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  1. Haven't tried them yet but they're on my radar. Can't go wrong with the vitola and price I guess.
  2. PL Panatela. This was my daily morning smoke on my Italy trip. Sometimes I cram two into a travel tube when I go out and they rarely disappoint.
  3. Great read. I've always wondered where the diminishing returns were for various spirits and time spent aging in casks or elsewhere. I recall a chat I had with a Tequila rep in Mexico many years ago. They have (had at the time) three designations Blanco (unaged), Reposado (oak aging 2 - 12 months) and Anejo (1 - 3 years in Oak). There is now Extra Anejo (over 3 years). I asked him if he foresaw Tequila being aged as long as Scotch or Cognac and he flatly said that over the 3 year mark, the product they were drinking was no longer Tequila. There was too much oak influence. There is this unique sweetness to Tequila that disappeared or was too faint to be recognized. It looks like attitudes have changed and I guess it doesn't hurt to sell older Tequila to customers who think there is extra value in it.
  4. I cant attest to recent releases but I've been enjoying a 2005 50 cab for quite some time. I've had a 2014 about a year ago. That was smoking great too. They are my favourite DC.
  5. Hoyo = correct. Connossieur has always spelled that way in for the "Connie A". https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/h-upmann#especialista-en-habanos-exclusivo But different for Partagas. https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/partagas#serie-du-connaisseur-no1 Go figure. The correct spelling is: Connoisseur
  6. That's a lot of long and skinnies! Beautiful pics. Hamlet's hands must be cramped into little balls by now.
  7. Trinidad Robusto Extra? Can the Robusto T be around the corner? LGC Sublimes? Can these just be rebanded/repurposed Inmensos? And why? These were just fine unless this is the move to regular production as LCDH releases have an odd life expectancy. Sadly, most of these won't be on a shelf, for sale in the next 2-3 years at minimum.
  8. The Hobbit. Just couldn't do it. About 100 pages in I was just bored to tears. Read the LOTR and found them to be excellent. Same goes with Bram Strokers Dracula.
  9. Fired up a Juan Lopez Sellecion Superba. 2016 UK RE The first puffs are sweet.
  10. Sancho Panza. The few I've had, have not left me wanting more. Cuaba. There's a few decent ones,but I prefer they ditch the marca and add perfectos to other marcas. Vegueros. No burning interest to try. SLR. Same as Sancho.
  11. I actually don't know who that is. 😕
  12. Oh no. Did you get a name? The guys I usually deal with know better.
  13. You can smoke out front. The crew at the Toronto LCDH are top notch. In terms of pricing. Your best bang for the buck are QdO 50's and PL Picadores. The staff can make you a nice espresso to enjoy with your smoke. Lots of regulars hang out front and smoke. You won't be alone. There is also a vintage section in the humidor if you want to try something with some age.

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