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  1. That pool is amazing for sure. I like Crasto wines better than their ports.
  2. I had a Dupont table lighter, but sold it a long time ago. I hardly ever see them. Looked like the regular silver plate lighters but much longer.
  3. Well, there's no gigs for anyone these days... We also had a set of Marimba's in the house. I think they went one my first cousins. He sold the vibes about 10 years ago. I think the motor needed to be replaced. Such a cool instrument and impressive to watch being played. I took piano lessons for 13 years and can't play a tune 😔
  4. California Cabs don't get much better than this. Almost 40 years old and still going strong. Cork was barely penetrated and looked like from a 10 year old wine. Super impressive and a real treat. Been waiting a while to drink this one with those who'd appreciate it. A magnum at that!
  5. Playing chords with 3-4 sticks in each hand was very impressive.
  6. My dad use to play the vibes professionally and we had the same in our house. He use to study with Gary Burton a very long time ago.
  7. How about a case or few of wine? Plenty of wine choices in both dry and fortified that would be a good heirloom and or something to drink over the decades.
  8. The government will use this current situation to reinforce existing policies.
  9. Do they cost more than the same size Habanos? I thought they were similarly priced? Tobacco quality is on par and the Davidoff's have better construction.
  10. They're terrific cigars by any measure. The whole Winston Churchill series are great.
  11. A friend got suckered into buy 4 bottles of fake Yamazaki 12, on Cape Cod last week. It sells for $150-200 in my locale (according to friend) and the liquor store had them for $99. After he opened the first one, he said it tasted like the cheapest booze you wouldn't give a homeless person. Liquor store said they would refund him the unopened bottles and $50 back on the open. Further inspection he said the label weren't sharp as he recalls them being.
  12. Orange wines have an oxidized taste that is not to everyone's liking. I think that may attribute to its color?
  13. The Winston Churchill is a winner every vintage it comes out. 2008 is on the young side, no? Epic vintage across the board for '08 Champagne. Shafer is a classic. Never had that vintage, but I bet it was good.
  14. Ordered some Antico's. Looking forward to them.

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