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  1. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    I once read an article saying higher end liquors were recession proof and actually became more popular during recessions because it’s an affordable luxury when you can’t afford a new car or a vacation etc.
  2. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    Liquor store down the street from me has 2 bottles of Weller 12 for $35 each. Think I’ll go buy them right now...
  3. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    Yea he’s crazy. Give me a couple boxes of Cubans any day over this
  4. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    High rollers keep your eyes peeled for this stuff. Brother in law just picked these up for $350ea and I’m told it’s incredible
  5. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    Russell’s is another good buy in my book. Blade and Bow is not worth the price to me
  6. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    Buffalo Trace is my overall best bang for your buck. Great in a mint julep and great on the rocks. Around $25usd for a 750ml. My favorite all arounder is Makers Mark. A little more expensive these days but I always need to have a handle of it. As nessecary as having a gallon of milk in the fridge.
  7. NitrousPurger

    Box of the week

    Call me crazy but I think those look sexier without bands. Maybe they’re just good looking cigars
  8. NitrousPurger

    high roller bourbons

    Surprised this isnt on the list. Whiskey Advocate’s #1 whiskey of 2017. Wife bought the last one on shelf without knowing what it was. Had to go back and order a second bottle. So smooth for how strong it is
  9. NitrousPurger

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    UEB Sep 17. Handpicked 25 box from Pres. good so far
  10. Sitting here eating a pizza while my wife eats a calzone. Looking at the calzone makes want to puke. Something from childhood about those nasty things....
  11. NitrousPurger

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Millennial here. Regular 20% tipper. I hate the fact that it’s percentage based. Why should I pay the waiter more because I order filet mignon vs the hamburger? Is it any harder for them to carry me the plate with a filet on it? My response to people who don’t make enough money through tips, or encounter someone who didn’t tip 20%... go find another job. I don’t get to sit at my job and complain I’m underpaid. P.s. I’ve never worked in the food industry and always felt like I should have so I can appreciate it.
  12. hello Michael....
  13. NitrousPurger

    FOH Weekend Playlist.

    LOVE Pallbearer. Sadly they are not as good live as they are in the studio. Pretty sure they are from Arkansas. Sorrow and Extinction album is a classic and their newest album Heartless is getting to that level for me as well. One of the first bands to really got me into metal.
  14. NitrousPurger

    FOH Weekend Playlist.

    I raise you my favorite local band. Savannah, GA. Nothing better than leaving the corporate office on a Friday afternoon and blaring metal out the car windows.
  15. NitrousPurger

    Ron Zacapa

    Brewed 5 gallons of a Russian Imperial Stout that aged with vanilla beans, oak, and coffee beans. Plus an entire bottle of 23. very good rum and a nice addition to the beer. Gunna buy another bottle over the summer when cigar weather picks up

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