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  1. BrightonCorgi


    I have had great luck with Revisado boxes, but haven't seen one in a long time. Take it as a plus. The way I see it; it was inspected a 2nd time by a professional in Cuba!
  2. BrightonCorgi


    You're lucky to be invited to Port events. All these wines I mention, I just drink at my house with a friend or two. We've done a few proper tastings here, but it's been many years since the last one.
  3. Anything Lancero gets my vote.
  4. BrightonCorgi

    What would you do?

    Management knows this guy is selling fake cigars. I would've said I brought my own, but thanks for the offer and a cigar!
  5. BrightonCorgi


    I had a Ferreira from around 1850 about a decade ago and friend's Christmas party. Was in fantastic shape. Ferreira is one of the longest lived ports. Never a block buster, but can sit a plateau for what seems an eternity. 1842 Grahams is listed as "Probably" a vintage and 1847 "Produced & Sold" according "Port Vintages" by Juilian Wiseman (considered the reference to vintage ports).
  6. BrightonCorgi

    Let\'s talk about watches:

    GMT is a useful feature.
  7. So the next time I am in Israel, I'll bottle up a 6 pack of Jesus' water and sell for my airfare...
  8. BrightonCorgi

    Beautiful morning

    I'd walk into the hotel first set of doors to light the cigar. What are going to do, kick me out? It's too windy. Luckily there's plenty of indoor smoking bars and restaurants in OKC.
  9. BrightonCorgi

    New release: Cohiba RE F12

    Does anyone know who owns this car? I bet someone here does. Small world for someone as passionate as the owner of this Ferrari. I would've went larger on the font and detail to make it more relative to the scale of the car. I'll be really impressed if he has an ashtray installed.
  10. BrightonCorgi

    Beautiful morning

    I use to work in OKC and could barely ever a get a cigar lit outside. It's windy constantly, all year. Plenty of threatening clouds to round it all out.
  11. How are the most recent boxes looking? I'd like to pick up a dress box of something current.
  12. BrightonCorgi

    Heart vs trophy

    I need to see a picture of the poster before I decide if they're heart worthy... In all seriousness. If I learned something it's a trophy, if I like it, it's a heart, but could be trophy.
  13. BrightonCorgi

    So, what are your recent acquisitions?

    Should be tremendous and British bottled. '70 was probably the last good Noval until they restructured.
  14. BrightonCorgi


    Did pretty well...
  15. BrightonCorgi

    Chanceschmerr STW - Singapore

    The cigar shop at the Regent Hotel has the best selection you can imagine. There's another cigar shop on Scott's down the street from the Regent that is pretty good too. I use to go the Hilton after work to the cigar lounge on 2nd floor. Half price drinks. The cigar lounge is kind of small, but there tends to be good conversation and interesting crowd.

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