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  1. What?! I must have missed some forum discussions. As long as the thing doesn’t unravel, what’s the problem?
  2. Well she’s gone. Paired with a bottle of Frank Family Cab. All around a classy smoke. Extraordinarily smooth and refined. The flavors just aren’t there for what some people would pay for it. Started out full bodied, and quickly moved to medium through the finish. Exclusively luxurious Cuban tobacco flavor and smooth cedar through its entirety. This cigar reminds me of a tuxedo. Very refined, but not the kaleidoscopic of flavor you would expect from the “price point”. It would be a good choice for a formal event where you want something luxurious that won’t demand much of your attention. In the end, I’d take a 1 year old 52 over an 11 year old 54 any day. To answer the original question, I’d price this at $75.
  3. For reference, I believe this 3 pack sampler cost $100-105 back then. The 52 was worth the $100 alone
  4. Took delivery of the Behike sampler from FOH in February 2011. This 54 has been with me since. It’s the only cigar I have that’s older than 4 years and will be by far the oldest cigar I’ve ever smoked. The 52 I smoked early on was perfect. The 56 a few years later was forgettable. I think tonight is the night for the 54. As the kids say, YOLO. As the old timers say, smoke em if you got em. My question is what would this thing be worth today?
  5. Me and the old lady got to check out our new product at work and I took my first deer ever!
  6. I can’t listen to this song after I’ve been drinking as it makes me sob like a little girl! No idea why especially since there are no lyrics
  7. Inside. Seems more elegant. Only get to when the wife is out of town for a few days. All things being equal means equivalent views too!
  8. I heard once that cigars needed to breathe in a way. I believe it’s so they can let off ammonia? It was recommended to open up the humidor to let fresh air in every once in a while. If that’s true, does a tube prevent or hinder that process?
  9. Buffalo trace is the best price/quality ratio. Next up for me is regular makers mark. Both great on the rocks or in a mint julep, old fashioned...
  10. I once read an article saying higher end liquors were recession proof and actually became more popular during recessions because it’s an affordable luxury when you can’t afford a new car or a vacation etc.
  11. Liquor store down the street from me has 2 bottles of Weller 12 for $35 each. Think I’ll go buy them right now...
  12. Yea he’s crazy. Give me a couple boxes of Cubans any day over this
  13. High rollers keep your eyes peeled for this stuff. Brother in law just picked these up for $350ea and I’m told it’s incredible
  14. Russell’s is another good buy in my book. Blade and Bow is not worth the price to me
  15. Buffalo Trace is my overall best bang for your buck. Great in a mint julep and great on the rocks. Around $25usd for a 750ml. My favorite all arounder is Makers Mark. A little more expensive these days but I always need to have a handle of it. As nessecary as having a gallon of milk in the fridge.

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