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  1. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What to smoke on one's 50th? Perhaps a cigar that shares your birth year? I present. The Punch Nectares No 2 Off to a lovely start
  2. bundwallah

    Day 1 Amicigar

    What a great place. Was there about 5 years ago. Would have loved to attend this event but it wasn't meant to be. Saluti a tutti!
  3. Though our various branches of governments continue to make tobacco enjoyment miserable and costly, there is evidence that things used to be better. A while back I looked at some of the digital archives of the Toronto Public Library and found these gems. If anyone has any details to add, please forward them to me and I will edit them. 1881-1885 John Thorpe Cigars. (Business Card) This is the oldest reference I could find. The original building is lone gone and has housed the old Toronto City Hall for quite some time. 1935 Samuel Davis Cigar store (Bathurt and Dundas St) 1944 - Winston Churchill visits Quebec 1963 - Hermanos Rea (Toronto Cigar factory on Gilead Place E. Looks like original building still intact) 1967 - Frank Correnti (shop with his name still survives) 1967 - Reginald Fowler (Shop name unclear) Pretty good old picture. You can make out some of the names of the Cuban marcas that don't seem to be listed on CCW. Possible stock left over from Pre-Embargo days? Por Larranaga - Perfectos Por Larranaga - Almurantes Por Larranaga - Cetros Partagas - Tropicales 1976 Correntis (Iris C (Correnti?) and Louis Rosen) 1980 - Phil Ruman (Shopsy's Deli) and Cuban Roller (name unknown) 1982 Thomas Hinds Havana Factory (not sure if it's people form Thomas Hinds' shop visiting a factory or if they had one) 1983 Correnti Machine made cigars. 1983 Shopsys Deli owner Philip Rutman 1987 - Kai and John Miller (associated with Correnti's. Not sure who "Kai" is) 1989 - Havana House store room 1992 - Roller Augustin Hernandez Diaz rolling at Havana House Unknown date (Pre 1900 I'd say) Business/advertising card for cigar shop.
  4. What an oddball release. On the plus side, the Anejados line gets a cigar that people recognize. Now the odd thing is how will these be priced in comparison to the RyJ Reserva release? These would be $33USD/stick. What was the Reserva per stick cost on release? Anyone?5YO Premium release vs 10YO aged/held back release? I know what I'd prefer. And of course, this also means that Habanos is looking to capitalize on their aged stock and get a premium for it. The days of finding and buying old stock at current stock prices may be over.
  5. bundwallah

    Help ID this Stick

    Yes. You must punch cut the flat end and light the pigtail. Do not guillotine it or v cut it. They are a good 3 hour smoke.
  6. Given the rampant counterfeiting theses days, making packaging simpler only makes it easier for them. That's why bands are getting fancier too. Though a 50 cab of Sir Winnie would be awesome.
  7. I've smoked several from each. I bought them as vintage cigars. Someone else stored them since their "birth" Here's a few photos. Early 1960's Partagas Petit Coronas Tubulares 2988 Diplomaticos No 7
  8. bundwallah

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Hang in there Rob!! Surely your situation will improve soon.
  9. I've tried them several times. 😁. They are exquisite smokes. The Partagas are bold and mineraly. The Dip 7 floral and baking spice. Both very smooth.
  10. In terms of full boxes my oldest would be a box of Partagas Coronas Tubular from around 1960/62. But I did split that off. So my own, selfish, vintage full box would be 1988 Dip 7's.
  11. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Nice! B&H's are very HTF and command some high $$'s. Some of those old Clear Havanas are surprisingly flavourful.
  12. I'm enjoying mine. The quality is great. My runner up accessory is the Colibri V-Cut. Now I just need to find a small, reliable lighter for the other pouch.
  13. bundwallah

    JohnS' Smoking Diary 2019

    I never noticed this thread before. Great idea. I might have to rip you off.
  14. I've enjoyed a lot of RE's. Some more than others. Going after some of these could cost you an arm and a leg given the relative scarcity, difficulty in obtaining and demand. Here's what I'd be hunting for. La Escepcion Selectos Finos - Italy 2011 La Escepcion Don Jose -Italy 2015 Ramon Allone Celestales Finos - AP 2009 Ramon Allones Gladiator - BPE - 2010 Bolivar Bosphorus - Turkey 2014 ERDM Infantes - Cuba 2013 (honorable mention LGC Delicios 2009 Cuba RE (jar release, going for well over $1000USD) Ramon Allones Super Allones - Canada 2011 Punch Clasicos - Swiss 2011 Bolivar Especiales No 2 - Germany 2009
  15. I hate Disney. This money is better spent on a trip to Italy or France for some real fine wining and dining. Or for a month or two in Havana. 😁 And IMO. Warner Bros made better cartoons. Give me Bugs over Mickey any day.

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