeam, which polled 100 senior » Canadian executives. » » More than 80 per cent of those polled said employees are asked by peers to » contribute money to pay for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, » baby showers and retirements, at least once a year. » » More than one-fifth said they receive donation requests monthly. » » "Employees often pool resources to plan informal events to acknowledge » personal milestones like staff birthdays or weddings," said OfficeTeam » executive director Diane Domeyer. » » "No one wants to appear a poor sport for not contributing, but when » requests are made too frequently, employees may feel tapped out." » » She suggested companies do their part by leaving room in the budget for » recognition events. um, whuuutt?? :-|
  14. » Where's my Northern California brothers? » » Right here in Bishop!, skyuse me, but Bishop is Easter Cali. Oh, Speaking of the far east, Here I sit, atop the hill in East Highland Ranch, overlooking the all and the ugly of the Inland Empire, thinking to myself... Damn, this is a good cigar!
  15. I did just that, I bought the larger humidor for aging, then another for smoking, then another for asthetics (very nice, may I add) then I stuffed them with some nice aged stock from the Prezz... may I just take a moment here to say JEEZUS KRYST those '01 8-9-8s were / ARE friggin tasty as I have ever had!!... & the '00 Robainas too! :-D ok, I'm back now, oh yeah, get a few boxes of aged goodies, maybe have a sampler made up? then fill the slim areas of your humees to include a variety to age for yourself. then start pickin away at your inventory (I suggest at least 200-500 to start) I workin the room Prez, or what? Oh, WHEN you get the nice aged boxes from your favorite supplier ;-) dont forget to let them sit for a few weeks. You will not be dissapointed, my friend. After a few years, all along you have filled the larders with fine stock, you can go pick up a few new sticks & compare them to your aged stock. Sound good? Well, its that easy.

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