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  1. His half-brother died in a motorcycle accident the other day.
  2. Did the 0-16 people just not pick or something? You pretty much have to either be incredibly unlucky or Rainman to go 0-16, especially with the Texans and the Chiefs pulling out wins like they did.
  3. Mag 46. No real reasoning, besides y'all sending me a fantastic HQ box a couple weeks ago. Delicious.
  4. Same here, except I didn't much care for the RAG, either.
  5. The better looking box of either Party Shorts or Trinidad Reyes (24s), please.
  6. Don't mean to be disagreeable, but I say keep 'em high! I went CC and I've never gone back. I keep thinking I might try one of the old NCs lying around, but then I realize that would mean NOT smoking something like this fine Upmann PC I'm puffing on...

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