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  1. The tobacco looks well cured looking at the ash.
  2. Good round number. If at 10 years and it's still nothing; at least it's worth a bit and can sell then. Don't most smoke their cigars with around a decade or more age?
  3. What do you think he charges? Hourly plus mileage and sales? Neat idea. Could get around a lot grey area lounge laws.
  4. I'd wait a decade on those. Don't be so quick to sell them just yet.
  5. I have the leather strap for my Auto Fliegler with deployment strap and don't like it much. The bracelet on both Fliegler's are the way to go.
  6. As along as the wine is "flavory"... To have a wine of this quality at $17 retail is no easy task. Pacheca Reserva is another competitive one at that price I like.
  7. This is a recent release by Broadbent Selections; 2018 Broadbent Douro Reserva. Excellent wine at under $20 USD (I paid around $16). Elegant and light on its feet with a lovely nose of orange blossoms. Classy wine that is not over the top or over done. One of the first Douro reserva's I can think of with a screw cap. Definitely a case buy.
  8. They'll age, albeit a little slower. Depends how air tight the wrap is. I like to check them out before storing. Just in case there is an issue with the cigars.
  9. Rolling your own cigars! The coolest guy on the forum today!
  10. A co-worker of mine has a vineyard in PA - That could give you an idea of what he and his wife are making. Look at some of the wines that Barboursville Vineyards make. They are VA's greatest vineyard. Their Octagon is an American blue chip and I would venture to say VA's greatest wine. I would consider doing a nerdy sought after style like a Solera on NV wine as done in Rhone. Can be bottled as needed.
  11. I wasn't a big Hoyo DC fan until about 5-6 years ago. They revamped line and quality is better than 10+ years ago. I am indifferent to Lusi's and like Punch better. It would be the Hoyo that I would buy a 50 cab of if current production. Been waiting to see one that looks the business to buy.

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