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  1. Why complicate things with separate humidity & temps based on where the cigar came from? Sounds like making something out of nothing. 63-65% RH and the cooler the better as long as you can maintain the RH. Normal room temps are fine, but if you are able to use cellar temps, even better.
  2. I've seen retails have a higher humidity in the walk in, retail ready cigars, and a lower humidity in their long term storage room (along with lower temps). I think the consumer likes to "feel" the humidity of the walk in and know they are walking into a special place to pick their cigars.
  3. The biggest issue with older Alfa's (and any Italian car of that era) - RUST. Wasn't until early 90's that Italian marques started galvanizing cars.
  4. I am big Alfisti, loved the marque since I was a kid. Plan on buying a 4C this season. Use to own a GTV6. Was member of local Alfa owner's group, friends with best Alfa mechanics in my locale. Here's a shot of a Mario Andretti signed Alfa GTV6 ad I had him sign to me. Hangs in my office, next to my desk:
  5. I would not pick that box out if they were real. Pretty awful looking wrappers for a Cohiba.
  6. Don't be so concerned on what any particular Habanos you like now is going to taste like in 10-20 years. Buy the cigars you like, and smoke them when you get to them. Kill the box in a month, wait until 2040... They were rolled for you to smoke and enjoy. The offer different profiles at different stages of maturity. Old does not always mean better; certainly different. 20 years from now, smoking may be so verboten, that any cigar could be like a gift from the Lord directly to you.
  7. I have commercial Zoom and WebEx accounts. Indifferent to one or the other.
  8. That's the coolest serious diving watch IMO. The bracelet for that model is incredible looking too. Do you also have that?
  9. Here's a picture of what the Culatello looks when sliced along with a picture of mixed salami's I cut for dinner last night.
  10. I look for a tannic and punchy quality to cigar. A core of flavors with raw a edge. Has the stuffing to age and not taste like rice paper 15 years later. Then on the other side, I buy cigars I like and have already had at different stages of "aged" and I am just going to buy them regardless if they age or not. The former are for cigars I bought one box of and then bought more. One cigar that recently fits the criteria of tannic and punchy are the a Spanish Regional Gloria Cubana D No.5's. Not only are they great candidate to age; they don't cost a banker's mint.
  11. I'd still go as the island is a blast. As @El Presidente mentioned, bring your own cigars & it's a casual place. The beach can get packed, but the water is gorgeous and night life is energetic. My perspective may be a little jaded since the island is part of my family's story. Everything is walking distance. Make sure to try the fresh fruit juices offered. There is a tequila specialty store that allows you to sample any tequila. There are several fancy ones that are not well known or imported to the US. There are some Isla Mujere's forums that could offer some lodging recommendations. The only "must have" an accommodation needs is AC. Custom jewelry is big on the island. Want a copy of that Van Cleef's or Chrome Heart's piece? They can do that in a few days.
  12. My parents lived there for 20+ years part time. The island is a victim of its success. There are no good cigar shops and only one I saw that had anything remotely authentic. So many fakes you'd have a laugh. Do not buy any cigars there. Even the illegal drugs are awful... Be careful plugging your phone in. Make sure you have a surge protector. Only things worth your hard earned cash are silver, gems, and tequila. Go to The Mexican Navy PX; has Don Julio at beyond give away prices. I paid like $13 a bottle or something like that. Do not go to Chichen Itza. They'll tell you it's a like a half hour bus ride and it's more like 2+. Total scam. If you walk straight through island to back side there is a good outside food court where all the locals do business. Best deal for food. If you get off the ferry looking at the island, straight ahead or to the left is most happening part to stay in.

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