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  1. I drink Port. Goes well with cigars. I've got about a dozen bottles from the 2011 Vintage still sitting. "Best in 100 years" apparently. Not likely that I'll be able to test that assertion. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. My eyes tell me grab the greasy, dark box. My palate has found that the paler looking sticks smoke better. 😐
  3. @El Presidente Oops. Put Thurs Nov 18 in title. Should be 19. 😐 Sorry for the confusion. Will be there tonight.
  4. That scene was filmed in Toronto's Union train station. I thought it looked familiar as I've boarded many a train there. IMDB confirms it.
  5. Some old Cuban tobacco with some new Cuban coffee bean. Out in the shed with an mid 1970's H Upmann No 4
  6. So...review one of the cigars in the sampler to enter the contest? Or review every single cigar in the sampler for the contest?
  7. Just fired up the RA 2019 EL. Pairing it with some Ron Vigia 8YO (aka Dixon's Cuban rum). Initial impressions are good.
  8. Hmmm. I'd say the Punch DC. VR Unicos. Cohiba Esplendidos. P898. These really stood out for me. Though the rest of that list still performed great. In some cases, I'm smoking through 20YO boxes. (CoLa and P898) and they're just sublime. In the case of the Unicos , I raided them like a hungry racoon locked in a candy store. My other Unicos are not quite 10 yet, but they're getting close. Nonetheless I sample them to see how they smoke.
  9. I hear ya. Sometimes if a box is smoking really well why wait any further?
  10. I remember on a Havana trip in 2017 there was a good supply of RASS 50 cabs with no date codes, anywhere. None of us pulled the trigger on a box despite temptation.
  11. All have been sampled but not emptied. I have multiples of some with >10 years on them which I smoke 1st.
  12. As if they need this too. https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/06/us/tropical-depression-eta-friday/index.html

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