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  1. Some heavy hitting Italian classics on that wine list. They're not messing around, but that looks to be a fancy place you are staying.
  2. There were plenty of great cigars from that era, but were all bought and/or smoked way back then. I had plenty of great boxes bought during that time, but the left overs are not worth the dice roll for the reasons you state. Maybe there's a good cab of DC's out there, but a pricey gamble if not buying in person.
  3. And curing techniques. The tannins have been minimized across the board for Habanos and I think that plays a major part of how it ages carries strength.
  4. Mag46, Punch Punch, Fonseca No. 1, & JL No. 2 would fit the bill best dollar for dollar cigars of the last decade. Price to quality is quite high for all four
  5. Totally agree with introducing a new character than bastardize 007. New character could be even cooler, but leave 007 as has been. She better be driving an Aston or Lotus.
  6. Gin smells like a homeless person in need of a bath. Can't stand it. I like cooking with juniper berries though. Cigars: PLPC, don't get them; PL regionals have been good to me. Other: German cars; not into them beyond some models made 25+ years ago and an odd Porsche here or there...
  7. Not making a purchase or a visit an experience. Most cigar shops are not super busy, so why not put the extra effort into the customers that are walking in? I went to a big local cigar shop in Waltham, MA once to buy fluid for my lighter; possibly other stuff too. I happen to be on my bike and walked into the store at 10 AM. He said I could not bring my bike into their empty store. Now, I will not ever go into that store nor would I buy anything from them; even if they were giving it away. When someone comes in with bike; they are not browsing... A little accommodation can go a long way.
  8. Behike's, Sir Winstons, Esplendidos, Anything decent size in 50 cab, books, humidors. How about a master case of something fun?
  9. I wish they'd offer some. I had some cabs of PL DC's in candela wrapper from the late 50's that looked awesome. Sold them and did not have a chance to smoke one; too pricey for me at the time.
  10. Any decent size cigar in 50 cab like HdM DC's would be neat.
  11. Have you ever ordered a box of cigars and received a totally different box than ordered? I did once about dozen years ago. I ordered JL No. 2 and got Upmann Conn. instead. I mentioned to the vendor I got the wrong box and am happy keeping the Upmann's instead. They were fine with it.
  12. I travel with each cigar rolled in cellophane; the cigars stay humid for weeks and they don't get damaged. I unroll them when I get home and put back in their boxes.

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