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  1. Great writeup Chris. Welcome back. I must say, that mustache is disturbing. You certainly had an adventure on the seas. What a great way to cap it off.
  2. I've seen 1 Rabbit Air handle a room full of 24 smokers. This of course decreased the life span of the filters significantly, but it works. If it's just you mostly smoking. 1 set of filters should last 6-12 months. The units continually sense the air until the smoke is gone/scrubbed and then turns itself off.
  3. Courtesy of @FatherOfPugs The link below to google docs contains a spreadsheet of all recent box codes for various cigars offered up on 24:24. Very useful for those who purchased directly from FOH and didn't jot down the details before the threads disappeared. Link to Google Doc - Box Code List Original post from FatherOfPugs
  4. And if others want to chime in and add factory codes, that would be great too. BTW, any one know which factory EPM is???
  5. @FatherOfPugs Nice work! I will gladly add this to ReFOHrence. Will you maintain this link? If not, I will post what you have for now and update it when you update yours.
  6. Jerry comes across as insufferably arrogant. Ricky for me. Grew up on British style humor.
  7. Enjoying a RA898 German RE. These are really coming along! Remind me of the originals too.
  8. Let me know when you need some Italian translation. "Eh! Baccala! You like'a the Cuban sigaros? Have I gottawebasiteforyou!!"
  9. It'd be a nice, sunny, warm day. Not a cloud in the sky. In Havana. I'd start my day with a modest breakfast. Then head to HNC for an espresso or two and have a few short smokes. Take a walk through old Havana. Stopping here and there for a drink and a cigar. Have lunch at La Terraza. (Mixed grill or Lamb. Or both!) Lots of frozen Mojitos as well. Make my way to Club Habana, pickup some Monsdales and relax on the beach with a nice beer. Back to Havana, dinner at Al Ajibe. Clay pot chicken. Maybe grab a wine from their cellar. Enjoy a cigar. Head back to HNC's back deck to relax with more cigars and drinks. If I feel hungry, I'll order a Cubano. Realistically. I'd be happy to have the house to myself on a sunny day. Make some bacon and eggs for breakfast. Setup outside with my laptop, Ipod a choice selection of drinks and cigars. Read a book on my "to read" list. Grill something for lunch. Maybe order in a good pizza for dinner and crack open a nice bottle of Italian wine. Amarone most likely.
  10. Not going to deviate much for what's already been put down. Best: H&F 225. The cigars are excellent. The pricing is not. But that's part and parcel of any UK release. The humidor option is fantastic. Four cabs and a special blend of HC? Yes please! But my budget said no. Worst: Anejados. On paper. Good idea. The execution? Not so good. I was looking forward to it until they started releasing cigars that were previously not in the marcas they came out as. How suspicious is that? The new RyJ Churchill release is on the right track though. Overall, I've lost any interest in this line. I'd rather buy regular production with some age on it or sock it away and age it myself. I don't need the extra band.
  11. LOL. I got a kick out of the name. But not as much as this Italian wine. (my apologies to the ladies of the forum)
  12. PL Corona on a balmy October night in Toronto.

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