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  1. Some general advice on Cuba and planning: you will find in Cuba that plans are always subject to change. Be prepared for your plans to go out the window for reasons completely out of your control. Keep that in mind while you are there, go with the flow, and you should have a great time.
  2. Conde de Villanueva is right in Habana Vieja, where you will probably be at some point during your stay in Havana. Selection is good and they sell singles if you're looking to try something before buying a box. 5th and 16th is a bit out of the way for some tourists, but it has a classic cigar lounge vibe to it and is worth seeing IMO. The humidor layout is odd, but it is well stocked. They wouldn't sell me any singles in March.
  3. We did the all-inclusive package with Barcelo la Jolla Mismaloya in 2010. The food was mediocre, but the rooms, the view, and the pool were all great. It was about a 20-minute bus ride into town, so we ended up doing that almost every day we were there. Our favorite restaurant there BY FAR was the Agave Grill. It's right around the corner from the LCDH. Check it out. I think we ate there 3 or 4 times during our 1-week stay. The owner was super friendly and got to know us pretty well because we were there so much. Have fun and safe travels.
  4. sg1234


    Haven't seen it yet, buddy, but Day-Lewis has yet to disappoint. Can't wait to check it out!
  5. I used it while in Havana. GPS on my phone didn't work, so I didn't know exactly where I was. However, I used cross streets as a reference and the map served its purpose. It was more handy that unfolding a big paper map every time I wanted to find a destination. As I mentioned in the OP, Android users can cache Google maps for offline use. I believe iPhone users are out of luck.
  6. Nino, I think I got the Gato Tuerto entry fee information from Cigar Aficionado. We didn't actually go there in March, so I can't verify what it actually costs. I updated the map to reflect that this cost may be inaccurate. Aaron
  7. I was recently answering some questions about my trip to Cuba earlier this year when I realized I haven't shared a custom Google map I created for Havana. This map is a collection of information gathered from the Havana issue of Cigar Aficionado, from various cigar forums, and internet research. There is a legend at the top left explaining what the various marker icons represent. Someone might find this useful, especially if it is your first trip to Havana. Let me know if there are questions or comments on the map. Havana map: Note: Android users can cache any Google
  8. 06, 08, 10, and 11 have all been great. These are tasty little guys and tough to beat for the price!
  9. Julieta no. 2 with colorado maduro wrapper, minimal veins, no evidence of box press Aroma at cold: sweet cream, perfume, hay. Draw is a bit tight, but not too tight. Initial puffs are extremely mild bodied but loaded with honey and hay flavors. By the end of the first third, honey is gone. Just hay and pine nuts. First 3rd is rather uneventful in terms of variety of flavors. Second 3rd: White pepper and a touch of leather. Woodiness remains on the back of the palate. Flavors have really picked up around the half-way mark. Still woody, but now with black pepper Into the final third,
  10. I smoked an SLR Serie A in a blind tasting with local buddies 2 days after I submitted my review here on FoH. When I correctly guessed that one, I was quite sure of my guess here. The 2 samples I had tasted like almost the exact same cigar. Way to pick 'em, Rob! Thanks again.
  11. Partagas, but to be fair, I haven't tried Pepin's or any custom rolled Salomones.
  12. Just realized I never came back to this thread after my trip. Here goes... 1. Your favourite Hotel (nominate the city it is in) The only hotel I've stayed at in Cuba was the Nacional (in Havana, duh) for one night. We told the staff it was our honeymoon and they upgraded us at no charge to a suite on the top floor overlooking the malecon. This was a lovely gesture, but I will always stay in a casa over a hotel. Compared to a casa, the hotel was expensive and touristy. 2. Your favourite Casa Particular I have stayed in two: 5 nights with Alberto and Melba in Centro Habana, and 1 night
  13. This was my experience in March as well -- didn't see any Monte GRs anywhere in Havana or in Pinar del Rio. There are many LCDHs and Tiendas del Tabaco in Havana. So unless your goal is to hit them all anyway, I would do as miamipadronsmoker suggests and call around before you go shopping.

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