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  1. Hey guys, Been away from this forum for quite a while, my last post was 5 years ago. Thought of posting here rather than creating a new topic, my wineador kaput and been thinking of getting a replacement. Found this on Alibaba, wondered any of gents had any experience. I'm contemplating this, product look solid, price point good and company looks acceptable. I really can't be bothered to got through wine cooler conversion again. It took mine awhile to settled in there was maintenance issues. Hoping to get right out of the box solution and not paying too much on it. Cheers https://justown.en.alibaba.com/productgrouplist-815760148/CIGAR_HUMIDORS.html
  2. It's a really cool place. The most amazing whisky and cigar selection I've ever seen in my whole life.
  3. I usually stay the Grand Hyatt, its right at Orchard Road but Fullertons is a good choice too. Raffles is an institution, if your not staying there at the very least get a drink at the Long bar. Unless your gambling or watching the F1, i dont see any reason to stay at the MBS. A hotel i always wanted to stay is the Naumi Hotel but never got around to doing it. looks pretty cool. http://www.naumihotel.com/
  4. Nice generosity Mus. I don't have much aged stuff but it's about time crack ny oldest box which is probably 5-6 years old.
  5. I usually bring 10 cuz i got the 10 cigar caddy and I don't want them flying around the cigar caddy so ill stuff them full. Most of the time ill bring back and a couple occasions didnt have the opportunity yo smoke. If it's a beach ill bring more of the longer format cuz it's perfect to have a churchill abd lie d I down in the sun. If its city holiday and I don't know the smoking laws in the country, ill bring more smaller smokes. But in any ill just throw the cigar caddy in luggage whether I go for work or holidays.
  6. I didnt realise that, the ringgit usually free falls on it's own. Thanks Bill, this will prove useful. I do plan to do Great Ocean Road, I'm still tourist after all. I've gotta figure out how to get wineries without driving. I'm sure there's tour buses from CBD. If i cant make it this time for some of your recommended to do list, i will do it the next time by the looks of it I'll be going Melbourne more frequent. I know, tell me about it. On my last trip to OZ i didnt manage to smoke in Sydney or Melbourne but I did manage to have a cigar at Adelaide, Cheers Seng, will definitely check out some of the places on the list especially RA Lounge. Im staying on Collins so RA Lounge would definitely the first place to go.
  7. Thanks a lot Mark, will probably need the cheap eats with where the ringgit is going
  8. What a great time to join the O&G industry. I got this knack of joining industry at the wrong time. I dont think the bottom anywhere in sight, read somewhere Saudi's cost is $5-6 a barrel. Ridiculously cheap. I think like somebody rightly pointed out, the small players are getting pushed out. Ah well let see what next year brings, if this goes on its gonna be a big recession in Malaysia.
  9. Thanks Ken, Jayc and Prez for the recommendations.
  10. G'day Gents, I'm planning a holiday in Melbourne around the Chinese New Year around the 14th till the 21st February. Was wondering what you guys suggest ie. what to do; where to go and what to eat and most importantly where to smoke? I've been to Melbourne a couple of time maybe the most recent was in the last 5 years but that was for work so didn't get to do much touristy things and prior to that was as a student so as you can imagined spend most of the time at the clubs getting hammered didn't do much touristy thing as well. This time around, i intent to do things differently, this time around would like to get Phillip Island, not a big fan of penguins but yeah why not. And also at the top of my to do list is to visit a wineries, would be very appreciative if any of you gents can recommend a great wineries with a nice restaurant and great food. I do plan to rent a car for the outskirt excursions. Additionally, I remember Australia has very strict tobacco regulation. Can i bring any of my cigars or do i need to purchase at the B&M. If i can whats the limit and if i cant any recommendation on a good B&M. I dont intent on smoking the whole trip but having 1 or 2 with a bottle wine would be nice. Cheers Zain
  11. Not knowing much the politics of the game in oz. But I thought you guys had it in the bledisloe cup game last week and it just slipped right through last minute of the game. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. Andrew,What do you think of Simpson, worth the money? I got Rudy vey custom tgn silvertip. Love it! But just wondering the hype of Simpson. I'm in 2 minds between Simpson and Morris and fondran. Zain Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. Since my last update now my razor collection have grown to about 6, 4 vintage gillette and 5 brushes and equal amount of soaps and after shaves. Agree with Andrew it feels exactly like collecting cigars. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Tom Clancy threat vector, I'm a Clancy fan since patriot of games. The book was a bit tiring at the start but it becomes quite a page turner later on. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  15. Chris, the wonderful world of sloppy ramly burger. Drenched with chilli sauce and an egg.
  16. There's a Malaysia gourmet burger shop does the charcoal buns. Not bad but there's another burgrr shop thar sells pink buns, that was just weird.
  17. I'm done buying too. My smoking has been much lesser these days new job, longer working hours and more stressed out but the biggest factor for me was i ran out space and i just cant be bothered with the hassle of building another wineador. I have a couple boxes of regular production that's ageing i got a assortment REs for the special occasion. To be really honest i've only smoked 1 or 2 cigars this past year, i think I'm kind of phasing out of the hobby, dont get me wrong i still enjoy a cigar here and there but the collecting bit im growing out of it. I've got 400-500 cigars, that should last me at least 5 years but i will make sure that i will always have RASS and Connie 1.
  18. Ahhhhh, that's how long I've not been bidding on a box. A rebranded lfth/w? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  19. Eid Mubarak to all Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  20. Well in Malaysia after a night out its Nasi lemak which is fragrant rice, spicy sauce with anchovies, freshly fried chicken, or spicy dried calamaris, innards n prawns. If it's the next day brunch would banana leaf curry and dishes similar to above but curry form or fried. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  21. For me rass, I think it's reasonable and it's good 99 percent of the time Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  22. Lusitania 898 A good psp2 Psd4 Shorts Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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