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  1. The vanity & self adulation of virtue signaling is more important than the impact of the resulted policies called for.
  2. Some will have musty and woodsy notes others can be papery and much there. The nicotine doesn't ever seem to go down. I take the musty and woodsy due to slow form mold and decomposing tobacco. I like those flavors in a cigar. I could be totally off why they taste like that. The papery light is just the end state of aging; a little too long. The only common theme I see in aged cigars 20+ years are the aftertaste is cleaner and room is less "stinky"; more perfumed smoke odor.
  3. I love the fancy quartz Swiss watches. They've become additionally collectable too from Breitling, Rolex, IWC and Omega. Does that Breitling have two movements? I have a X33 with a hand and digital movement. Both are quartz and independent. Pain setting the time and eventually they are not in sync. I too like Titanium and like not winding. See you have both accomplished as well.
  4. Before 2000, all the Chateau series cigars were attainable, but expensive back then! Only smoked a couple and I forget which line it was.
  5. I've come to realize the cigar smoking in a lonesome hobby by and large. Social clubs in the States are mostly non-existent and very few in our country have any place to go and smoke/socialize walking distance from their house. @GoonerCity Not sure you heritage, but clubs like Sons of Italy are good for cigar smoking. They often have little regard to local smoking laws since it's a "private club". A local chapter near me was never closed during Covid. People were smoking, drinking like usual through the whole pandemic. Then there are yacht and golf clubs which can both be
  6. Only had fakes ones as gifts from friends over the years. Never purchased a fake.
  7. Don Carlos has been my favorite AF line of cigars. Hemingway's are fun when fresh. Some of Opus smoke at a snail's pace.
  8. Two lighters worth fixing up
  9. Check your local Craigslist, they come up for sale.
  10. Can never have enough Juan Lopez No. 2's or Bolivar RC's.
  11. I've had old Cuban Bacardi before for in the States. Must've been 25 years ago. Friend was cleaning out an elderly woman's condo the Cape and given the all the liquor.... Right next to the Cutty Sark that Kennedy's may have taken a swig from.
  12. I've spent the last 3 weeks on Cape Cod and a lot of people I know around my age do not want the vaccination and will wait until full FDA approval at a minimum.
  13. LCDH series were fun, but probably cost heck lot now and they are that good...

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