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  1. A must have cigar that has endless aging potential. One of my favorites. Makes me miss the Monarch. Monarchs were more my price point and in the same level of greatness comparative to its cost on the SW.
  2. As for B&M hosting... I may have something, probably not cigars unless they have something I want. If you're not into their cigar selection; just give the owner a $20 for hosting the event.
  3. No matter who is in control of Cuba, it's likely to be corrupt and authoritarian. That being said; I'd take the capitalist dictator over a communist regime.
  4. Drive there in a Rolls or Lagonda. Bring a Jerombom of Champagne, already chilled. In seriousness, I like to bring doubles of cigars in case you want to hand one out.
  5. Consider all the Cubans that crossed where CBP did not encounter. Could push the number 250K or more possibly.
  6. Not for serious wine drinking or decanting, but are striking works of art.
  7. Do they serve liquor at hotels in Bahrain like UAE?
  8. Were people drinking liquor in the Champagne style glasses?
  9. I was chasing 70's and 80's Diamond Creeks, Inglenook's, & BV Latours during the 2007 crisis. Still have from those auctions. I prefer the old school Napa style to what they've been doing for the last 20+ years. It's harder to score deals at wine auctions now than it was back then. Handful of producers have been great through the decades from Napa, so I'll buy their current offers like Ch. Montelena and Ridge.
  10. Recessions are the only times I ever buy Napa blue chip wines at auction; they're the first to go when someone culls their portfolio.
  11. If talking current production, I would put the R&J Belicoso just ahead of the Bolivar. Haven't had enough SCDH La Punta to know where they'd fit, but the SP Belicoso would be in last place. I prefer the dress box BBF's solely do to space considerations. I feel like the BBF blend changed in the early 2000's; shortly after they put bands on the cab's. The power and flavor has gone away from the BBF and RC's in the Bolivar line up. Still buying them though!
  12. There are plenty of buyers for Trinidad in APAC regardless of global economic conditions.
  13. The world is a lot bigger than the states. Habanos has their cross hairs for Trinidad in the APAC & EMEA. NASA is 2nd tier in their eyes.
  14. How long do you think it will go before Habanos tries to co-brand's Trinidad (or any marca for that matter) with other luxury brands? "Trinidad for Tom Ford"
  15. All the more reason to concentrate just on Cohiba and Trinidad. Car manufacturers are concentrating on higher margin cars right now since supplies are in a shortage.
  16. People buying an expensive watch know of the other brands and know they are just as fancy (if not more). There is no convincing needed to say Patek is the best even though the buyer wants a Rolex.
  17. The Cohiba ring and branding has cache; no question. Easily recognized around the world. In the most elite circle of luxury trademarks. Trinidad; not so much. No one is like wow when they see a Trinidad cigar or branded anything. Habanos will have their work cut out convincing smokers Trinidad is all that. I like them and they keep getting better. Much better now than the original line up. Ultra Luxury??? There's only room for one. Trinidad should be in between Cohiba and VR etc. The non Cohiba heavy hitters are better served with Gran Reservas, books, humidors and the like they have been doing for decades.
  18. A better thread would be "what is the next marca Habanos will drop?" or "which of the newer marcas has been the least successful?"
  19. I have avoided as well. Seems to gimmicky to take seriously. Plus, I have seen some heavy discounting of their wines that lead me to fortify my opinion.
  20. No. Throw them away or send to me for proper analysis and disposal.

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