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  1. bundwallah

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Getting in a Don Jose While the weather is good.
  2. QdO Coronas for me as well. Mine are 2011's. I've had great success with PL Panatellas too.
  3. bundwallah

    PSD 4/5/6

    They are definitely different blends to my palate. I've had many 4's and they are on the full bodied/strong side. The 5 & 6 are on the medium bodied side but no less tasty. I just don't have many of them. Within each marca, there are some trademark traits within their lineup. You see that with RA a lot,HdM , Cohiba and Partagas. There is a core set of flavour(s) and then deviations within each cigar.
  4. bundwallah

    Biggest QdO ever?

    Have they been MIA? Didn't know that. I somewhat suspect the tobacco for the RE's is never truly indicative of each marca's flavour profile. With one exception. The RA Regionals. Those are amped up compared to the regular line. I wish the reverse were true.
  5. bundwallah

    Biggest QdO ever?

    I like the Sublime vitola and QdO in general. This is an interesting release. The pricing doesn't seem too horrible given the size of the cigar. And while I'm not a huge fan of the increasing RG trend, the Sublime has been around for a while and there's been some excellent cigars as a result.
  6. This might be doable for me. I might be in town from Nov 8/9 to the 12th. So I most likely will only be able to do the Sunday event.
  7. Here's my first take using single pricing from the CUNTINT store RyJ Cazadores $12 HUHC $6 BBF $14 RASCC $7 QdO Coronas $11 Here's an even "poorer" pick. Cuaba Divinos $9 HUHC $6 PLPC $8 Party Short $8 Punch Petit Coronations $8 HDM Petit Robusto $11 Not Currently listed but I'd assume < $5 PL Panatelas RG Panatelas Fonseca Delicias
  8. It was great to meet you Max. Enjoy your visit.
  9. We used to make elastic guns from broken hockey sticks, clothes pins and of course elastics. They could easily take out an eye at close range. Thankfully no one lost one. We also had epic water/water balloon battles. Upwards of 30 kids going nuts with water balloons, squirt guns and hoses. Playing street hockey. Probably impossible to do now.
  10. Weather tomorrow looks good. Let's meet at the LCDH for 4:30PM.
  11. Weather update for Thursday seems decent. There will be a plan B in case. PM me your email address in the meantime so I can send updated info directly. Keep an eye on this thread too. @Squarehead @LeafLegionWW @encephalization @ebhead @BellevilleMXZ @hedgeybaby
  12. Nice, short but sweet review. After the LESF, this cigar is probably my next favourite. I grabbed several boxes when interest on them was low and I'm glad I did. They continue to impress and are aging rather nicely.
  13. bundwallah

    Question to the board

    Last March I was in Havana. There were a lot of RASS 50 cabs to be found in many of the shops. Not a single one had a box code on it. It could have been a screwup. It could have been a con job for all I know. It did get my spidersense tingling and I and many others decided it was not worth the risk. That to me is an imperfect product. And that imperfection warded off a few customers, possibly more and in some cases, some did not care and were OK with it. To me, a missing box code is akin to a car without a VIN #. It's absence does not inspire confidence.
  14. So far so good. Looks like a handful of people at this point. Cross your fingers for decent weather.

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