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  1. You could try an wine/liquor auction house like Acker, Zachy's, HDH, or Skinner.
  2. The vast majority of my cooking in the WSM, I remove the water pan and crank it up as high as I can get it. It's essentially a wood fired oven than a smoker. The higher heat doesn't smoke the meat as much and the higher temps yield a better texture on the surface. Not to mention quicker cooking times. Brisket or butt, then I'll do the traditional smoking temp ranges, but that is not so often I cook either.
  3. The dot could be which fluid is needed. Dupont's are color coded so you know which canister to buy. It's usually a ring inside around the fill nozzle. That style is usually green if not mistaken.
  4. Tobacco smoke in general is smelly and most see it as a horrible habit so there is never any push back on tobacco laws; warranted or not. Kids know tobacco in its most recognized formats (cigs, cigars, etc...) are bad. I don't think we need to combat that more than it is. I am for letting people make bad choices with the life and health, but... Vaping on the other hand... Needs more regulation. I heard on the radio the other day, you can get meth in vap pens now.... Yikes.
  5. The only deals may be on some discounted women's hand bags or a special deal on liquor or wine.
  6. When the valve cover is unscrewed, is there a colored ring? If it's an old light the odds are in your favor for authenticity. Then again and old lighter is probably leaking and needs a $90 service... I hate to say it, but the fake ones are just as nice in terms of construction. They may not be silver plate, lacquer, etc... They ping and work and feel just the same. A friend growing up with me use to run ST Dupont. He created all the 007 product lines.
  7. Was great time. The Angus Barn has a 1 lb hamburger, not to mention all the seafood and steaks one would expect. They prepare about 10K steaks a week! Plenty of area for cigar smoking. Can't wait to try the 109 @prodigy put his 5 pack!

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