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  1. Love the styling on that Montesa, Rob! Here's a picture of me and my motorycle -- a 2005 BMW R1200GS -- in southern Utah. My riding buddy took this picture in May, in the middle of our 10-day ride in northern California, Nevada, and southern Utah.
  2. In my business, a Christmas bonus is not really a bonus, in the sense that it is expected, though it's technically at the firm's discretion. My bonus is cash and a large fraction of my total annual compensation. My firm also gives us some kind of garment with the firm logo. I like the items with small logos.
  3. He doesn't smoke cigars and he just wants a box so he can impress everyone by telling them he's smoking a Cuban cigar?! Get him some Cazadores!
  4. Iwan Ries is in the loop, just a few blocks from Jack Schwartz. It's a very old and very good tobacconist.
  5. » Muuuusssst reeesssiiiissstttt aaannnddd keeeeep ffffrrrrooommm » burrrnnniiinnnggg mine! :-D No need to resist, Shew, they're smoking beautifully now!
  6. » With about 5.5 years of age, this cigar i think may be at a peak. » Nice review and I agree that these are damn fine smokes. However, all the Tang-commissioned Monarcas have November 2002 codes.
  7. I'm glad to see this thread. Not because I'm going to go to great lengths to get my teeth white, but just because now I know I'm not alone.
  8. Saturday was a rough day for me, in terms of cigars. I started with an '01 SS2, which was absolutely flat, so I gave up after I'd smoked about an inch of it. So I grabbed an '01 Mag 46 to replace it. It wasn't much better, but I smoked most of it anyway. Was it the cigars . . . or my palate? :-( Fortunately, Sunday was much better. I smoked and enjoyed an '01 Cohiba Exquisito in the morning and a Tang Upmann No. 2 in the afternoon, while my wife and I carved pumpkins.
  9. » Now I have sent him on the right path, and he started out his new » collection with a few boxes of Opus x. Good cigars with which to test the new setup; it'll be no great loss if they're eaten by beetles! ;-)
  10. » I love a bottle of Billy Cart Salmon I don't have specific pairings, but I agree that Champagne and cigars match very well. Rob happens to have mentioned my favorite non-vintage Champagne.
  11. I have Igloo coolerdors, which work extremely well for me. I have a Davidoff, a Xikar, and a Swiss Army Knife cutter; I like the SAK best. I have a Dupont soft flame and a Porsche Design torch lighter and like them both.

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