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  1. Got right up against that cliff recently. Cigars are typically 1-2 per week for me, except for special occasions which I reserve the right to define. Fortunately, I didn't go over but I admit, it crept up on me. Larger ring gauge than normal, a seriously enjoyable cigar that was smoked just a bit faster, toss in a few allergies with the warmer weather and being less than hydrated and boom. I am weak.
  2. Incredible resource...add me to the list of pre-orders on the book. Loved Rob's comments at the end as well.
  3. quar009, I enjoyed reading your post and admire your generosity as you share with others. Could relate both to working with talented people and the “burning too quickly trying to get somewhere fast”. Welcome.
  4. Welcome. I hear you...only boxes of NC I have remaining are those older Ashtons and Padrons and I still like to mix them in from time to time. Appreciate them and the CCs more with the mix.
  5. Welcome! A bit of “lurker” status myself if I divide years on FOH by number of posts.
  6. Best of March? A 2009 Monte 2. Didn’t want it to end. Just an unbelievable smoke. Barnyard out of the box with cream, leather, and wood progressing to finish off with cream, chocolate and a hint of vanilla. Never anything to overwhelm the other flavors. So well balanced and without even a bit of anything harsh. Plenty of smoke. This was a really great cigar. .
  7. Enjoyed reading the full article and about your love of defense, Ken. I'm a bit later on the timeline, so for me I "lit up" when you talked about the '85 Bears. When you have a moment, take a look at the ESPN 30 for 30 '85 Bears. One of the best in my opinion.
  8. My first CC was a Bolivar Royal Corona from roughly the same time these were born. Glad to welcome these smaller brothers home.
  9. Some Monte 2s with a bit of age...more of a recent arrival thanks to some kind caretakers. Gratitude.
  10. Nice post. I enjoyed a PSD4 on the deck yesterday evening that brought similar thoughts to mind. There are cigars that need constant attention and some that simply require our participation. I want to be there enjoying the moment not be struggling to make things work. Last night's cigar was one of those that allowed for simple enjoyment. Pres. described that slight pull which I too personally prefer but am o.k. with variance as long as I'm not drinking ice cream through a straw. Bottom line, be it draw, burn, etc. none of us are there to labor for the smoke. We all have enough of that. Let the
  11. PSD4 after a long day working in the yard and around the house. . . smoked beautifully.

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