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  1. Don't ask. I went 7 and 9. Not as good as Week 1 last year when I went 15 and 1. It's already a weird year in the NFL. Oh... and GO NINERS!
  2. Clearly no one else on this board has seen.... SPLICE. Take my advice. Keep it that way.
  3. Anyone know which "limited edition Cuban" was reviewed in iIgar Insider today? Will be appreciated if anyone can post here or a link. Thanks!
  4. Super Bowl: Green Bay vs. Indy and Green Bay wins it in an upset 31 to 27. SF 49ers 10-6 and win the NFC West but lose to Green Bay in the NFC title game.
  5. I've been a few times. If you go, go for the fun of being with a group of cigar buddies, not just for the Big Smoke evening or seminars. I did just the Big Smoke evening one year and also did the seminars three other years. But comments on this board are correct. The cigars given away at the evening event are getting smaller, fewer and lower end. The lines are long at some booths. You don't get much of an opportunity to speak with the manufacturers because it's just adult trick-or-treating. The food has declined in quality and many other "toys" they use to have on the floor (golf clubs, cars, etc.) are no longer part of the event. The three day weekend needs to be re-invented. The seminars are being replayed, are mostly commercials for some CA advertisers, and lack educational value. The luncheon use to be fun as each table had a host that brought cigars. Now the whole luncheon is hosted by General Cigar this year and I can't think of very many smokable cigars from General. You get some more cigars when you attend the seminars but for an extra $310 I would say buy a couple of boxes from Rob and get what you'll like rather than spending $550 plus accomodations and travel expenses and going home with 25 to 40 crappy smokes.
  6. I've overlooked this cigar in the past and decided to pick a couple of them up a few months ago. I have enjoyed other Bolivars. I was expecting that dark roast coffee, leather and white pepper spice in Rob's sumary but that's not what I got. The wrapper was veiny and very bumpy and had a dry appearance (no oils). The flavors I picked up were green tea (in the second half) and some hints of cherries and orange peel. The finish left a dry feeling in my mouth. Anyone else experience this recently? Has the flavor profile of the BBF changed? Perhaps it was just too young.
  7. Thanks for posting. Interesting to see the 85 rating since Suckling liked the BHK 56 more than a Siglo VI when he blogged from Cuba last February.
  8. Does anyone have today's Cigar Insider which published a "blind tasting" of the Behike line? If you could share or provide a summary or the comments or ratings it would be appreciated.
  9. I got a 10 box of P2's recently and they are bland. Maybe in time they will improve. Always loved the D4.
  10. With so many fake Cubans out there, would many smokers notice that authentic Cubans were no longer in production? 20 years later you could probably still buy boxes of "Cubans" on the streets of Canada and Mexico. Oh the bands may look a little different but so many smokers don't know the difference now....... Cuba should probably grow corn instead anyway. Or do what North Carolina did with chicken farms replacing tobacco fields. Grow something to sell to Wal-Mart. That would open things up between the US and Cuba faster and help the Cuban economy.
  11. Not that it matters much but does anyone know what cigar got 94 points in today's Cigar Insider? Was it a Cuban?
  12. I think the non-Cuban cigar industry has a reputation for dishonesty. Some have artifically colored their maduro wrappers for example. And I think many General Cigar brands use the same dirt tasting blends. I think they are deliberately deceptive when they copy Cuban brand names and even the design of cigar bands. When it comes to honesty, they seem to be lacking credibility.

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