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  1. BrightonCorgi

    Box of the Day

    Save me a cab of Bolivar Silver Jubilee please!
  2. Just take the money unless I was on the last third of my career and then a championship becomes more important
  3. BrightonCorgi

    Question About Popularity of LCDH Cigars

    SCDH series were interesting. The first run was the best in think '07? Neat cigars. Ive been out of them for a a few years. I think all the LCDH "exclusives" have been good at a minimum.
  4. BrightonCorgi

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Tough choice, but I'd buy the 20 for similar money.
  5. BrightonCorgi


    I expect big things happening at Alfa F1 this season. They could be "the best of the rest" this season. Here's the betting odds for 2019 so far:
  6. BrightonCorgi

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    Sleep apnea has been around as long as any other ailment, but just wasn't recognized. Suffers just lived with it. Stories on snoring go back as far as stories are recorded. These conditions were just accepted as a normal way of life. Think of everything else that humans suffered with that has been cured, reduced, or alleviated today. We lived that for 1,000's of years!
  7. BrightonCorgi

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Taylor 20 is great. One of the best easy to find 20's out there.
  8. Cabinet cigars will have a much less spanish cedar. Not sure what the boxes are made of, but it's a neutral wood. Could be mold in the cedar that negatively impacts her? I'd imagine old boxes may may lose some of the allergen over time. Stay away from tubo cigars lol. Cardboard packaging could be the way to go. Those are the most round cigars available and no cedar.
  9. BrightonCorgi

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    The RA and QdO sound like must buys. 55 gauge Monte?? Not so excited on that one. Another Monte Sublime or a Monte Diadema/Salomones would've been more exciting.
  10. BrightonCorgi

    Are you a GoT lover?

    Big fan of the series and can't wait for the new episodes.
  11. BrightonCorgi

    What would you have done?

    Silence or a general "enjoy them" is all I would offer. I am not out to rain on someone's parade. Not going to pump his tires either... If they ask me as someone may know a thing or two on cigars; that's different.
  12. BrightonCorgi

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    I take a those most nights and it's helped with my sleep.
  13. BrightonCorgi

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    I am in the same boat...
  14. BrightonCorgi

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    You could be shredded at 5'8" and 220, would you still be obese? Traditional BMI scales do not take muscle mass into account. President Trump and Tom Brady have similar height and weight yet look totally different. Only one is on the obese side.
  15. Next they'll make it illegal to sell matches or lighters unless it has a pot leaf on it.

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