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  1. It can't be more expensive then the bolivar jar. Lets hope you are as wrong as I think
  2. PCC prices are the same everywhere right? So what is the MSRP?
  3. I have both Swedish and Norwegian CCs, I can just use the app on my phone or my pc and open/close my cards for purchasing abroad and/or online. So it does not matter if you have my card cause you can't use it unless you are in my country and have the chip and my online security code. opening the cards takes few seconds. So the system for being safer exists, but it seems us and some others country's banks don't want their customers to be safe.
  4. Let me know when you come to Sweden, if it is the port in Stockholm I should be able to meet up for a herf.
  5. Looks like a great time , you need to wear the Tshirt that the ladies love.
  6. Is the price on these set or can you adjust them? I wonder because a vendor (PCC) has them in stock and do you all have to sell for the same price?
  7. About 200 usd/3 months. 100 square meters, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 4 tvs and pc running a lot of the time and some other crap as well. Pay about 250 usd/3 months for water as well.
  8. Anything in 50 cabs specially partagas shorts, montecristo petit Edmundo, monte 4, monte especial, Cohiba lancero.
  9. Enjoy the epic time and thank you for sharing. Looking forward to your thoughts on the PGR!
  10. For the third year in a row we had the pleasure to host the largest vinterherf, it was an almost impossible task to find a suitable place when no one wants to rent to cigar lovers. The big challenge was again to ensure that the room would be decontaminated special as this local was over 100 years old and Grade II listed by the municipality. The floors had to be dressed in protective paper and lots of other things but what you do not. Of course, even this year we had a charity auction where Rob donated BIG to this fantastic cause. We also got fifty hats signed by Rob, Ken and Smitty who unfortunately arrived a day late (thanks fedex). We donated approximately $ 4,000 to doctors without borders. 53 people we were and began the herf with a common beer tasting of locally produced beer followed with what has now become a tradition, the common blind cigar test. It was a fantastic event and we would again like to thank Rob for his very generous donation and all other donors and participants who did this Herf a success. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  11. My three favorite rums are Zacapa 23, Diplomatico exclusiva Reserva 12 and Zaya .
  12. They look damn good to me, I think the first thing you should do would be to contact the vendor and share your concern with them and see if they can either send you another box, refund or say this is it and you cant return it. I think I know the vendor you are thinking of and their rep is more than solid.
  13. Try a Shih Tzu, my mom has 2 and we have friends that are allergic to dogs and they are not bothered with them in any way. I would really recommend them. Loving race and very smart!! Here is one of them
  14. For me 898s have delivered much better flavors while the Lusis have always been good they have never been amazing.
  15. Will ler you know in a week, just shoot me a pm so I don't forget.

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