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  1. I smoked two for you yesterday; JL No. 2 and Upmann No. 2. Something is bound to happen now... As hard as it is to see, think of your situation now as an opportunity.
  2. Donatella Ferreira was one of the biggest land owners and real power players back in the day in Portugal.
  3. That should be a good one. I have '94 Ferreira LBV that is still young. Ferreira may be some of the longest live ports. Never a brute, but can somehow just keep going and going. Their tawny's are among my favorites.
  4. There are actual pipes used for cigars that were popular in the 1920-30's. You can see them being used in movies from that era.
  5. What if she just quit smoking cigarettes to begin with or went with a nicotine gum?
  6. Partagas is too much of a shadow of its former self, or at least in my mind. The EL's and Reserva's are great, but they just don't get me excited as when I first started smoking cigars. I figured Upmann would get the least votes. Nice to see that. I can see many votes for R&J, but they've turned the marca around big time in the last few years.
  7. Swapping one chemical "smoke" for another another... I don't see any benefit. Either quit smoking or not. Vape is just "smoke and mirrors" that everyone can make a quick buck on until the reality sinks in.
  8. 1. How your team will go this season. - Patriots, another Championship season 2. Superbowl Champions - Patriots 3. The team which which will be the dark horse.....the most improved. - Not sure 4. First coach to be fired. - Not sure
  9. If you can't sell Punch cigars, might as well call it a day
  10. Between what you state, the high rent district the LCDH Montreal is in, and general lack of business at the location. I can't see how they are going to stay in business unless they own the building. Davidoff use to be a few doors down and they closed a while back.
  11. She'd hate my neighborhood. It's mostly Brazilian around here and everyone has Brazilian BBQ's going in their yards. Smell like grilled meat in every direction. Sometimes I can't stand it as it makes me friggin' hungry! If you don't like kids, don't move to a family neighborhood... She does sound like a nutcase.
  12. Not that big on Cognac as I use to be. Prefer Irish Whiskey or Dark Rum if I want a spirit with a cigar. Champagne and Madeira are two favorite alcohol's with a cigar.

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