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  1. Too many have been humiliated and hurt for so long with such terms. Just an awful & abhorrent term to infer something was manned; it so lacks inclusiveness. Manned should be considered hate speech.
  2. Within 6 months of box code I like BBF's, Monte No. 3, a bunch of stuff in tubos.
  3. I think there is only 20-30 boxes sealed in my cellar. Gets too humid down there not to seal them.
  4. How are you defining "fresh off-the-shelf"? Year, half year, or a month from today's date?
  5. I plan to open all my sealed boxes and and reseal them. Wouldn't hurt to just take a look.
  6. Is there any concern with ammonia not being able to escape in a plastic sealed box over the years or decades?
  7. I haven't had the new ones, but old line up are way too grassy for me. Like a fresh cut lawn.
  8. Most likely you may pick this box. It was a promoted "PSP" box. The cigars look the part, but smoke like a joke. I've never had a Diplomatico No. 2 that has ever been something to write home about. I'd put it at as the worst of the production Piramides for last two decades or so.
  9. Why bother even talking about box codes if that is the sentiment?
  10. The box code is RAT JUL 20. I'd stay clear of that box code.
  11. Vegueros cigars are overly grassy tasting if you want something affordable to try.
  12. Not very popular in the US; they never really caught on. Rare to see someone with them here. I know they are popular in Switzerland. A lot of value for the workmanship.
  13. I had a PSP Dip 2 a friend gave me. Work of art. Couldn't look any better. Was so hard to pull, it got tossed into the trash. His was also a tent peg too.

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