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  1. bundwallah

    Cigar-themed boat names

    La Cruiser Del Habanos
  2. Fascinating insight there Ryan. The picture above makes me sadder than any Fauxhiba pics.
  3. My first cigars ever were thanks to @ebhead At a couple of parties at his place. I had them back in 2009 IIRC. The very first an NC. JDN Antanao. I enjoyed it a lot. My second was a RyJ Churchill. That blew my mind. This experience was what I had envisioned in my mind. Having never been a smoker, I became intrigued by cigars years before on a Caribbean cruise. There was a channel looping on the TV that showed a 2 hour documentary on cigars. I watched it a couple of times trying to get to sleep. I found it fascinating and though that one day, I'd give it a try. Glad I did.
  4. bundwallah

    The Ultimate Visiting Cuba Thread.

    Partagas Factory has been closed for years. Your best bet for a tour is at the La Corona factory.
  5. That convinced me to try them. And the first ones I smoked were deadly, but delicious. I swear my brain was swimming in my skull, when I smoked them. Over time,they've tamed down a bit but still have a nice bold, flavour profile.
  6. bundwallah

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    Hard to say. The Bushido release, like many recent ones, has been staggered. A few boxes in 2014...more in 2015..maybe in 2016? The holds up could be a few things. Tobacco supply related. Packaging related. For instance. IIRC Cohiba 1966's were delayed because they couldn't get enough boxes made for launch.
  7. bundwallah

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    It's seems likely that they have leftovers depending the Release's RG? The inconsistency is maddening. "Cuba being Cuba" is a cliche' and a potential window for abuse by counterfeiters.
  8. bundwallah

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    So odd. In all these years, I have never noticed the tilde in the RE band. And FWIW. I dug up a fiver of Bushidos. No tilde. So, what's going on? Are we seeing inconsistencies within the RE band over the years? Or have AP fakes been in the channel a long time?
  9. I enjoy the TV series. Don't have the time or patience for the books TBH. My friends swear by the books. I just take their word for it they're good.
  10. bundwallah

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    Then the cigar pictured in CCW is fake? It has no tilde. If I can dig out mine, I'll take a look and post a pic. https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/diplomaticos
  11. Had something similar happen to a bunch of us at a rooftop patio. We started the day early there, sat in an isolated area as to limit others' exposure to us. People start swarming in and choose to sit close to us. And then of course, comes the whispers to the staff and our server comes over and asks us to move. We replied that we've been here a few hours already and we'd extend them this courtesy if our bill was comped. We were each 3+ beers in at a table of 8. They said no and so did we. I said if try to ask us to leave its' only fair that we don' pay our bill.
  12. Some people.. I don't know if I told this one before. The wife and I were at a Mexican resort. Huge place, monstrous pool, lots of space, few people around, etc. We picked a nice quiet spot where we could hang out, drink, smoke, read etc. I walked to bar, way at the other end of the pool, and walked by an older couple. They gave me the stink eye as I walked by, puffing on an RyJ Churchill. Went backs the same way. Same stink eye. About a half hour later, I see the guy walking around the pool towards us. He stands there in front of us, hands on his hips then points and says "I find that deeply offensive!" "This is a no smoking resort don't you know?!" I calmly told him, yes it was non smoking. In the restaurants and rooms. Outside was fair game though. I had to remind him that he walked by four large ashtrays embedded into the side walks of the resort. My wife, who doesn't smoke, but used to. Took another route; she ripped into him. I had to calm her down and tell the guy to get lost. He went to the bar to speak to someone there about the smoking. From a distance, I saw a few of the staff respond to him with a shrug. The kinda shrug that says "he's fine to do that Senor" He avoided us like the plague for the rest of the week.
  13. Great video. I would never have imagined that OJ would go well with cigars. I find that OJ ruins most foods you pair it with. It's best left alone as a morning shot or added to Vodka. I will definitely try it with a Monte 4 soon. I find that Gin doesn't go well at all. It scrapes the palate; not in a good way. Scotch is hit or miss for me. I prefer it on its' own. Rum goes better than whiskey IMO. Port and Cognac are much better in terms of complementing a cigar. Champagne/Cava/Prosecco (or other bubblies, including Sparkling Shiraz) go great with cigars. They don't overpower, they cleanse the palate nicely and give you a nice hit of sweetness if you're smoking something bold and strong.
  14. Wait til they discover Facebook cigar groups.
  15. bundwallah

    buying cellophane wrappers.

    I'd go with PSD4 or P898. Anything with good aging potential. Ideally you'd want the same box code or year.
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