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  1. bundwallah

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    At least you were kind enough to not leave "upper deckers" 🚽
  2. bundwallah

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    Yes. The Cubano sandwiches that come from there are great. Big enough to split between 2-3 people.
  3. Talked to a friend at the Toronto LCDH yesterday. He figures they will have to retail it for around $95 to 110 CAD in order to make it "appealing". For comparison, a Siglo VI lists at $90CAD which is 20CUC in Cuba. Or about $26CAD with exchange. FWIW, he hasn't seen any official pricing on these yet. 90/26 = 3.46 (this multiplier represents the general markup on the CUC price. It accounts for taxes and a profit margin) So, if he's saying that they'll need to charge in that range here's what we're looking at in terms of what its' CUC price will be. Let's settle on $105 CAD being the price in Toronto. 105 / 3.46 = 30.34. So, ~ $30CUC/stick or $750/box. And I'd say that's conservative at best.
  4. bundwallah

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    Agreed. @LLC and @ebhead and I have stayed there a couple of times. The price/location can't be beat. The rooms are thankfully clean and the beds stiff but comfortable. Water pressure is a joke. In some rooms, you're lucky to get 1 flush out of the toilet. Cheaply priced bottles of water at the bar are appreciated as was the 90c espresso out on the front patio. We are saddened to hear that their price has now gone up.
  5. bundwallah

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    "food is 2 star". IMO, maybe even lower. Some of the stuff at their included breakfast buffet is odd and unappealing. Breads are rock hard or bland. Dried apricots and cut up fatty hot dogs anyone? The fresh fruit looked like it had been through a war. The only saving grace is the fresh egg station and the espresso machine.
  6. bundwallah

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    No. Wasn't even aware of it. Will seek it out. Thanks!
  7. bundwallah

    Cuban Hotel Star Ratings

    And your thoughts on LA Colina? 😏
  8. Take the money. Baseball is still a buyer's game when it comes to championships and that's still no guarantee. Take the millions to play a game, play your best and hope for the best. There are many HOF'rs without a WS ring if you're worried about your legacy.
  9. bundwallah

    Left or Right?

    Tough choice! Not a huge M2 fan as I found them to be inconsistent. But from my experience, the better ones I've smoked looked like the ones on the left. So. Left for me. Though I love the look of the wrappers on the right.
  10. bundwallah

    Favorite movie featuring the military?

    I always liked Full Metal Jacket. To me, it was two movies in one. I loved how it followed a group of guys in basic training and then drops them into "Nam". Nothing grandiose about war and certainly not as ambitious as some classics. Like A Bridge Too Far. Patton, etc. If anything it showed how the monotony of war could turn 180 into horror, real quick. Das Boot was excellent as well. Lots of tension and a change of pace from typical Nazi Germany type depictions. The sailors on that sub could have been from any other country.
  11. bundwallah

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    Those boxes are starting to look like NC boxes. A bit too gaudy for my tastes. A plain, wood box with burnt in logos works for me. These painted boxes introduce potential issues for storage if the paints/materials they use give off odors. There have been a few NC releases where the fancy painted boxes smelled so much the manufacturer recommended removing the cigars and leaving the box outside of the humidor as to not contaminate the stock. I do understand the use of fancy boxes for stuff like BHK, R, GR, etc. It'd be a shame if design changes spilled into the regular production lines. Habanos' IMO doesn't need eye popping box designs. Unlike NC's, they don't compete on the shelf of American B&M's where a fancy box screams for attention.
  12. You win a chance at buying a flipped box of these for 4X the price or in a Powerball at $200/slot (26 slots)
  13. bundwallah

    Trinidad 50th Anniversario cigar

    Finally a Cohiba figurado...and......most of us cannot get it. I see that humi is also well stocked with BHK's. So this is why they could barely be found? Just found this on Habano's site. A PDF catalogue of the auction items.
  14. bundwallah

    New Pet Sematary Trailer

    Looking forward to this. The original movie was decent. The book was downright scary. It had me looking over my shoulder for days.
  15. bundwallah

    Would this bother you?

    At a B&M it would bother me. They should know better. If it was from an e-tailer and it was sent without it present, but sprouted during the trip; it would bother me a little. More so if it was crawling its' way into the foot.

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