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  1. I would tell the other big online vendors who this person is to make them aware.
  2. BrightonCorgi

    Short Term Box Storage - Fridge?

    A big Nay for me. Keep room temperature. Put in a ziplock bag or better yet vacuum seal. Can wrap well in cello film as well.
  3. BrightonCorgi

    They just keep coming

    Sure someone would like them without the bands (like me). Something unique!
  4. Juan Lopez and Punch Punch are the most improved cigars in the last two years. Honorable mention for Mag 46
  5. BrightonCorgi

    If you did it over again...

    I am happy with the glass. Never had a humidification issue. Water tank can last for month or longer.
  6. BrightonCorgi

    If you did it over again...

    Inlays on the four exposed sides of the cabinet. Perhaps an exotic wood choice? I have natural cherry. Looks nice and all that, but some crazy ass wood would be neat.
  7. The Montreal LCDH has an immense selection of Regionals as well.
  8. It's pretty hard to find Canadian regional's outside of Canada.
  9. BrightonCorgi

    Whiskey decanters and decanting

    They do aerate wine, but is not a substitute for wine in a decanter. Somethings, only a decanter and time can do.
  10. BrightonCorgi

    New Cutter

    Doesn't sound expensive to me at $110. What's a Davidoff Scissor cost? At least double that.
  11. Not in Canada... CoRo must cost a little more than one of these RE's
  12. BrightonCorgi

    Wrapper color

    Without a reference shade reading, it would be hard to know for sure years later.
  13. BrightonCorgi

    Kickbacks in La Habana

    I'd ask for a receipt for the standard price, but kick backs & tips are common in countries where the wage isn't so high.
  14. BrightonCorgi

    The Good Oil....

    Is that the box you are sending me?
  15. I had about 30 or so Padrinos from VR farm and stored them in an empty Lusi cab. As they dwindled down I moved them into an empty Bolivar Especiales RE box. I think I have like 4-5 left. I have also used a Monte A box for such cigars as well.

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