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  1. I wish my friend! Flying out tomorrow for a 3 day grind. Would much rather be rocking with Jon and the boys!! A fellow BOTL, and business acquaintance who lives in Murfeesboro recommended the same smoke shop, market square? it may have been previously called Liquid Smoke, I recall him saying they opened a new shop next door. I will check it out. The Mrs and I were in Nashville last weekend , her favorite restaurant is The Cheese Cake Factory. Afterwards... she shops, and I go next door to Uptown Smoke. They have a great selection of premium cigars. I don't ask what she spent, and conversely... niether does she! Enjoy!
  2. Hello to all! Stumbled upon Rob's videos and decided to join. Looking forward to building some great relationships, and learning from ya'll about these elusive cigars... 90 nautical miles south of us. Thanks for having me, Trainer

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