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  1. One should not wear a smoking jacket outside of the house. Smoking jackets are offered to guests, not worn to the event.
  2. Airing out is a no-brainer. Steaming works great to freshen & soften wrinkles, but not everyone has a garment steamer. Ash holes are more worrisome to me. I am slob with ash.
  3. That is totally baller. Very cool. What ring gauge is that designed for? Looks like it's for corona?
  4. I sold a bunch of BTC and plan to buy it again when it goes below 30K.
  5. As @El Presidente said, pack or "hide" them with your furniture or whatever is being shipped.
  6. Soon, authorities will want to re-home children of smokers or make smokers register in a national database. Next they'll go after the overweight as tobacco users are being vanquished.
  7. Not exactly wine or booze, but wine related... A claret pitcher. I believe from early 20th century. Been wanting one for a bit and it's really over the top. Gives pouring wine a hedonistic touch. I have a couple mid 19th century decanters and late 18th century funnel, but a claret pitcher has been on my radar for a while.
  8. In locales where the government determines tobacco prices, there could be a positive price adjustments. Fingers crossed.
  9. Those businesses I mentioned are very tight margin retailers. Not everyone is trying to sell as low as possible.
  10. I don't expect any retailers or food vendors to lower their prices when shipping costs go down. Places like Walmart, super markets, and Costco would be it.
  11. Nothing like owning or working at the most niche of businesses and throw out a dwindling customer base because of your own vanity. He could've turned that around into additional sales, but decided to be reactionary and predatory.

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