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  1. Corona and Montecristo... What's not to like? Quality can vary, but assuming it's nice box it's a fine cigar. More of a casual smoke.
  2. You get one check-in back with coach on a long haul flight... That would be it.
  3. Neat article. The mention of Joya de Nicaragua is interesting. Those cigars are strong! I hope they are able to make an all PR cigar that better than a novelty. Even if it takes several years it will be worth it. On another note, has anyone tried those cigars grown and made in France?
  4. What is the percentage of older whiskies done in more neutral barrels like port or madeira? Seems to be a trend of many regions.
  5. They're consider the most full bodied of the DC's. I like them better than Lusi's.
  6. That could make a worthy tourist destination where ever it may end up; especially if far away from Florida.
  7. F1 needs a Friday program including testing or the race tracks are going to lose a lot of ticket sales. As a TV viewer, I find the Friday practice sessions quite enjoyable. On par with the rest of the weekend actually. They are more in-depth in commentary, details, and generally very interesting.
  8. Full strong smoke that very few Partagas of recent have. Reminds of the Partagas Serie D No. 3 LE 2001, but as a skinny cigar.
  9. I vacuum sealed a Noella jar in the box. 2nd season of being stored in my basement and they're fine.
  10. The boxes are not sent sealed, so there is no harm in looking at them again before storing. I no longer will be buy or receive sealed boxes. Everything needs to be inspected before purchase or before shipping.
  11. This is serious stuff for the whole world. I hope cool heads prevail. Praying for the people of Hong Kong.
  12. San Cristobal or Saint Luis Rey. Don't currently have a box of either marcas. SLR DC's were decent way back, but that was about it. Never cared much for SC's except for the original release of the LCDH series. The 2nd batch wasn't the same. I'd like to give San Cristobal another try some day. Nothing has jumped out as must buy.
  13. Those look great! Even when average looking; Upmann No. 2's are one of the best.

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