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  1. My heart goes out to you and your family. Semper Fi Lance Corporal Stack the streets in heaven are a safer place with you there. Sgt. Oscar Torres III
  2. Been in the adult film industry as a producer/director/actor since 2004. Wouldn't want to do anything else for the time being. Can't see myself doing it for twenty years though.
  3. I've retrohaled a time or two. The first was with a mild Honduran the last was an Opus X. Haven't done it since. Oscar
  4. Welcome Frank, there is loads of information on the site.
  5. Celebrated my second anniversary last night with family and friends. El Rey del Mundo Grandes de Espana '01 and Ashton ESG Churchill from '08 were the smokes of choice. Great evening and cigars. Have a great Sunday friends. O
  6. Looks really interesting, thanks for the link. O
  7. Depending on the size of your boxes I would guesstimate around 10 total. My Vino 28 currently holds one cabinet up top and five boxes down on the bottom. You could probably squeeze a box up top if you tried. I haven't tried playing cigar box tetris yet. Once I place an order with the Czar I'm sure I will have to though. Cheers, O

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